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The dana and the Neo2 et al, will transfer files via the usb. The device emulates a keyboard, and as it says in the manual Open a program on the mac or pc for entering text, with the window active and a cursor prompt blinking, connect the dana/neo2 via the usb, with the file to be transferred in main memory, not on sd card, press “send” and the device will send the file, character. Introduction AlphaSmart Manager for Dana can install applications on thirty Danas at a time, which greatly simplifies installation of an application for a classroom of students. Download AlphaSmart Device for Windows to uSB driver. Join or Sign In. Sign in to add and modify your software. Sign in with Facebook Sign in with email. By joining Download.com. Introduction AlphaSmart Manager for Dana can install applications on thirty Danas at a time, which greatly simplifies installation of an application for a classroom of students. AlphaSmart's Dana is a US$380 Palm OS-based portable computer that features a full-sized ergonomically styled keyboard and large, wide-screen greyscale screen.

Dana Alphasmart Software Free

AlphaSmart 3000®:

The AlphaSmart is a lightweight and portable word processor that allows the student to complete and organize written work in up to 8 different 10-12 page files. Information can easily be sent to the computer for formatting and printing.

Getting Started:Instructions for the AlphaSmart 3000

AlphaSmart 3000® Instructions

Installing the PC Y cable between your AlphaSmart and PC:

1. Turn off the computer.

2. Disconnect the keyboard from the computer keyboard port.

3. Connect the orange end of the PC Y cable into the keyboard port on the back of the computer.

4. Plug the keyboard cable back into the AlphaSmart cable end marked connect to PC keyboard

5. With the PC Y cable installed, turn on the computer and wait for computer start-up. Test your
computer keyboard for operation.

**Important:Always leave the PC Y cable attached to the computer. The computer does not have to be shut down to plug/unplug the AlphaSmart from the PC Y cable.However, only remove/attach the PC Y cable from/to the computer when the computer is off!

Entering Text:

Turn on the AlphaSmart by depressing the dark gray on/off key located on the top left row of the keyboard. Simply begin typing as you would on any keyboard. Use the backspace key to erase. As soon as you type each character it is automatically saved. The arrow keys allow you to move your cursor through the text.

The tab key can be used on the AlphaSmart to create columns or paragraph indentations. All other text formatting including: margins, tab stops, font, size, and other styling attributes, can be done on the computer after the file has been sent from the AlphaSmart to a word processing program on your computer.

To select text to edit, move the cursor under the first letter of the first word in the text you want to edit. When you hold down the shift key along with any of the arrow keys, you will notice a flashing block cursor appear over the letter. Use the arrow keys to select the text that you wish to cut, copy or delete.

Select all:Press Ë-R.

Delete:ctrl-X to move the text to the clipboard or the backspace key to delete the text entirely.

Copy:ctrl-C to copy the selected text to the clipboard without deleting it.

Paste:ctrl-V to place the clipboard contents at the new cursor location.

Find:find key

Erasing Files/Data Recovery:

Press the clear file key while the AlphaSmart is not attached to a computer to erase the entire file in which you currently have open. If you accidentally clear a file, it can still be recovered as long as no text has been entered into that file. Open the file that you wish to recover and press option-Ë-R.

Spell Check:

1. Press the spell check key. The spell check will check each word in the file.

2. If a word is spelled incorrectly (or if the word is not in the spell check dictionary), you will be
offered several options.

    • Use the arrow keys to select the correct word from the list of suggested spellings provided and press enter.
    • Press I to ignore the word and go on to check the next word.
    • Press E to edit the word. This will take you to an edit screen, where you can enter the desired word under New: and then press enter.
    • Press C to see the word in context. This will show you the word as it appears in the file. To exit, press any key.
    • Press esc to exit spell check.

Disabling Spell Check:PressË-option-spell check. Then enter the master
password. (Contact the SFPS Assistive Technology Coordinator for the master

Enabling Spell Check:To enable the spell check feature, press Ë-option-spell
again and enter the master password.

Sending Text to the Computer from the AlphaSmart Using the PC Y Cable:

1. Attach your AlphaSmart to the PC Y cable attached to the computer (if the PC Y cable is not
attached to the computer, follow the directions for Installing the PC Y cable between your
AlphaSmart and PC)
. Plug the gray end of the cable marked 3000 into the computer port on
the right side of the AlphaSmart 3000. (If you are using an AlphaSmart 2000, connect the blue
end of the cable marked 2000 into the computer port on the right side of the AlphaSmart 2000.)

2. The following message appears:Attached to PC (or Mac), emulating keyboard. Press send key
to transfer file.
(If message does not appear, check cable and make sure it is properly
attached to the computer.)
3.Open a word processing application (Microsoft Word®, Write:OutLoud®…).
Place the cursor in the file where you wish to insert the text.
4.Press the send key (upper right key on the AlphaSmart keyboard). If you want to
cancel a file transfer, press the esc key.

5.If missing characters or jumbled text appears, slow down the transfer speed.
6.Disconnect the AlphaSmart from the computer by unplugging it from the cable.

Press option-Ë-S.

Sending Text to the Computer from the AlphaSmart Using the Infrared AlphaBeam IrDA Wireless Pod:

1. When your computer is off, plug the IrDa infrared pod into the appropriate port on the back of
your computer.

2. On the computer, run AlphaBeam for PC located in Programs under AlphaSmart. (If the AlphaBeam
software was loaded. If it has not been previously installed you will need to install this software.)
You may want to create a shortcut so that AlphaBeam is on your desktop for quicker access.

3. A message box should appear on the screen indicating that AlphaBeam is active. The following
message should appear in the box:

Looking for AlphaSmart.

4. Open the word processing program into which you want to transfer the AlphaSmart file (ie.
Microsoft Word, Write:OutLoud…).

5. Turn on the AlphaSmart and open the file you want to transfer to the computer.

6. Point the AlphaSmart at the IrDA infrared pod and press the send key on the AlphaSmart.
The following message should appear:

Connecting to the computer (infrared mode).

Press esc to exit.

7. No text will show up in the program window until the file transfer is complete, and then the entire
text will be pasted into the program.


  • Make sure that there is a direct line of contact between the AlphaSmart and the
    infrared pod. Infrared signals cannot travel through objects.

  • It is recommended that the AlphaSmart be within 3 feet of the infrared pod. This will allow for consistent transfer of data. When experimenting with transfer of data, the AlphaSmart was up to 9 feet away. You may transfer data at this distance, but consistency in the transfer may decrease.

  • If you attempt to Send text and it does not show up in the document on the computer,
    go to Edit on the menu bar and select Paste. The text should appear in the text document.

Printing from the AlphaSmart Directly to a Printer: (requires a specially designed parallel printer cable. Contact the SFPS Assistive Technology Coordinator for this cable.)

Facebook Phishing Script. Please dont use this script to hack someone's ID, I have created this script only to practice when I was learing php back in 2013. Edit doaction.php and replace YOUREMAILADDRESS with the email you want to recieve access. Upload it to a PHP supported web server. I am not recieving antything. In this tutorial, we’re going to take a close look at how to setup a phishing page to harvest usernames and passwords that can be used to hack other users’ Facebook accounts. However, and I can’t stress this enough, this knowledge should never be used to attack others in the real world. Facebook phishing script 2018.

1. Press option-print to access the printer setup menu. Use the arrow keys to select the
appropriate printer from the list. The printer you select will be indicated by a plus sign (+) in front
of the printer name. Press enter to leave the menu. (The AlphaSmart will remember your
selected printer. You only have to complete this Step when you change printers.)

2. Connect the AlphaSmart 3000 parallel cable from the AlphaSmart printer port (on the left-hand
side, marked “printer”) to the parallel port on the printer.

3. Turn the printer on.

4. Press the print key on the AlphaSmart to print the current file. Font, print quality, line spacing,
and margins are fixed and not changeable by the user. The line spacing is set for double spacing
for easy editing.

Sending Text from the Computer to an AlphaSmart Using the PC Y Cable:

Get Utility for PC:This software utility application allows the student to send text from a computer to the AlphaSmart.

1. Open the Get Utility program under Start: Programs: AlphaSmart: Get Utility.
(If this program is not installed you will need to contact the SFPS Assistive
Technology Coordinator for the Get Utility software.)

2. Copy the text that you wish to send to the AlphaSmart into the computer
clipboard. To do this, open the file you wish to send, highlight text, and select
Copy (ctrl-C) from the Edit menu.

3.Paste text into the window in the Get Utility program. You should see the copied
text displayed in the Clipboard Contents window.
4.Turn on the AlphaSmart and select the file you wish to send the text into.
5.Attach the AlphaSmart to the computer using the PC Y Cable.
6.On the computer select Send Text To AlphaSmart to send the text from the
computer to the AlphaSmart. The Clipboard text is sent to the current file on the
7.Disconnect the AlphaSmart.


The AlphaSmart runs on three AA batteries. Use alkaline batteries for the best results (200-500 hours of power).Replace all three batteries with new ones when the following message appears on your screen:Low Battery!!

**Always turn off the AlphaSmart before changing the batteries.

**When storing the AlphaSmart for several months (over the summer), remove the batteries.

Alphasmart Dana Manual

Lithium Battery:

AlphaSmart uses a secondary backup battery. This 3V lithium coin cell (CR2032) battery powers the memory, preventing data loss when the unit is turned off and the primary AA batteries are dead.

To determine if your lithium battery is dead:

1. Disconnect the AlphaSmart from the computer.

2. Enter some text into the AlphaSmart.

3. Turn the unit off.

4. Remove the AA batteries.

5. Wait two minutes.

6. Replace the AA batteries.

7. Turn the unit back on. If the text you entered is still there, then the lithium battery is still good.
If the text has disappeared and the file is empty, then the lithium battery has been discharged
and should be replaced.

Care and Maintenance:

Dana Alphasmart Review

  • Take care not to break the LCD screen. Be careful not to drop the AlphaSmart or subject it to strong impact. Do not place a heavy object on the LCD screen.
  • Keep the AlphaSmart away from extreme heat. Do not leave it on the dashboard or in the trunk of a car, or near a heater.
  • Do not leave the AlphaSmart in a place that is extremely dusty or damp.
  • Do not use frayed or damaged cables.
  • Never force a connector into a port if the connector and port do not join easily.
  • Clean the screen only with a soft dry cloth. Do not use solvents.

Dana Alphasmart Wireless