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A large proportion of computer games require you to enter a unique product key to play the game, which is what Windows and most applications require you to do. This is to combat piracy so you couldn’t just copy a game CD and distribute it to all your friends. The problem has always been that if you misplace or accidentally throw away the CD case or box, the product key often goes with it. If you haven’t yet installed the game then you have a problem as contacting the game retailer/publisher will likely be a waste of time. However, if you have already installed the game and entered a product key, all is not lost.

A large amount of games these days are purchased and downloaded online which isn’t such a problem because your game serial numbers are stored either in an email or with the game service such as Steam or Origin, and you only need your username and password to retrieve them. But if you install a game from optical media, quite often the product key gets stored in the system registry, and as it’s easily accessible, there’s a good chance of recovering any previously typed in game serial.

  • I've opened a ticket, got a reply and the person asked for my serial code. I've checked spam folder, trash etc and can't find one. I don' think i even applied it onto the account i registered to play gw2.
  • You'll use it on the forums and in Guild Wars 2. The name and four-digit code will be your handle on the forums. The name and four-digit code will be your handle on the forums. The four-digit code does not appear in the game itself unless another player chooses the same name, in which case both your name and the four-digit code will appear.
  • In most cases, you won’t need your serial code again once you've used it to unlock the game or create an account. That said, we highly recommend storing or saving your serial code in a safe place, since it can be used as a unique identifier that will help you verify ownership of your account if something ever happens to it. Unfortunately, support will not be able to provide your serial code.

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A utility called Game Key Revealer has been designed specifically for the sole purpose of reading and recovering game CD Keys and Serials for installed games on your computer. The creator also has another tool called SoftKey Revealer which concentrates on recovering Windows and application serial numbers. Game Key Revealer is possibly the only free tool around to specifically look for and reveal game keys, most other tools are shareware and only show a few characters of the key unless you register.

Game Key Revealer is only about 150KB in size and portable so you can run it without installing onto your computer. Just click the “Find Games” button to search for any game CD Keys on the computer and after a second or two, it will display the serials in the window. What you might also find is that there are keys listed which are from games you may have uninstalled ages ago, useful if you no longer have the key to hand.

You can save the found CD Keys in the list to text file (GameKeyRevealer.txt) in the same folder as the tool, open and copy the text directly to Word if you have it installed (File -> Copy to Word), or print it directly to your printer. The list of possible games it can find is pretty impressive, with over 2,000 currently supported. You can read the full list on the website to see if it can detect what you want it to.

A useful option for around 20 older games enables you to change an already installed serial key for another one, handy if you download and install a game then later buy the legitimate product. Select Tools -> CD Key Changer, choose the game from the drop down and enter the new serial number. Then press depending on your operating system, “32bit Change” or “64bit Change”. There is also a Refresh Rate Override tool, but you shouldn’t touch this unless you know exactly what changing your refresh rate does.

Game Key Revealer works on anything from Windows 95 up to Windows 8.

Download Game Key Revealer

There is another free key finding tool which can find a few game keys although on inspection, every game in its small database is already included in Game Key Revealer. But if you have a problem with Game Key Revealer, you might like to try Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder, one of the oldest Windows/application key finders out there.

The last resort – If you can’t get the game key you want from one of the tools above and you suspect it’s in the registry, the last option is to view the registry yourself and look for it. Using regedit is usually only recommended for experienced users, but it’s not a problem if don’t try to delete, edit or create anything. Press Win key+R, type regedit into the run box and navigate to the following registry keys:



Oe classic reviews. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareWow6432Node (64-bit only)

Gw2 Lost Serial Codes

Then have a look for a key with a name of either the publisher (EA Games, UBISoft etc), the game developer (THQ, Treyarch etc) or the game’s actual name such as Crysis or FIFA. Expand the key and look for anything that mentions or looks like a serial.

You can also search for the name using Ctrl+F but bear in mind any serials are unlikely to be outside of the 3 registry keys mentioned above. If you find what you’re looking for, double click on the entry in the right window and the copy the data.

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feeyaz10 months ago

What do I do if I have a bunch of old games that were stored in a box for a number of years that I haven’t played, lent out to anyone or anything. Games that I used to play but haven’t played in years but now want add to my online accounts. Tried adding the keys to Steam and to Origin but get invalid key error. Bought a dvd ROM thinking I could install the games physically but still same problem. Contacting EA is a pain in rear and I refuse to purchase games again which I have purchased already. How do I get back these games so that my son can play my old games which I had many hours of fun playing previously?


Can I Use this apk for relieving
Licence key for my PC games

md kamal2 years ago

Hi You can Use


i found my cd key using regedit. Thank You Brod.

MarcoBri3 years ago

Hi Hal, but what can i do if i have not installed the game yet? The retailer doesn’t even know where the CD-key is, and they left me with the DVD copy. Is there any way to open the registry from the dvd, or is it blocked?


The only way you can retrieve the key is if the game has been installed, or else the computer has no idea.

Along3 years ago

GAME KEY REVEALER worked for me. I had no idea a software like this was out there.


What if I have setup a new windows on my PC . that means all my recovery data has been lost :(

HAL9000 Author4 years ago

That’s right, the data has to be pulled from somewhere.


X_X it doesn’t work for skyrim apparently i searched for games and it didn’t show my skyrim key that skyrim is installed btw i just wanted to know it

Slothcat6 years ago

Remember the days where we just bought the cd or cartridge and didn’t have to worry about this crap? Eff you EA if you think I’m going to buy another copy of your game because I lost the cd key like the idiot I am.


I used the above apps, but cant find the product key for the game Watch Dogs. I tried searching registry for the same, even found the Ubisoft folder in the above mentioned category but there was no cd key or serial number nothing. The game is still installed, and i even played it once. But lost the key now. Please help !!

mamba9 years ago



thanks this is awesome

Motombostail11 years ago

Thanks a lot! got my product key back, a lesson hard learned!


my my, thats great :D

downTrack11 years ago

absolutely useful app


works great cheers

Damon11 years ago

Works great for crysis wars. Downloaded from gamestop but never recieved the key code from them, sent e-mails and no reply, but this program worked perfect, thanks a BILLION.

Build Code Gw2


Thank you I am glad that this worked I still have the cd’s for Age of Mythology but my son had wrote down the cd key in hast and missed a part of the sequence.
Thank you again

abhishek12 years ago

quite useful, thanks for sharing


Perfect – just what I need.!

I’m useless at remembering/keeping these things safe.

Thanks Raymond.!!

DruDragon12 years ago

Raymond, nice stuff here. Although i’m generally good at not losing my game manuals with the serials printed on the back, this is definately a useful program. Cheers!


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