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Clash of Magic Mod Apk: We’re back with another super cool Mod that can give you the most fun clash of clans gaming experience by adding limitless resources. Are you fed up with beating up by the opponents again and again, just because you’ve not enough resources to train your troops? Well, now you don’t have to make yourself feel exhausted, simply Download.

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Clash of Magic S4 APK Download. Clash of Magic S4 APk includes no tweaks. It is not a modded version, which means the build costs and construction times are normal. The server is running on the latest version, and it has all of the commands available. Of course, the game is powered by unlimited resources.

Clash of Magic to your strengthen your army and become invincible. If you are Clash of Clans freak, then surely you will love this mod. All you need is to download this mod, and you’re good to go. Stick around to this article till the end, as this is all about your interest. You might think for once what you can do with the clash of Magic, so here is the simple explanation.

About Clash of Magic Mod:

APKClash of Magic
Size105.5 MB
RequirementAndroid v4.4 and up
Last UpdatedToday
3.9/5(169 votes )

Open your browser and write the required server in the search bar e.g. “ Clash of Magic “S2 APK Download. Open the first link and download APK file from there. Now, go to the storage location where you have stored the APK file. Tap on the APK file, it will ask for some permission that I have discussed in the above section. Clash Of Lights Mod apk Download – Lates version Download Light Servers; Clash Of Souls Apk 2020 Download (Latest Version) S1 S2 S3 S4; Clash of Magic Launcher Apk Download Latest 2020; Clash Of Magic Apk 2020 – Latest Version 14.1.0. Download the Mod apk file on your android device. Uninstall the original Clash of clans. Enable the unknown sources of installation from the setting. Install the downloaded mod apk file on your device. Clash of Magic - Private Servers for CoC V9.434.4 APK free download. Clash of Clans is developed by supercell.

Clash of Magic is a private server hosted by high speed networks, which will make your gameplay smoother and lag-free. Within this server, there are four sub servers with different variants. Actually, it is an updated version of Clash of Clans, and you can use it with or without the mod. You will have unlimited resources and a tough fight with your opponents. Most importantly, you don’t have to pay for it.

Developers optimize CoC Mod and they’ve included multiple in-game commands. Furthermore, both android and Clash of Magic iOS versions are available to use this server.


Clash of Clans gives you limited resources, but you can incredibly maximize your gems, Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, and create custom heroes by using Clash of Magic. But before getting onto the answer of how to install it, let’s take a look at other important aspects.

Features of Clash of Magic in 2020

Its amazing features include:

  • Unlimited Coins

Without enough coins, you can’t fully enjoy CoC. You’ve to spend time and take risks to get coins. But now, your few clicks will unlock the hidden treasures of CoC.

  • Countless Gems without any extra effort from your end

Gems are the most important currency at CoC. While running short of gems, you’ve to purchase it from, but that is a costly process. But What if you get unlimited gems free of cost? Clash of magic mod apk can make it happen for you.

  • Get Access to Custom Modification

Get your hands on the best server and get an access to custom modification. Don’t worry; you haven’t to purchase anything.

  • Limitless Elixir

Every CoC freak wants to upgrade barracks or troops, but limited resources come in the way. But from now, no more worries about limited Elixir.

  • Unlock PVN maps
  • Quick, safest and secure services
  • Troops of Builder
  • Unlimited Dark Elixir
  • Air Sweeper Unlimited

New Features of Clash of Magic apk:

  • A Journey towards the Builder Base and find out new characters and buildings in the latest mystifying world.
  • Fight with entirely different troops, as well as sneaky Archer, Raged Barbarian, Boxer Giant, Bomber, New Hero Battle Machine, and the Cannon Cart
  • In the new Versus battle mode, go face to face with other players

Classic Features of Clash of Magic Mod:

  • Start yours or invite your friends to join a Clan of fellow players.
  • Friendly Wars, special events, and Friendly Challenges
  • Make Defense of your village even stronger with a bunch of bombs, mortars, traps, cannons, and walls.
  • Through your realm, battle against the Goblin King in the campaign.
  • With multiple levels of upgrade, train your troops and make them destructive
  • Battle in Clan Wars with a team alongside other players all across the world
  • Make strategical plans using the different combinations of spells, heroes, and troops.

Well, if I keep on describing its amazingness, you might think I’m exaggerating about it. But believe me, if you’re a true gamer, then it can be your unforgettable gaming experience, and you’ll get addicted to it. So, give it a try, you won’t regret it.

So, without further ado, let’s straight get into the downloading and installation process of Clash of Magic apk.

Download Clash of Magic apk

Two ways can be adopted while downloading the Clash of Magic in your mobiles. The first one is by using the direct server file, and the other one is by using the CO magic launcher app. Both of them work differently.

Direct Server File:

Just hit the download button of direct sever file, and you’re all set to install it.

Clash of Magic Launcher

Unlike the direct server file, you can choose the server as per your will. Using a magic launcher allows you to customize the server according to your desire and needs.

As, in the beginning, we’ve mentioned there are further four sub servers so, here are those servers.

  1. Clash of Magic S1
  2. Clash of Magic S2
  3. Clash of Magic S3
  4. Clash of Magic S4

Looking forward to the server that can enable you to play without any resource restriction, this is the best option among all. Clash of Magic or simply the black Magic is the best server out there. Pro tools first software version 2018.4 and 2018.7. Only not us, but the clash of clans lovers have claimed about this.

There is nothing to complain about this server. However, the services offered to you are limited. Once you experience using it, you’ll realize about this. But Millions of CoC lovers are using the Hall of Magic, as it gives you good gaming experience if we look at its overall aspects.

If you are one of them who believes unlimited resources kill your gaming experience, then this server is for you. It is also well known for its butter-like smooth graphics. Building time in this server is zero.

Clash of Magic s4, aka Power magic s2, is for those who want to play in a competitive environment without any modification. You will get unlimited Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, but you’ll be unable to customize the buildings in this server.

Download any of the servers from the above, which is according to your need.

This is how you can install Clash of Magic

These servers are compatible with all android versions, and developers have made it fast and safe to use.

To make Clash of Magic works on your phone, require you to follow these simple steps. Although you don’t need to be a tech-savvy for this, still take a look at it to avoid any confusion.

Make sure you’ve turned on the unknown sources on your android phones. If not, start with these steps.

  • Go to the main settings of mobile and search for security settings.
  • Now, turn the unknown sources on from there.
  • Install the server app which you’ve downloaded
  • For launchers, Click on it and select your favorite server
  • After selecting, the launcher will download it automatically
  • After completion of this installation, open the app, and now, you’re all set to enjoy.

Server Specification for Clash of Magic

This server will work only for devices with required specifications. So, make sure your device is complying with the minimum requirement for installing Clash of Magic.

  • At least 1GB RAM
  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Up to 100 MB free space in your device
  • It requires a 4.0.4 or higher Android version.

Furthermore, the following permissions are also required for a successful installation.

  • Access to Viewing Wi-Fi connections status.
  • Location Access.
  • Access to Media Files.
  • Read phone battery and another status with identity.
  • Permission to access Device ID and Call information.

How to Download Clash of Magic on PC?

Yes, you can also download and play a Clash of Magic at PC. Here’s the simplest guide for you, how to do it.

  • Firstly, Download and Install Bluestacks (Android Emulator) on your PC. Don’t close the window as it can take a few minutes to install completely.
  • Choose your desired servers from the above links and click on the download button.
  • After successfully downloading, drag that file and drop it on the emulator.
  • Now, the emulator will start installing the server automatically.
  • The installation will be completed in one to two minutes (sometimes, depending upon operating system performance, the process can prolong).
  • Enjoy the clash of Magic at PC and build your Kingdom.

What makes it a Best Server?

Clash of Magic lets you play seamlessly with butter like smooth graphics. These servers are operated by high-speed servers that ensure users play it without any hiccup. Developers are working on it from backend and frequently update it. Let’s dive deep into the details which make it most favorite mod online.

  • 32GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM (4×8)
  • DDoS Protection Enabled (Ensures your safety & Security)
  • 8 Core CPU (4,2 GHz)
  • Can be a host on four different servers with or without mod
  • 1000Mbps Network
  • 1024 GB SSD RAID0
  • 24/7 Available
  • 32GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM (4×8)

Resources That you can Get

You will get GemsUnlimited
You will get GoldUnlimited
You will get ElixirUnlimited
You will get Dark ElixirUnlimited
You will get TroopsUnlimited
ServersFast & Secure
Air SweeperUnlimited
All PVE (Goblin) mapsUnlocked
Building Time0 Sec

Most Common Questions

1. Do the Clash of Clans and Clash of Magic are the same?

Some people think that both of them are the same, but there is a significant difference lies in between them. In a clash of clans, you’ve to struggle to build your Kingdom through various tasks. But using Clash of Magic, you can overcome the limitation that comes in the way while playing the game, like lack of resources.

2. Do I Have to Pay for Clash of Magic apk?

It is free. All you need is to have a smartphone having the required specification and a stable connection. Just download the server, and you’re good to go.

3. Is Clash of Magic apk safe to use?

As described earlier, developers have made it secure and safe to use. So you don’t have to worry about this. Also, you will experience hassle-free and quicker services. You can check the feedbacks of CoC lovers for your assurance.

4. How Much Time It Will Take to Install the Clash of Magic App?

It is a few steps process and takes a few minutes of you. Installation and downloading speed mainly depend upon your mobile and internet connection.

5. How Many Resources will I get?

These servers provide you with unlimited resources, including Gems, Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, and many more you want to have. You can also customize the building, create customer heroes.

6. How to use a clash of Magic?

Using this server is quite simple as you require downloading it for once, and the rest of the functioning is the same as the default. Select your desired server and download it. Install the downloaded file and enjoy it by becoming invincible.

7. After Update, My Clash of Magic stops working

This can be due to a weak internet connection. Change the internet connection and then check it. These servers are frequently updating; if you still find any problem, leave your questions in the comment section.

8. What if I Want to Get Limited Resources?

Don’t worry; there’s an S4 Server that will allow you to get limited resources. But you cannot customize the mod. However, unlimited Gems, Gold will be provided to you.

9. Will I get banned while using this app?

No, these servers are operated by developers, and they always make sure that you don’t have to face an unpleasant situation. However, a few other servers can lead you to get a ban.

10. Why is the Clash of Magic not loading?

Make sure your Internet connection is stable. If your operating system doesn’t fit the required specification, then it can load. Still, it isn’t working? Then, clear your game cache and re-install it from given links.

11. Will, all of my progress, will be deleted if I mistakenly un-install it?

No, you can always restore your data and progress of the game, even if you’ve deleted it. Since it is connected with the server, so your data is always secure at the email you’ve provided. Re-Install the app, put your email ID there, and you can resume your game.

Download Clash of Magic Mod Apk – Summing Up!

Guys, you can get your hands on the best CoC server across the Internet. Download button in the right in front of you, just click and unlock the new world of amazingness. I’ve tried to cover every question that can stick in your mind. But still, if there is something on which you’re scratching your head, then let me know in the comment section right below. You’ll get the most accurate answers in no time.

We all know about private or hack servers of the clash of clans. But some people still do not know what a private server or modded server is. Today I will try to convince everyone about one of the best private servers of the clash of clans. The name of this server is Magic Clash. Wow-what a great name? Yes, the server is very interesting and surprising as the name suggests. Let’s move to the topic.

Magic clash latest version 2020

Clash of Magic is the best private server of Clash of Clash. It offers many unique and interesting features. As we know it is not the official server of the clash of clans. But there is not much difference between the two. Because both servers provide us with the same functionality. The major difference is access to facilities.

Clash of Magic is the most stable private server of Clash of Clash among all its private servers. Other private servers may become unstable due to the clash of clans due to multiplayer at one time online on the server. It also provides the facility of chatting with your clan members. This private server also has improvements in bug fixing. So if you really want every resource to be unlimited then try this private server and enjoy it to the fullest.

As we said above, the game is similar to the clash of the original clans, but the main thing it offers you is access to features. It gives you unlimited resources like unlimited gems, unlimited gold, unlimited Amrit, and maximum town hall 11 and advanced superheroes. In addition, it facilitates you with favorable challenges. So you can attack your friend’s clans by accepting their challenges and if you challenge them to attack your clan they also attack your clan. This is a very interesting feature of the magic collision.

Clash of Magic Mod APK v14.7.1

Requires Android5.2 and up
Size91.4 MB
App byMark

What is a private server?

The most important question here is what is a private server? A server that gives you everything unofficially which is not available within the official game. For example, in the Clash of Clans game, we could not find all the items and not get all the resources immediately. Private servers are factional hack versions of servers that have been published. In other words, you would say that this is a copied version of the official server. These private servers are not privately administered, but officially.

Clash Of Magic Mod Apk Download For Android

Administrators who host these private servers can double things or increase game performance. You cannot differentiate between a private server and an official server. Because both servers have almost equal things or there is not much difference between them. But the only thing that makes these private servers more important than official servers is unlimited access.

Clash Of Clans Mod Menu Apk

Private servers allow you unlimited usage that you have not found on official servers. These private servers do not waste their users’ time. Because the official server requires players to do everything within the game during a sequence. And even during a limited time that is specified by the developing team. But private servers, you will do anything that suits your requirement that is allowed in these private servers.

More information about private server

These private servers work because of the official server. These private servers have several modes that you will really enjoy. Also, there are many commands using which you will get new things. There are also many new items and weapons that are freely allowed in these private servers. The items you are about to get on the official server are also available at no cost. Just you can put in these private servers and get to enjoy. You can upgrade your items and weapons within time. Just press the upgrade button and so things are about to be upgraded immediately in no time. for more information

Clash Of Clans Magic Apk

Magic Private Server Overview Collision

Clash of Magic is also a private server. It is not a standard server of the clash of clans. This modulated server gives you new fighting heroes, new soldiers, and new features, and many more features that you really enjoy. You have no choice in choosing the first clash of clans or a cloned private server that gives you unlimited resources and maximum government buildings.

You also challenge your friends to attack your clan, otherwise, you can also attack your friends’ clans by accepting their challenges. This is one of the most interesting and simplest strategic game that you will really enjoy.

Download Clash of Magic Mod APK v14.7.1