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Bully: Scholarship Edition

Also known as: Bully (JP)
Developer: Rockstar New England
Publishers: Rockstar Games, CyberFront (Japan)
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: October 21, 2008
Released in JP: December 4, 2008
Released in EU: October 31, 2008

This game has unused animations.
This game has unused areas.
This game has unused playable characters.
This game has unused code.
This game has hidden development-related text.
This game has unused graphics.
This game has unused models.
This game has unused cinematics.
This game has unused items.
This game has unused music.
This game has unused sounds.
This game has unused text.
This game has debugging material.
This game has regional differences.
This game has revisional differences.

This game has a bugs page
  • Knock out the bully with the bat first, then use the bat on the second. Open the garage and Bucky will get what he needs. Outside again, run back to the gate to find two more bullies.
  • Bully is widely known to be one of Rockstar Games' finest titles, and has managed to gain appeal to everyone no matter of age with its humor, setting and soundtrack. This game had a bit of history surrounding development, and the beta community for the video game started to build up as the years passed. The cutscene from Discreet Deliveries.

This is only a brief summary. For more information, please visit the Chapter 3 page at Bully Wiki. Chapter 3, entitled Love Makes the World Go Around, is the third chapter of Bully. It consists of Jimmy taking down the Greasers. Chapter Summary. This chapter takes place in the winter.

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This late 2008 PC version of Bully: Scholarship Edition is a port of the Xbox 360 port. It removed the Multiplayer mode but, in return, added exclusive PC-Only features like jarring audio glitches and unexpected freezes. The lack of proper support for newer computers also makes this one of the worst ports of an already-rushed video game. Thanks, Rockstar!

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Unused Sounds
New unused tracks and other stuff.
Unused Text
Rockstar left the source code for a couple of files, neat.
Unused Models
Scholarship Edition includes more unused models, because reasons.
Platform Differences
The newer the port, the buggier the game gets.
Multiplayer Leftovers
Multiplayer leftovers from the Xbox 360 and Wii versions, including content that went unused.

Unused Textures

HUD Icons

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There's more.

Some generic HUD elements likely included with Bully's engine.

Temporary Graphics


A missing texture.

A void texture that can be found in multiple .nft files.

These are material textures that cannot normally be seen under normal circumstances.


Unused Content

The Gym is Burning Unused Bike Chase

Jimmy was originally going to chase Gurney on bikes during The Gym is Burning.

The reason for this removal is unknown, but it could've filled in a big plothole about Jimmy knowing where the Townies hideout is located. It can be re-enabled by editing the script.

Mailbox Armageddon Unused Difficulty Levels

This Scholarship Edition-exclusive mission has four hidden difficulty levels that can be activated via modding. Normally, the difficulty is set at 3, where Jimmy is given the objective to smash all 20 mailboxes displayed on the map in under three minutes. The other three levels are easier or harder versions of the same objective:

  • On Level 1, Jimmy must destroy 10 out of 15 mailboxes on the map and is given ten minutes to complete it. For some reason, ten minutes is a bit longer compared to the other three objectives and most likely served as a tutorial.
  • On Level 2, Jimmy will have to destroy 14 out of 19 mailboxes in two minutes. Nothing is different, except it seems to be a slightly easier version of the final objective.
  • On Level 4, Jimmy must smash up 24 out of 25 mailboxes in three minutes. Unlike the other three levels, dogs spawn in different places rather than in fixed positions. Unlike the hardest difficulty level of Paper Route, almost no other hazards (like Preps throwing eggs and trying to chase Jimmy on bicycles) are present.

All the levels likely suggest that Mailbox Armageddon was going to be an odd job for the Townies, much like the mowing grass and paper route missions.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)

Test Missions



An incomplete, harder version of the mission Stronghold Assault. In this mission, Jimmy is armed only with a regular slingshot, even though he is automatically given a Super Slingshot after clearing The Candidate back in Chapter 1. This makes it possible that the Super Slingshot was meant to be obtained in Chapter 4.

While the remainder of the mission is the same, the ending is incomplete. Jimmy can still break the doors open with the Super Spud Cannon, but he cannot enter the building and will fall through the terrain, causing him to get knocked out.

(Source: TheNathanNS)


Unused Cutscenes

Full Introduction

An unused, non pre-rendered version of the introduction cutscene. Unlike the used one, a few cut parts are in it.

(Source: SimonBestia)

Trailer 1 Welcome to Bullworth Cutscene

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Get a better quality video.

1-1-02.dat contains what seems to be an alternate version of the Welcome To Bullworth cutscene.

The Paddle

While the sounds and animations have been deleted, the camera panning remains. Interestingly, two excerpts of that scene were seen in the Bully 'Holiday Special' video.It was part of a scrapped mission for Chapter 4 known as 'The Paddle', which involved framing Damon with Dr. Crabblesnitch's paddle.

Unused voice clips for the mission objectives remain and can be found here.

Test Cutscenes

Making A Mark

In the game's files, there's a file called 'CS_COUNTER', which is a very early version of the 'Making A Mark' cutscene.

Bully Discreet Deliveries

The animations are very wonky and unpolished, and there's only a single camera angle throughout the entire cutscene, implying this is a very early leftover.

There are no big differences between this version and the final, though some animations are different. Jimmy's position on the couch in this version is different and he is leaning forwards towards Earnest's direction, but in the final Jimmy is laid back on the couch. Other changes include Jimmy's hand movements when Pete enters and Derby Harrington doesn't move towards Ted Thompson after insulting him.




A scrapped minigame where Jimmy has to knock out other opponents on bikes, with Lefty, Jerry, Vance, Norton, Clint and Peanut acting as opponents.

The script teleports everyone to outdated coordinates for the BMX Park, this causes everyone to fall down and get knocked out.

Seeing as it's impossible to properly run this script, parts of it like the outro cutscene can never be seen.


Misplaced Geometry


A piece of the wall on both sides of the library is misplaced.

The library's Screen texture is not rotated properly.


There are a lot of 2D textures out of bounds on the PC and Xbox 360 versions that were meant to be placed around the Gym.

Industrial Park Tattoo Trailer17.

There are details underneath the trailer that are also misplaced on the PC and Xbox 360 versions.



Cricket Bat texture change

The cricket bat has two different textures depending on whether it's on a wall or being held by a ped.The former seems to be using an older texture.

Texture while on a wall
Texture while being held


Unused Areas

Bully All Missions

Island 3

An area likely made for testing physics, its area ID is 22.

Due to missing lighting, it is very dark in color. It can only be accessed via modding and on the PC and Xbox 360 versions, as every other version removed necessary files to load it.

Test Area

An interior similar to Island 3, only with more objects instead of physics, its area ID is 31.

It barely has any lighting and can only be accessed via modding, on the PC and Xbox 360 versions only, like Island 3.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)

Unused Animations

The game has a lot of animations, and even more of them go unused.


Fighting Animations

This video features several fighting animations, idle animations and other miscellaneous ones of the various fighting styles in the game.

  • Some of Jimmy's fighting moves from Sota Yuyama's videos are in the game, but their animation has been tweaked. Most retain their functionality, others only have the animation as leftover.
  • Some of Johnny Vincent's animations from Sota Yuyama's videos are still in the game, including the notorious Tornado Kick.
(Source: deadpoolXYZ)

Dodgeball Animations

This video features animations related to the Dodgeball classes/minigame: including idles, taunts and the removed special throws.

(Source: deadpoolXYZ)

Unseen Details


Some of the cutscenes tend to include unseen details in normal gameplay, such as better-quality textures and reflective shadows. Although, several oddities are present and are likely taken from earlier in the developmental cycle.

  • In the full unused introduction cutscene, the car Jimmy is driven in goes around different places on the road in Old Bullworth Vale, likely to give off the illusion that they're on a long road journey. Also, some of the pedestrians seem to be levitating. When the car drives off, the drivers are never to be seen again and the car stays afloat until the cutscene ends.
  • During Jimmy's first lecture with Dr. Crabblesnitch in Welcome to Bullworth, Mrs. Danvers brings in a tea set, and places in midair before it automatically moves onto the desk.
  • When Jimmy meets Gary for the first time in the second cutscene for Welcome to Bullworth, they both head to the left which is the direction to the staircase of the cut second Boys' Dorm floor.
  • As Gary introduces the cliques to Jimmy in This Is Your School, their motion-capture animations are unpolished. Also, the clique members only move when they're shown in the camera and the characters don't get dragged down under the floor, unlike other cutscenes. Some of their positions are also different, and Ricky seems to lip-sync something likely due to the motion-capture test.
  • In Save Algie, Algernon can be seen looking at the books in the Library before he meets Jimmy. Although, he seems to be too close to the bookshelf.
  • The Hobo's first appearance in A Little Help actually has an unseen idle animation and can be seen below the ground before he appears.
  • In the first cutscene for Slingshot, the television show Pete watches has a graphic which is mostly obscured from the camera. This further evidences that TV programs could be watched.
  • Damon's cutscene model seen in The Candidate has different shoes.
  • In the Halloween cutscene that takes place in Jimmy's bedroom, an office chair and an extra pillow with a glitched texture (which wasn't present in the Wii version) can be seen. At the end, they also go out of Jimmy's dormitory room the wrong way meaning that the cutscene originally took place in a different dormitory room or an earlier version of Jimmy's.
  • When Gary and Jimmy leave the dormitory in the cutscene for Help Gary, he goes to the left side of the hallway meaning that the cutscene likely took place on the cut second floor.
  • Johnny, Earnest and Derby have lower-quality face models in the cutscenes for Russel In The Hole, though Earnest doesn't suffer that problem at the ending cutscene.
  • There is an unseen animation of Jimmy eavesdropping on Mr. Hattrick and Mr. Galloway outside of the classroom during the cutscene for Hattrick Vs. Galloway. This could mean that classrooms were going to be attached to the main academy building rather than being separate rooms. Also, the characters are positioned in a slightly different manner.
  • In the first Race The Vale cutscene, Jimmy and Pete leave the room the wrong way, like Help Gary.
  • When Jimmy meets Pinky at the movie theater in Carnival Date, they are both levitating. It also happens in the beginning cutscene of The Gym is Burning.
  • Jimmy enters the Biology Classroom from the wrong side in Weed Killer.
  • At the end of the first cutscene in Boxing Challenge, Jimmy heads slightly back from the wrong side of the pier and floats in midair. It could be possible that the pier was much shorter during development.
  • At the beginning of the Chapter 3 cutscene, Jimmy and Pete throw darts, but they seem to glitch. A similar situation happens when Edna throws the perfume bottle in the ending cutscene of Cook's Crush.
  • The stool in the library Jimmy sits on is in a different color in the opening cutscene for Wrong Part Of Town. That stool with the alternate colorisation was present in the original PlayStation 2 version as well.
  • Jimmy leaves the Chemistry Class the wrong way in Discreet Deliveries, meaning that the cutscene probably took place somewhere else.
  • Ricky, Peanut and Hal can be seen in the prelude cutscene to Fighting Johnny Vincent, even though they don't get fought in the same alleyway in The Rumble.
  • Melvin's face in the Funhouse Fun cutscene has unseen and clunky facial animations.
  • In the cutscene for The Big Game, Jimmy looked like he was holding the mascot's head before it got moved to the crates, and kept changing position.
  • In the intro of Chapter 5, Lola was meant to kiss Jimmy on the cheek instead of Mandy.
  • That mouse that appears in the cutscene for Rats In The Library is fully animated and has more detail compared to the mice in the final game, which are just static low-poly objects.
  • When Mr. Burton gets hurt in the portable toilet at the end of Revenge On Mr. Burton cutscene, his model has two lines on his gym shorts. This oversight isn't present in the original PlayStation 2 version.


Bully Mission List


This texture was remastered, it now shows the early screenshot in slightly better quality.

Regional Differences

Title Screen

  • The Japanese version removes Scholarship Edition from the bottom of the logo, so it just says Bully.
  • The German version changes the Scholarship Edition subtitle and replaces it with what translates to 'The Lap of Honor' (an act which describes an extra, celebratory round a racer does if they finish first, and often used euphemistically when a student has to repeat a school year because of poor performance).

Bully Discreet Deliveries Definition

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