Facebook Phishing Php Script

Hack Facebook Using Phishing Method

Many methods are available on how to hack Facebook, the method I will be using is the phishing method, it is about showing the user a page that it is not what really it is pretending to be, in our example we are going to show a page that looks exactly like the Facebook home page, but it is actually not.

Phishing Page For Facebook

Facebook Clone Script by NCrypted offers advanced features and customized functionalities, so it is the perfect selection to build your own social network portal. It offers robust, scalable and user friendly experience to your users. WordPress Facebook Grabber 3.3 - Fabio borraccetti PHP / Miscellaneous / phpBB. Fazed is a simple phishing tool which allows you to generate html and php files which are customized by your redirected link and access code. Fazed is based on.NET 3.5 and requires minimum of 800x600 resolution. Fazed has six language options which allows locals of the language's respective areas to use the application with ease.

Tutorial Hacking Facebook using Phishing Method Fake Facebook Website. Facebook website/phishing is a way to make and create fake website according to the real website for negative purpose, such as: stealing credentials, data, etc.

Facebook Phishing Code

You don’t need hacking skills to do this trick, just basic HTML & Database knowledge. You also need to set a hosting account to make your hack available online and use it literally anywhere.

A little explanation about how this will work, first create a fake page that looks just like the Facebook home page, edit the code so when they try to login in the form, their data will be sent to our PHP Script, the script will save the email and password in our database, then it will redirect the user to the real Facebook thing so he feels nothing at all Stealth Mode Style 😀

Let’s Get Started:

Step 1: Set Up Hosting

To use this trick anywhere online you need to get a hosting, don’t worry 000WebHost provides free hosting accounts. So go to 000webhost and register for a free account.

Step 2: Set Up Database

This requires basic hosting and database knowledge, you can get help from the 000webhost website.

Create a new database, and add a new table name it “users” containing 2 fields “email” & “password”.

Step 3: PHP Script That Will Do The Cool Stuff 😛

This will be a PHP file that will receive the victim email and password, save them in database and redirect to real Facebook page.

Just open a new text file and paste the below code in it and then save it as a .php file , don’t forget to put your own account data.

After editing the code and saving the file, upload it to your hosting and and get its link.

Step 4: Setup The Fake FACEBOOK Page

Now after the server part is setup we need to create a fake Facebook page that looks the same as the real one so victim doesn’t feel anything wrong. I already made created one, just open this link: https://parposa.com/parposa-wp/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/fake-facebook-copy.txt and copy the text from that page into your text editor, search for

and replace it with the link of your php script you just uploaded to your hosting.

Also search for and replace the below terms to what fits your situation, try to be creative with the text so nothing looks suspicious to the victim, tell your friend to like a project you just posted so make the text relevant to that.

make the title like: Engineering Project Bla Bla…

this subtitle will show while sharing the link on WhatsApp or so, another step to make the page look real.

Just Be Creative With The Text
After you are done, save the file as facebook.html and upload it to the same hosting account you already created.

Step 5: Tough Part Spreading The World

After you get the link of the facebook.html file share it to your friends or victims, but remember here comes the tough part, you have to convince them to login, when they enter the email and password only you will get the positive result, so again be creative.

Every successful hit a new account is hacked enjoy 😛

Step 6: Get The Hacked Accounts Details

Here comes the beautiful part, after sharing the hacked facebook.html file, and convincing victims to try to login, you need to retrieve the hacked accounts. I’ve created a PHP script that will do all the work for you, just create another file paste the below code in it, again change the preferences the same way you did in the first php script, and then save it as a .php file.

upload this file to your account and get its link, and that’s it just open the link and you will see a list of all accounts that been hacked by your fake page.

This method is one of the easy ways to do it, there are lot of ways to hack Facebook, I myself tried this method and it is working 100% also hacked many accounts, if it didn’t work for you, then you are doing something wrong, just try again and follow the steps carefully.

Remember, after hacking any account, don’t just go their and change the password, Facebook will detect that and won’t allow you, and all your effort will be gone.


Enjoy 😀


If you are looking for a hack Facebook account method then you jumped in the right pool. We are providing the best online solution for Facebook account hacking online. So what are you waiting for? Simply go through this page and find the best working method for you.

Hello Hackers, We have recently updated our Facebook Hack services and now it is working fine.

We hope you know that FB is the most famous social network these days. Almost every person from all age segments is using it on a daily basis.

Because there are billions of people, so we can bet that most of them ever tried to hack Facebook account password of their friend.
That can be their family member, neighbors, brother, sister, or even lover. In most of the cases, the couples in a relationship give it a try. Because they want to know if their partner is cheating on them or not.

If you want to know all about hacking Facebook accounts and a step by step process to do it. Then you have to be with us. Please read this full article carefully to know all about spying on a FB account.

FB security is increasing day by day so we are working hard to update our service on a daily basis. Gone are the days when you were able to hack with some basic tools. Now you need a great Online Facebook Hacking method to do this task.

How to Hack Facebook – Step By Step Process

Contents of Page

  • 1 How to Hack Facebook – Step By Step Process
  • 2 Other Methods to Hack Facebook

Grab your Target’s profile URL

This is the first step to get your target’s login details. Simply visit the profile of the victim that you want to hack.
The profile URL will look like this
Now you just have to copy the URL YourUserName and paste into the online Facebook hacker Page.

Paste the Profile User Name into the Hacker

In the previous step, you have copied the User name of the FB profile. In our example the username was YourUserName and now paste this URL in our online Facebook Hacker page.
You can access the tool from the below URL
Access here

Let the Process Run

Once you put the username into the tool and click on the start now button. Our script will run and try to hack the FB id of the specified person.

Check the Process of the Tool

Once our script hacked the Account of your target it will take you to the next page to get you all the details that you desired.

Grab the Details

Yeah!! congratulations you are now on the final step of the hacking process. On this page, you will get a file named FB Details.
With this, you can gain access to messenger easily.
Download the file and open it with any RAR extracting software like WinRAR.

Log in to the Facebook account

Now you have the details of the victim to login to the hacked Facebook account.
Simply visit fb.com and login with the ID and Password.

So these six steps are the step to your success. There are many other ways to hack Facebook messages of your friend, lover, or family member.


We will discuss all of the Possible ways to hacking Facebook profile. So be with us and read this full article.

Other Methods to Hack Facebook

1. Hack Facebook account online with HackingSpy

Facebook Phishing Php Script

This is one of the easiest methods to hack into someone’s Facebook account. As we already discussed this method in every detail on this page. But we want to discuss something more about it in brief.
This method only takes 2-3 steps. But to make it in detail we divided it into 6 steps for better understanding. So below are the three steps to hack with HackingSpy, this is the online Facebook hacking site.


  • Grab the FB username of the victim.
  • Paste that username into the hacker and let the hacker run.
  • Download the Account details of the target.

Sometimes you need to complete the verification process to open the file because we don’t allow the users who try it using an AdBlock program or we found any suspicious activity.

2. Facebook hacking with xPloits

Yes, this is also another method to spy on someone’s Facebook Account. xPloits are the pages that look like the real Facebook Pages.
Check out the tutorial about xPloits. This hacking method is just like phishing.
You just need to create a Facebook page that is similar to the original fb page and use it as a hacking weapon. Didn’t get what are we talking about? Don’t worry we are here to help you with this. Check out the steps to use xPloits

  • First of all, make an xPloits page. The process to make this page is here.
  • Once you created the page you can redirect the final page to wherever you want like you can redirect that page to facebook.com or somewhere else.
    But we suggest you go with Fb.com because in this way your victim will not be able to track the hacking.
  • Now the tricky part comes in Simply send the xPloit generated a link to the victim. Once they login to the account you will get the login details on your xPloit Page.

3. Hacking Facebook using a Web Browser

Do you know you can also hack the Facebook password of someone simply using their web browser? yes, you can do it because most of the people these days save the id and password in the web browser.


We can use this feature of the web browser to hack into the victim’s Facebook or any other account they save the password for.

Hack Password using Google chrome: Google chrome provides the function to save the id and password for all the websites for user convenience.
Almost each and every person use this feature to log in to their Facebook Account in a single click. So we use this trick to see the Facebook details of the user.

Simply follow the below path to get the details-
Google Chrome>>Settings>>Advanced Settings>>Manage Password and Forms
Now you can see all the saved details by the user simply click on the show password button and you will get the details.

Firefox or Safari: Each and every web browser has a similar user interface. But for your convenience please check the path for Firefox and Safari.

Firefox>> Security Settings>> Saved Credential
Now click on the show password to see the Details of your friend or your brother and sister.

That will be one of the easiest ways to hack Facebook. But this method has some limitations like you need access to the device of your victim. In this way, you can only hack the account of your family members and friends, for someone unknown you have to use other hacking methods.

4. Phishing and Clickjacking

Phishing was one of the most common methods used for hacking an account. But these days Facebook and the hosting companies are very strict about the phishing pages so this method is tough now.

In this method, hackers create a fake FB login page identical to the original one and send it to the target. Once the target login on that page hackers will get the ID and password on their server.

5. Cookies theft method

As you all know once you save your username and password to the browser it automatically login to your account when you visit the fb.com website.

This is all done through the cookies. Cookies are saved on our system by the website to make your experience better. But we can use this thing to hack Facebook account. This is a little bit typical process because you need some technical knowledge to grab information from the cookies.

6. Hacking Facebook Using Spy Apps

This is one of our favorite methods to spy a Facebook account. This method is not free because to use spy apps you need to pay a small amount to the App making company.
The best Spy app for Facebook is mSpy. We highly recommend using this app because this has all the features that a spy app should have.

Now you are wondering how we can spy on someone’s Facebook account using the spy apps. So don’t worry we are here to tell you that in a detailed manner in this post.

  1. Purchase a Spy App: First of all, you need a Spy App like mSpy. You can read all the functions and details of this app on our mSpy review page.
    Simply purchase a plan that is suitable for you and your pocket.
  2. Install the Spy app on Target’s Phone: This is a little bit tricky part in this method that you need to have the physical access to the target’s phone for 2-3 minutes.
    Once you get access to you can install the Spy app on the phone and start Facebook Spying.
  3. Check All the Activities on the Web cPanel: Once you have successfully installed the app on the target device now you can view all the activities done by the target on the web panel of the spy app.
    You can view call logs, call recordings, location, all chats on different messaging apps. To know more you can read mSpy review.

How to Hack Facebook Without Survey?


There are many ways to hack a Facebook account without any survey. Most of the free methods need to complete a survey. But most trusted and easiest are listed below.

  1. Hacking using a keylogger: This method is not free that’s why you are not getting any survey. I just need to download a keylogger and install it on the victim’s phone.
    The keylogger will record all the keystrokes on the victim’s device and let you know the Id and password that is typed by the victim.
    This is one of the most used way by hackers to hack facebook account.
    Let’s have a look at the working of a keylogger.
    1. Download the keylogger: Download the keylogging software from any trusted website. mSpy is the most trusted according to us.
    2. Install the Keylogger on Victim’s Device: After downloading the app install it on the phone/laptop of the victim.
    3. Record the Keystrokes: Its time to record the keystrokes of the victim and get the Facebook Id and Password.
  2. Hacking with a spy App or Spyware: This is also a paid method and we highly recommend this method because you can hack many other social media accounts with just a simple app. As we already discussed how you can use the spy apps to hack Facebook.
    Let’s have a look at the steps
    – Purchase a Spy App
    – Install Spy App on Target’s Phone
    – Spy on Facebook
  3. Hack using Web Browser: We have already discussed this method. This is a free method and doesn’t require any survey. So we have listed this in hacking Facebook without the survey method.
  4. Plain Password grabber: This is one of the easiest methods to hack facebook account doesn’t matter you have secured mobile operating systems like Android or iPhone. If your password is vulnerable any hacker can hack your account easily and quickly.
    Many people still use a simple password like THEIR NAME, PHONE NUMER or 12345678 and like this.
    There is a bunch of software that can grab easy passwords.
    Plain password grabber tries the combinations to crack your password and once it is successful it gives you the password of your target.
    If you want to secure your personal account from this type of recovery software you can use some complex password.

How to Hack Facebook Online?

There are two methods to achieve this goal and we had already discussed those methods to hack Facebook online. Check out the methods below

  1. Hack using online Facebook Hacking: We have made one of the best and simplest script. By using our website HackingSpy you will be able to hack the FB Account within minutes.
    We have 89.98% success rate while using this method. So what are you waiting for? simply give this method a try and hack on anyone’s Facebook account.
  2. Hack Using xPloits Pages: This is also an online Facebook hacking method that is easy to use. Simply use the below steps and hack FB Password of anyone.
    – Generate an xPloit Page
    – Send this page to your victim by any trick
    – Grab the id and password of Victim
    That’s it, isn’t it easy? So what are you waiting for reading the full way to hack Facebook now.

If you still have any questions regarding hacking Facebook then you can read the frequently asked questions below.

Facebook Phishing Php Script Pastebin


Can we Really hack Facebook?

Facebook Phishing Download

If you need the answer in the one word then Yes, You can hack the Facebook account of your friends. You need to use an online script like HackingSpy or a Spy software to hack into the account of your victim.

What Are the Methods to Hack Facebook?

Facebook Phishing Files

There are many ways to hack FB account of your friend and family. We have discussed 5-6 ways on this page but here is the list of the main hacking methods.
1. Spy Apps
2. Using an online website like HackingSpy
3. Keylogger
4. Using Xploits

Facebook Phishing Website

How to hack Facebook Without Surveys?

If you are looking for a free way that can hack FB account for you then you have to use our Online hacking system. We only need a survey verification when we found suspicious activity.

We will add more methods to hack Facebook. Please let us know if you found any error or any issue while using this tool.

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