Clash Of Magic S2 Download Link

Clash Of Magic S2 Download Link

Feb 24, 2017 Here's the link - This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Clash of Magic S2. If you have tired due to limited resource, if you fed up with frequent updates, if you want to unlock all the resources, if you get bored with Clash of Magic S1 then you do not need to worry because I am going to explain only one private server that is called CO Magic s2.


[toc] Its one of the most popular & used APP across the WORLD, but as time passes people started thinking that it is horrible to play with the Upgrades. We will provide the solution so that everyone can enjoy the game without boring things & one can enjoy more than before it was launched. You can easily download the COM Private Servers (COC Private Server) from the Below link easily. Magic server is known for one of the best private servers for the Clash of Clans because of its outstanding features which you will enjoy during the GAMEPLAY.

Private Servers of Clash having S1, S2, S3 & S4 that provides the High Speed Servers so that the user can enjoy the Game without any Error. Clash of clans magic server works best with the IOS & Android Devices so that one can easily enjoy the unlimited resources of Gold, Gems & Elixir without any wait.

Whereas in the original Clash of Clans, user has to wait for a to avail the resources of Gold, Gems etc, but this private server of Clash of Magic user can easily avail the Gold & Gems easily & get to the highest level very easily.

Types of Clash of Magic Servers

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Clash of Magic Server 1 (Black Magic):

Magic s1 is also known as the Black Magic, it is Less speedy than the server 2, but is highly modified, that one can have unlimited resources like Gold, Gems, Elixir & Dark Elixir by this server.

Clash of Magic Server 2 (Hall of Magic):

Magic s2, it is also known as the Hall of Magic, it is totally free of cost & is much high modified than the Server 1 having more speed than that of Server 1 & user can easily build the custom buildings within zero time.

Magic Server 3 (Power of Magic):

Clash of Magic s3, it is also known as the Power of Magic , it is free of cost to download & enjoy the game by generating the Gems, Getting Gold & much more a user wants to enjoy, its less speedy but can increase the speed of servers & it’s less modified as compared to the other servers.

Clash Magic Server 4 (Power of Magic 2):

The Clash of Magic s4, it is also known as the Power of Magic 2, it’s also free of Cost & it’s not modified & not having such speed like the others. It behaves like the original one, in which one has to wait for the Gold, Gems, Elixir & Dark Elixir & the custom creating of Building & Heroes is not allowed in this server If you are looking for something free & speed, you shouldn’t go with this one, just download the another server. You can also download the Magic Launcher

Clash Magic Server 5 :

COM S5 is a free android application. It was released and published by a popular company Clash of Clans. The basic purpose of this application is to provide the best service to COC users. Additionally, it is full of free service so you have don’t worry to pay anything to use it. So if you are also a good player in COC then Magic sever S5 is the best option for you. Read this article carefully for more guidance.

Features of Magic server S5:

Unlimited game Gold

COM S5 will provide you unlimited gold for more entertainment and helps you to increase your performance.

Unlimited Gems

You can easily get unlimited gems with Magic Server for free

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Unlimited troops

This is also a great feature in COM S5. You can make unlimited troops in the game with this server.

The fast and secure server

COM S5 provides you fast and 100% secured server for better actions in the game

Easy Modifications


You can easily modify your game with this great server


Another great feature is User-Friendly. Al the players can easily use it without any requirement.

You can also make unlimited Building in a few seconds

Requirements to download s5:

  • Android device must have 4.0.3 or 4.0.4 version
  • Also, have 150 Megabytes of storage
  • Permission of Location
  • Other permissions (Wi-Fi, call or media).

How to download and use s5:

  • Download the COM from the official site.
  • Open Mobile setting and allow unknown services.
  • Click on Install Now.
  • It will automatically open to the home interface.
  • Now you can easily use it for more entertainment.

Resources of Clash of Magic

There are the following resources in Clash of Magic:

  1. Unlimited Gold:

As we know that in the Clash of Clans the Gold is used to upgrade the DEFENSES & TOWN HALLS. In this private server user don’t have to wait to upgrade themselves for the defenses & town halls. But in Clash Magic They can easily generate the Unlimited Gold by their own choices & user doesn’t need to unlock any feature to get the unlimited Gold.

  1. Unlimited Gems:

In the Clash of Clans, the user is limited to producing the Gems, now in this private server of Magic Clash, user can easily produce the unlimited amount of Gems without any time bound & any struggle.

  1. Unlimited Elixir:

Elixir is used to build & then upgrade the army camps & Barracks & other features in the Clash of Clans; COC magic gives you to get the unlimited Elixir to upgrade your Army Camps & Barracks.

  1. Unlimited Dark Elixir:

Dark Elixir is used for building the troops. It is similar to the Elixir, & in the clash of clans it the most used resource, but in the clash of magic, one can easily generate it & builds unlimited Troops.

Clash of Magic Features

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How to Install Clash of Magic in your Android Device?


  1. Switch on the device.
  2. Connect to the internet.
  3. Go to the Settings
  4. Click on the Security tab
  5. Scroll Down
  6. Enable the Checkbox of the Unknown Sources Option on your device
  7. Now, you get the App permission from your Android Device.
  8. Open the browser & search for Clash of Magic APK file.
  9. Tap on the APK file, a POPup box will appear & asks you about the permission about your device, WIFI connection & media resources ETC.
  10. Allow the permission
  11. After that, your installation begins to start
  12. During the installation, your device will restart itself
  13. After a few minutes you will get the notification that APK has been installed in your device
  14. Congrats! You have installed the clash of magic with free resources successfully.
  15. Make your account & you are ready to play now.
  16. Enjoy!

How to Install Clash of Magic on PC


  • Connect your device with the internet.
  • Download the bluestack from >>
  • Go to the Downloads & install the software.
  • If will ask for some information, provide it.
  • After installing, create the account on Bluestack.
  • Then you can download anything from Playstore.
  • Search for Clash of Magic.
  • Download it in Blue Stack.
  • It will automatically install it.
  • Now, create your account on CO Magic.
  • Now, enjoy the game.

Custom Heroes & Custom Buildings List

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Clash of Magic Specifications

You don’t need to root your device to INSTALL the clash of Magic on your device. You can easily Download it from here. Below are the specifications of Clash of Magic Required. [table id=17 /]

Magic Server PROS & CONS

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Magic Server Details

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Server NameClash of Magic
PriceFree of Cost


Clash of Magic Requirement for Android Device

For using the clash of magic on the Android device make sure that you fulfill all the requirements of it. The requirement of Clash of Magic is the following:

  • The Android Device Software must be Latest or Higher than 4.0.3
  • Size of Clash of Magic is around 85MB; make sure that you have 100MB In your device to use it.

[su_button url=”” style=”3d” id=”Downloadbtn1″ size=”10″ center=”yes” radius=”round”]Download Magic Server For Android[/su_button]

Magic Server for IOS:

Magic Server (version 10.322) is a custom database network for COC users. COM theme is puzzle role-playing. Which has four main servers, S1, S2, S3, and S4? Magic Server got all the features that are only available in Premium COC through these servers.

The Magic Server offers two different COM mod versions. These mods work on dedicated servers run by some Clash enthusiast’s anonymous group. These Magic servers are hosted on high-speed servers to enable you to play the game at high speed and without any difficulty. On this server, there are unlimited resources available to players. One can join any clan or create clans and even you can have a civil war between friends even you can get help from friends regarding heroes.

Furthermore, each player can easily access anything by using this database. It’s one of the world’s most common and used APPs, but as time goes on, people started thinking it’s awful to play with the upgrades. As you know, the magic clash is a great private Magic server such as lights clash and paradise clash, etc.

Magic Server Features:

  • Servers that is fast secure and checked.
  • Make Custom heroes and Buildings
  • User-Friendly and it supports all Android Devices
  • Unlimited resources and Unlimited Troop Building
  • Unlimited Gems without any extra effort in all services.
  • The gold is unlimited.
  • You’re going to get Elixir Unlimited.
  • There’s no deep elixir.
  • You’re going to get limitless soldiers.
  • Open for personalized alteration.
  • Free air sweeper.
  • Unlocked PVE (Goblin) maps.

COM App- Requirements for Downloading:

To download the COM or Magic Launcher on iOS, no jailbreak is needed. Make sure before installation your devices either android or iOS is compatible.

  • Android devise with
  • 0.3, 4.0.4 or higher minimum requirements
  • Megabytes 150 minimum indoor storage
  • Location permission
  • Read phone and identity status
  • Media access
  • Wi-Fi connections
  • Device ID permission and call information permission

How to Download Magic Server on IOS?

There are several ways to install Magic Server on IOS without facing any issue or anything like this It’s just requiring following bellow simple instructions on IOS, iPhone or iPad.

Let’s start with simple steps!

  • First of all, make sure about location i.e. storage space for downloading COM.
  • Second, you need to provide your iOS device with a stable internet connection.
  • Thirdly, just open up safari and then click on go. There’s a download link of Magic Server and tap the downloading link. Wait to complete the downloading process.
  • Once the downloading process started it will take us to content installed web page on the home web page it’s going to instruct you to install and open for first-time use on the home page.

So, basically when you install and open these apps its begins transferring the files required. Files required for COM so the files for Magic Server are pretty much hidden inside those apps and then you have to make sure to just leave the apps open for long enough to complete the installing process.

The COM will start installing on your home screen so guys it’s super easy just follow the instructions exactly as written here.

[su_button url=”” style=”3d” size=”10″ center=”yes” radius=”round”]Download Magic Server For IOS[/su_button]

Clash of Magic Launcher

If you want to download the Clash of Magic server having all the resources directly then clash of Magic Launcher is there to help you. You will play the game quickly and instantly using clash of Magic Launcher. You already know that in its default premium server you cannot enjoy all the resources as they are fixed but when we talk about the Clash of Magic Launcher then you can use all the resources and customize them the way you want to use them.

Clash of Magic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to install Clash of Magic?

Answer: First of all go to the steps of installation mentioned above, follow the steps & after doing that download the APK file of Clash of MAGIC after that it will ask you for the several permissions, grant the permission, your phone will restart itself Automatically & after that APK file will be installed & ready to use.

How to USE clash of Magic?

Answer: It’s a very simple game, like we use the Original one name “Clash of clan”. The only difference is you have limited resources in Clash of Clan & in Clash of Magic you are free to use any resources (Gems, Gold, and Elixir & Dark Elixir)

How to Hack Clash of Clans Magic?

Answer: If you want to hack the Clash of clans just for the unlimited resources, don’t worry, Download the Clash of Magic & have unlimited resources.

Which server of COM is more working?

Answer: As per our recommendation, Server 2 is very much convenient & easy to use.

Where to Download the Magic server?

Answer: You can download a file from this website & application can be downloaded from our site.


Magic S2 Clash Of Clans

For the users of Clash of clans, there are limitations of using the resources (Gold, Gems, Elixir & Dark Elixir). But after reviewing the Application you can get the unlimited resources (Gold, Gems, Elixir & Dark Elixir). So its recommended that the user should install it & enjoy it.