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Company of heroes 2 multiplayer with cracked game. Even with the newest crack fixes. Got an i7 8750H, 16gb ram and 1tb hdd; Task Manager does not show any CPU. Company of Heroes 2 Master Collection Repack By FitGirl adalah sebuah game terbaru yang berbasis Real Time Startegy dengan latar belakang Perang Dunia ke 2. Anda yang suka dengan game strategi serta game perang, sudah pasti tidak boleh melwatkan game Company of Heroes 2 Master Collection Repack FitGirl yang admin bagikan ini. Company of Heroes 2. The Following is a link to a similar guide for the first Company of Heros, it's the same cheat commands and you may use it as a reference. Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault v3.0.0.16337 MULTI8 Fixed Files #1 Company of Heroes 2 v3.0.0.13559 MULTI8 Fixed Files Company of Heroes 2 v3.0.0.13500 MULTI8 Fixed Files.

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How to install Company of Heroes 2 Crack:

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About Game:


  • Many matches are a test of skill and resolve
  • Theater of War missions offer a variety of great challenges
  • Winter maps demand different tactics
  • The best missions emphasize the despair of war
  • Fantastic production values get the adrenaline pumping.
Company Of Heroes 2 Crack


  • It’s too easy to exploit the campaign’s endless conscripts
  • Balance issues and grind to contend with
  • Some tedious missions showcase inconsistent enemy behavior.
  • About This Game

    Powered by the Essence Engine 3.0, the Company of Heroes 2 series feature some unique mechanics rewarding thoughtful players. From the TrueSight™ system that emulates the units’ line of sight to the cover-system that encourages clever unit placement – not to mention the combined arms approach and the hard and soft counters gameplay that will make you think twice before trying to destroy a tank with a simple squad of riflemen – each game presents players with an uninterrupted stream of meaningful tactical choices that can turn the tide of war.

    Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault offers a compelling single-player campaign for the USF faction revolving around the Battle of the Bulge. Engage in a dynamic non-linear campaign across the Ardennes landscape consisting of 18 scenarios, choose between three iconic companies, customize their abilities and bear the consequences of your actions as overall company health persists between missions.

    Company of Heroes 2: The British Forces (multiplayer – don’t crack) is the latest entry in the series and features this iconic Allied army from WWII (UKF). Experience a unique tech-tree that challenges the player to balance the constant trade-off between mobility and defense. Surprise your opponents with your development choices and an open end game configuration. Enjoy an army with character and distinctive units & abilities, from the Churchill Crocodile flamethrower tank to the RAF glider.


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