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English subtitle for Death Note in 2006. Synchronization Edit subtitle. Synchronization Edit subtitle. Download english subtitle. Death Note's Famous Quotes. Help Subtitles Quotes About. A place to create, sync and edit subtitles. Friend (友達, Tomodachi) is the fourteenth episode of the Death Note anime series. Light gains Misa's trust and decides he can use her eyes to eliminate L.When she accepts on the condition that Light date her, he threatens to kill her if she does not obey his orders. In return, Rem threatens to write Light's name in her Death Note if any harm comes to Misa, even though saving Misa.

Death Note Eng Sub Ep 1

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Death Note Dubbed Anime Seres about a Note Book that have power to kill anyone Whose Name Writen on this
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Format : Matroska
Format version : Version 4 / Version 2
Duration : 22mn 57s Overall bit rate : 1 262 Kbps
Format : HEVC Language : English Alias: ? – Desu nôto
Genres: Mystery, Shounen, Psychological, Shinigami, Supernatural
Status: Completed Episodes: 37
Year: 2006-2007

NOTE – This is an awesome Anime!!!!!! But only watch upto episode 25 don’t watch after that you will be hugely dissapointed

Death Note Live Action Movie 2006 Eng Sub

Death Note 720p Complete Series HEVC x265 English Dubbed

Death Note 2006 Eng Sub

Death Note English Sub

Have you ever felt like the world would be a better place if certain people weren’t around? Such grim daydreams might occur when watching the dismal daily news, but on one fateful day, Light Yagami finds that these daydreams can become reality. By pure happenstance, he comes across a black notebook entitled “Death Note”, whose text within states that whoever’s name is written on its pages will die. Evinrude diagnostics 6 download. With the aid of the death god Ryuk, Light takes it upon himself to rid the world of its corruption, ushering in a new era of purity one death at a time. But as Ryuk foretells, Light’s actions will not go unchallenged