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First touch soccer 2020 (also known as FTS 20) is one of the most played android soccer games. This is the latest installment of the game as of 2019. In this article, a link to download First touch soccer 2020 will be provided along with the installation guide for the game.

FTS 2020 comes with improved graphics and updated squads. The in-game interface has also been modified to support a better layout. The layout now supports a better menu and nice in-game control buttons. The Mod to the game guarantees that you get unlimited coins to make player transfers, purchase custom kits and club development. One of the major benefits of this game is its size; with really nice graphics, it has a size of 270 MB which is significantly small compared to other mobile soccer games.


  • Name: First touch soccer 2020
  • Developer: X2 Games
  • Supported Android version: Android 4.0+
  • Mode: Offline
  • Size: 280 MB
  • Price: Free

Scaricare FIFA 2020 PPSSPP PSP Iso Download Latest Mod Apk. However, it is not an official FIFA 2020 PPSSPP PSP. Again, this is not an Android game. It's a PSP game, but you can play this game with an emulator. I will show you every way to play this game. So take a look at this video. Friends, it is not Pace 2020, it is the mod version of Pace.

Nov 03, 2020 DOWNLOAD NOW FIFA Soccer 14.0.01 Full Apk + Mod for android. While everyone was waiting for the release of FIFA 17 by EA, and just as mobile gamers were waiting for the release of the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team for Android operating systems, the EA Geneva gaming unit, which is responsible for building the company’s mobile games, Unveiled a new FIFA for mobile, FIFA Soccer. Nov 22, 2019 New update for FIFA 2020 Android APK Mod Offline Play. This is FIFA 2020 offline game with an updated database of groups and lots of new updates. FIFA 2020 Mobile Modded FIFA 14 Mobile Offline New update for teams, transfers and Full HD Latest 19/20 league list and transfer players.


FTS 2020 is an improved version of the previous FTS game. As a result, it has many cool features. Below are the features of first touch soccer 2020.

  • Soccer balls have now been updated with current designs and textures.
  • Unlimited coins to purchase kits, upgrade the stadium, buy players and develop teams.
  • Improved and enhanced button controls.
  • Graphics have been upgraded to have more realistic gaming experience.
  • New track lists and songs for in-game enjoyment.
  • Leagues have been updated with new teams. New leagues have also been added to the game.
  • Commentary and in-game tactics and strategies are more realistic.
  • The international mode features world cup 2018 teams like Nigeria, France, Croatia, Sweden, England and many others.


First touch soccer 2020 has many interesting content that keeps gamers addicted for several hours. FTS 20 game modes are one of the best you can find in an Android soccer game. Below are the game modes explained in details.


The quick match mode lets you play a regular exhibition game with any team in the game. You can select a league and then choose a team in that league to play with or play against. There are several leagues and dozens of teams in this mode.


The tournament mode gives you the option to play in any major tournament of your choice. The tournaments include: English premier league, La liga, Seria A, World cup, African Cup, copa America, Asian cup, European cup and numerous league and cup competitions around the world. There is a lot to play.


This mode gives you the option to use a particular player only during a match. You can dominate the attack, control the show from the midfield, form a solid rock in the defence or block your opposition’s chances from the goal. It is all down to your preference. Control star players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, Virgil Van Dijk, Sadio Mane and many more.


FTS 20 also gives user’s the chance to master the game controls and tactics through a training mode. This mode enhances your ability to understand the game mechanics while learning the proper skills and tricks of the game. Please note that you can only use a single team in training mode.


Installing first touch soccer 2020 is easy and fast. Below are the full procedures.


Download the game here and download ZArchiver Pro here.


Install ZArchiver Pro first. This is the tool that extracts the FTS 2020 zip file.


Locate the FTS 20 zip file you downloaded, open the zip file using the ZArchiver Pro app we downloaded. Extract it to any location on your internal storage. If you are not prompted to extract it then skip this step.


After extracting the file, there will be two folders and a file: Data folder, OBB folder and the APK file.


Wendy Games Mod Apk

Click the folder whose name is “OBB” then long-press on the folder that shows up. Copy the folder to Android >> OBB. This can be on your device internal storage or memory card. It depends on your preferred storage media.


Fifa 20 Apk Offline

Repeat Step 4 and 5 but instead of copying the OBB folder, click on the folder whose name is “DATA”. Long-press the folder that shows up next and copy it to Android >> Data. This should be in the storage media you used in step 5.


Fifa 2020 Apk Mod Installer

Disable your mobile data or wifi. Return to the First touch soccer 20 folder you downloaded earlier, open the folder and click on the APK file. Give permissions to your installer and proceed with the installation. You must have enough storage on your device to complete this step.


Run and enjoy first touch soccer 2020. Please note that you must copy the OBB file to the OBB folder and the Data file to the Data folder before you install the APK.


After installing first touch soccer 20, you will notice that the game’s default language is Portuguese. Do not panic if this is not a language you understand. It is very easy to change the FTS 20 game language.



Open the FTS 20 APK file we installed in the steps above. After it is done loading, click on the far right menu that has an icon that looks like a gear.


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Once you open the FTS 20 game settings menu, select the option that is on the lower far left of the screen. This is the advance setting or it would say something else if it is in another language.


A new menu will appear with four tabs. Click on the lowest tab and another menu will display. The first option is the language option. Keep switching between the languages until you select your desired language.

You can also use the settings menu to adjust game difficulty, match length, camera angle, weather and controls. Therefore, I advice you to tweak FTS 20 to your taste.


Thanks for downloading FTS 20. Please share this game to your friends and also leave a response below. Dell vostro 3550 support. We always love to hear from you.