Blender Pro Lighting Skies Demo

After releasing Pro-Lighting: Skies about a month ago, we were thrilled to see so many people using it to make amazing content. But as with any tool, there were many improvements that could be made.

So we listened to your feedback and improved the addon with a bunch of new features :)

The addon comes with 80 high-quality skies built-in. But for those of you with an existing collection, you can now easily install your own skies.

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Pro Lighting Skies Ultimate for Blender free. download full Version.This is complete offline installer and standalone setup of Pro Lighting. Modaris 6r1 Pro. Blender tutorial showing why HDRs are vital for lighting. Plus, get a new demo of the new Pro-Lighting: Skies addon:

Pro Lighting Skies Demo


Installation of custom skies is easy and automated, and the instructions are built into the add-on itself.

Simply supply an HDR/EXR, a JPG thumbnail, and a JPG environment map with up to three levels of resolution. And bam. You can now use it just like any other sky, by selecting it from the gallery. Video demonstration here.

You can now navigate between all the skies faster than ever with the introduction of categories. In addition to looking at all the sky previews in one popup, you can quickly find a certain type of sky using categories.

Not to mention, the new previous/next buttons that allow you to rapidly switch between skies in the current category.

If you use a certain sky over and over again, just press the star button to add it into the favorites category for quicker reuse in future.

One of the biggest requests from users was for the ability to remove the black bottom half of the sky.

Blender Pro Lighting Skies Demolition

While you generally don’t want to have light coming from beneath the horizon and slowing down the render, we recognized the value of having a spherical lighting source.

Take a look at the advanced options menu: Along with mirroring and changing the background color, you can also modify the hue and saturation of the sky and lighting independently.

  • The add-on is now compatible with Blender 2.72 and up; although the thumbnail previews will only work in Blender 2.75 and up.
  • The add-on now works when Automatically Pack Into .blend is enabled. Previously this prevented you from changing skies.
  • More stable image loading and error checking - plus better user feedback when something goes wrong
  • The installation process of the HDRIs themselves is easier than before - simply select each zip file and press install. No more messing around with folders.
  • Installation instructions and a links to videos are included in the preferences panel, making it much more foolproof.
  • More advanced sky settings to improve artistic control.

It's been 6 months since the launch of Pro-Lighting: Skies. And during that time we thought it'd be really, really cool if it worked for space scenes as well as earth. So it's finally here! Backgrounds for deep space:

Designed for scifi renders, these 360 degree environments include fantasy spacescapes, nebulas, stars and the milkyway.

There are 10 new space environments, all custom made for use in 3d:

Just cycle through the backgrounds till you find something to suit..

Blender pro lighting skies demo full

Plus, new night skies..

A lot of you requested new night skies, so here they are!

So whether your imagination brings you to space, or somewhere earthbound, Pro-Lighting: Skies now has all outdoor lighting covered :)

>Get Pro-Lighting: Skies Here<

For existing owners: How to Upgrade from v1.1 to v1.2

Simplify3d 4.0 1 download crack. Step 1: Go to My Account>Pro-Lighting: Skies and download these two new files:

  • Addon v1.2
  • (Space Update)

Blender Pro Lighting Skies Demo Full

Step 2: Open Blender, File>User Preferences>Addons.

Step 3: Click Install from File, select the Addon v1.2 that you just downloaded

Pro Lighting Skies Blender 2.8

Step 4: Restart Blender

Step 5: Install the HDR pack by returning to the addon preferences, Install HDR set, and clicking the (Space Update)

Blender Pro Lighting Skies Demo Blender


Blender Pro Lighting Skies Demo Download

Look forward to seeing your awesome space scenes! If you make something cool, post it in the comments below :)