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'The Path to Love' by Deepak Chopra is a book about the nature of love in its true essence. The spiritual journey that we call love moves through several stages: attraction, infatuation, communion. Meditation: The Path to Pure Love. Once, before time, there was only Love. Pure, unconditional Love. Pure Love moved within itself to share itself and created a celestial sound. The material world emerges from Pure Love. The whole Universe is a projection of Pure Love. Love is the start to everything.



10 years ago I did the first exercise from the book “The Path to Love”. It worked as You explained, all the things came true. I began the second one during that time, yet, I felt intense pain in the region of the chest. Such a pain I did not feel in my life. After that experience I dropped the exercises. Now I am 32 and decided that it is time to get back on that journey once again. I did the first exercise, however, I find difficulty with the second one. Another thing has happened also from an year. Where the third eye is found there is pulse like sensation. Every day from time to time it happens, it is a soothing feeling and sometimes it feels like I am going to fall asleep. Then it stops until the next day. Ten years ago, I experienced an awakening moment of realization. It continued for three days, it was the most profound experience of my life up to now. I know that it will occur again and this time it will be forever. Until then I have some questions if You can assist me with. Question 1 is regarding an advice about the second exercise “Paying attention to the heart”? Question 2: About the pulse between my eyebrows (third eye), is that some kind of psychic experience? Question 3: Would You suggest any techniques in “opening” the third eye? Thank You for Your time and assistance.

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It sounds like the healing response from the heart exercise stirred up some very deep trauma there and that discomfort and pain scared you off of continuing the exercise. That can happen if one doesn’t understand the way healing of old trauma can unfold. That’s okay, you can resume the exercise now with the awareness that a valuable healing is taking place. If the pain gets too intense to continue the session, then stop and let your entire attention be with the sensation. This will help the healing process and soon the sensation will diminish to the point where it is easy to resume the practice.

Regarding the third eye sensations: this indicates an activation of subtle energy in that center and it is considered an encouraging sign of spiritual development. So you don’t need any additional techniques to open the third eye.

Deepak Chopra The Path To Love


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