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In this guide we’ll take a look at some of the best sample packs for EDM on the market.

Trance Sample Pack Free

Your profile will like, comment and repost the track Free Big Room Sample Pack Vol.8 FREE DOWNLOAD - Your profile will like and repost the track(s) Iann Dior x 24kGoldn Type Beat 'FEELINGS', DaBaby Type Beat - 'Old West' Type Beat 2020 Rap Beats Freestyle Instrumental Fast, Pop Smoke x Lil Tjay Type Beat - 'Emotions' Type Beat 2020 Rap Beats Freestyle Instrumental. Bringing you 3.1GB of the most bangin' hard trance samples and loops! 'Pure Hard Trance' contains all you need to produce slammin' hard trance. Including 'tare up' analogue trance riffs, bass lines, stabs, SFX, atmospheres, slammin' beats, fills, breaks and classic TB-303 acid lines. Hardstyle Force Sample Pack comes with everything you need to make beastly beats similar to the likes of Sub Zero Project, E-Force and others. Expect to find a ton of highly usable one shot drum and sound samples such as overdriven kicks, gated kicks, snares, hats, percussion, Nord leads and vocals. Grab these sounds for free today!

Now, you’re probably here because you recognize that, with so many sample packs out there, it can be challenging to find the one that provides the most value.

So we went through some of the latest offerings available, as well as few classics, and picked out ten that are perfectly suited for EDM producers, whether you’re just starting out, our you’re pretty well seasoned.

Our vendors of choice is Loopmasters and Noiselab. You may already know of Loopmasters which, between them and Plugin Boutique, is basically the Amazon of music production at this point. So you’ll get options from various manufacturers from their massive collection. Noiselab’s collection is also nothing to dismiss either.

That said, there’s truly a massive collection to sort through, so with this EDM sample pack review we offer some our of select picks. Use any one of the sample packs we review below and you could be well on your way to creating tracks you will be proud of.

Let’s take a look!

The 11 Best Sample Packs for EDM

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Noiselab EDM Sample Packs

Noiselab, that Ableton course site we recommended in another post, has the goods to help you create hot cutting-edge EDM productions. The collection of sample packs on their site is guaranteed to help you generate any dance-floor bumping ideas and have every hand in the air by the end of the evening.

Of course, every serious EDM producer needs a good selection of classic drum machine sounds, and their complete selection called, appropriately, Vintage Drum Machines, should be what you need to get your creative juices flowing. All the familiar vintage beatboxes are well-represented, and there are loads of uniquely processed variations besides. Most every sample has a generous helping of analog warmth and saturation, and they slam as hard as any drum samples you can buy.

The best of EDM is all about emotion. Hence, properly named Emotive Electronica is exactly what you want when it comes to evoking passionate feelings and emotions to move your listeners. There’s an emphasis on heavy synth grooves and progressions in this pack, so these EDM-friendly samples will work for a wide variety of genres as well. From massive basses to expansive analog synth chords, cutting leads to lush soundscapes, Emotive Electronica delivers inspiration, even just checking out the demos.

Classic and contemporary loops and progressions are yours for the taking in Noiselab House MIDI Chords and Loops. A little more than just a throwback to house music’s glorious past, this collection manages to combine the best of the old and the new in a collection that will help to liven up your own EDM productions.

These aren’t the only packs the serve up, nor are they the best of what they’ve got, so make sure to check out the rest at the link below.

Singomakers EDM 2019

Singomakers is one of the few sample merchants that have an unfailing instinct for what works on the dancefloor. Fully recognizing that EDM will be bigger than ever in 2019, the company wisely decided to pour its creative talents into producing an EDM sample pack that leaves all others in the dust.

The result is EDM 2019. A superb collection of classic EDM signature sounds blended with a host of new and exciting flavors, this sample collection could be just what you need to produce your next barnstormer.

Drawing inspiration from such artists as Martin Garrix, Hardwell, and Blasterjaxx, EDM 2019 delivers a dazzling array of cutting-edge sounds that users will recognize from top-charting EDM hits. Along with these are hardstyle kicks that have apparently come back in fashion over the past few months and even pop and Moombah flavors that could lead you off into new and interesting creative directions.

That being said, this is an EDM-friendly collection through and through. Most of the loops will fit neatly into the 127 to 128 BPM range, with little manipulation needed on your part. Along with the straight loops, you also get a selection of triplet loops that will have clubbers in a frenzy.

Singomakers EDM & Future House VST Patches Bundle

If you have all the samples you ever need–or think you do–it might be a good idea to invest in some cutting-edge synth and sampler patches. There are few better thanSingomakers EDM & Future House VST Patches Bundle, which brings together a lavish assortment of patches designed for the leading software instruments of the day.

This collection spans a remarkably varied range of dancefloor genres, from deep house to EDM, dubstep to drum and bass, and more. There is even a good selection of patches for various flavors of contemporary house, all of which display lots of style and attitude.

Users of NI Massive will be glad to know that the pack includes patches for their favored instrument in every style. There are also loads of patches for Sylenth, Spirem and Serum, all of which have become the weapons of choice for budding and established dancefloor producers.

Sampler users won’t feel left out, with a good assortment of patches included for Reason 4 NNXT, Kontakt 2, Halion, and EXS24. With this collection, a bit of creativity and imagination could be the only things you need to achieve your goals of dancefloor domination.

Singomakers Future Hexagon House

If only the most futuristic sounds will do for you, Singomakers Future Hexagon House is definitely right in your wheelhouse. There is a choice selection of vintage flavors here to be sure, but the entire pack smacks of ultra-futuristic dancefloor goodness.

Right from the first drop, it will immediately become apparent that Singomakers developed this pack with an ear toward the future. Ideally-suited for cutting-edge variants of future house and Diablo house, the sounds here could very well serve as the creative spark for styles that defy categorization.

It’s hardly surprising that this collection is so forward-looking. After all, it draws inspiration from the works of artists that push the envelope of dance music to its furthest reaches. Influenced by such artists as Keanu Silva, CID, and Don Diablo, it also brings together the distinctive sounds of labels such as Hexagon, Skink, and Enormous Tunes.

What all these influences translate into is a superb selection of huge bass loops, slamming drum loops, and searing synth lines. There are also sizzling top end loops that add shimmer and shine to your productions, as well as chopped vocals that give your tracks that unmistakable future flavor. With all the fresh and innovative content here, there is no way that this sample pack will become passé any time soon!

Singomakers Supercharged EDM

For a slightly different flavor of EDM, Singomakers Supercharged EDM is exactly what the doctor ordered. The work of noted producer and dancefloor specialist Rezone, this collection delivers everything you have ever wanted in an EDM sample pack, and then some. Rezone is of course known for his hugely successful Swedish House Mega Pack and EDM Power Pack releases, and Supercharged EDM promises more of the same.

The collection comes with a huge array of inspiring content, with more than 1.02 GBs of sample loops, one-shots, and softsynth patches. EDM is obviously the overriding theme, but the intensity level has been bumped up several notches as compared to other EDM sample packs.

For the money, you get massively punchy drum loops and single hits, stunning big room drops, soaring vocals, and some other stuff we can’t quantify in such a short post. There are also pretty fresh and inventive melodic motifs that will be uplifting for your next production.

Despite its blatant EDM leanings, a lot of these sounds could actually make their way into more underground productions. Many have a nice grit to them, and there is loads of attitude across the board. Not just for the EDM crowd, this is an amazingly versatile pack that will be on constant rotation in any studio.

HY2ROGEN 12000 One Shots

This huge grab-bag of one-shots comes on the heels of the HY2ROGEN Monster EDM bundle, which offered a array of EDM-focused content. This new 1.7GB collection consists of most everything you need to assemble full arrangements, including drums, synths, and glitched-out vocals.

One of the best things about this pack is that it isn’t focused on one specific musical style. Not just a collection of EDM-friendly samples, these one-shots can be used in most any genre you choose. From housey chords to progressive plucks, dubstep wobbles to gritty complextro textures, and more, it’s all here in pristine 24-bit, 44.1 kHz glory.

More than 12,000 one-shot samples are included, spread out across 43 sample packs and folders. Along with kicks, hats, clasp, snares, and percussions, you also get synth hits, stabs, and vocal snippets. There are also more than a thousand software sampler files that you can quickly plug into EXS24, Kontakt, NNXT, or Halion.

The HY2ROGEN 12000 One Shots collection is well-organized for easy use and quick access. In most cases, all you have to do is load the appropriate file into your software sampler of choice, and all the sounds will be ready to use. A comprehensive and versatile collection, this could easily make its way into any type of production.

Loopmasters EDM Ultra Drops

Loopmasters EDM Ultra Drops is a 1 GB collection of EDM-oriented samples that should heat up any dancefloor. Presented in a construction kit format, the samples include drum hits, bass notes, synth leads and chords, and SFX, all captured in high quality 24-bit wav.

No less than five construction kits are provided, each consisting of stems and individual elements that can be dropped into any session. Each file is conveniently labeled with key and tempo, making them easy to mix and match as you please.

Make no mistake: these are some of the hottest and most popular sounds around. This collection alone can get you most of the way toward a Big Room production, with the only limits being your imagination and creativity.

The way the samples are arranged gives you maximum versatility and convenience. Whether you are trying to replicate a certain style or creating your own unique sound from scratch, this pack gives you all the tools necessary to assemble full productions.

Also included are patches for software samplers, Apple loops, and even midi files. You therefore have a lot of freedom with regard to how you want to work, without being tied to a specific format.

Loopmasters Maximum EDM

If strictly EDM is your style of choice, Loopmasters Maximum EDM will definitely suit your tastes. Unabashedly contemporary and cutting-edge, this collection is about as fresh and forward-looking as they come. Md5 value: 94bfbfb41eba4e7150261511f4370f65 download.

This is definitely NOT the sample pack to purchase if vintage and classic sounds are what you are after. But if you want to explore the furthest reaches of modern electronic dance music and beyond, Maximum EDM will be right up your alley.

Nearly 500 samples and loops are provided here, weighing in at 1.14 GB total. From chest-pounding drum loops to deep, deep bass, catchy vocal phrases, and more, this collection is exactly what you need to spice up any EDM production. You even get a good selection of FX hits and background loops, all of which give your music that indescribable “X-factor”.

Also included are sampler patches for easy plugging into your software sampler of choice. You even get over a hundred midi files that you can use with any of the included samples, as well as your own. There are also no less than 250 Rex2 files that give you maximum versatility for tempo changes and loop rearranging.


All samples are captured in glorious 24-bit wav audio, with plenty of headroom to spare. This gives you plenty of leeway to process the individual elements as you wish without compromising quality.

Loopmasters Indie Dance Electronica

This sample pack is billed as an “Indie Dance Electronica” collection, but it is actually quite a bit more varied than its name would suggest. Don’t get us wrong: the sounds presented here are noticeably stylish, trendy, and cutting-edge. But they could just as easily belong in a dancefloor-filler as they would in a gritty indie-dance production.

Take a listen and see if it suits your style…

Anyway, more than 300 individual samples and loops are provided here, comprising 1.34 GB in all. From individual drum, bass, and synth hits to production-ready loops, all of them are supremely useful and can easily be dropped into any DAW session.

For the price, you also get a good selection of software sampler patches, synth presets, midi files, and even Rex2-format files. This gives you maximum versatility to slice and dice the content as you wish, and even to breathe new life into your existing sample collection.

Of course, the sheer variety of material presented means that you probably won’t feel the need to dip into your trusty sample bag too much. Most of the samples are decidedly upbeat and melodic, which is perfect for those looking for radical new inspiration. Whether you are looking to rock stadiums or indulge in a bit of creative exploration, Loopmasters Indie Dance Electronica will fill your need.

Loopmasters Swedish House

The global fixation with Swedish house shows no sign of abating, and nothing captures the heady, infectious sound better than this Loopmasters Swedish House sample pack. This is one collection that makes no bones about being all about Swedish house, and it delivers all the vibe and attitude of that distinctive musical branch superbly.

From creative genius Andy Lee, Loopmasters Swedish House brings together the best elements of progressive, tribal, and tech house, and merges them with electro and various other sounds that defy categorization. All the familiar Swedish house sounds that you know and love are present in abundance of course, but you also get some innovative new sounds that will likely perk up your ears.

A total of 1.2GB is content is provided, the bulk of which consists of 1,130 one-shot samples and loops. The pack also includes software sampler patches for Reason’s NNXT, Kontakt, Halion, and EXS, among others. If you need even more formats, you may also purchase Apple Loops, Reason Refills, and Ableton Live formats separately.

The Loopmasters Swedish House pack was created from an assortment of new and vintage synths, all run through a state-of-the-art signal chain. The result is a world-class selection of sounds that will take your productions to the next level.

Loopmasters EDM & Progressive House

Even more EDM-flavored goodies from Loopmasters.

This time, with EDM & Progressive House, you get a good dose of progressive house spices added to the mix. Created by Loopmasters’ own Andy Lee, the pack features the same quality production as Lee’s celebrated Loopmasters Swedish House sample pack.

This particular sample pack gives you a quick and easy way to go from a blank session to a dancefloor burner. Lee’s drops a wealth of world-class material in this selection, with huge main room motifs, awe-inspiring drops, and irresistible grooves. All sounds are pre-processed to perfection, so all you really need is a bit of creativity to create some potential bangers.

Among the 1.37 GB of content, you will find loads of synth and drum loops, pulsating bass grooves, and anthemic melodies that will instantly put some hands in the air. You also get a good selection of leads and heavily-reverbed effects that add that extra bit of secret sauce to your productions.

What you won’t find here are useless fillers. Every single sample and loop can be employed in a wide range of projects, and you could easily rely solely on this pack for your next several productions.

Are EDM Sample Packs Worth the Money?

Sample packs are a great way to add new flavors to your existing sound palette. Traditionally, electronic dance music producers built up their sample collections via a painstaking process of crate-digging, CD-ripping, or simply by trading samples with like-minded producers.

But building a good-sized sample collection can take a huge amount of time, as you can imagine. Ask any producer with a sizable collection how long it took to assemble all of it, and the answer will likely be “years”.

Commercially-available sample packs take a lot of the tedium and hard work associated with collecting samples. They provide producers with ready access to loads of fresh new sounds with a minimum of time and effort. In addition to breathing new life into your productions, they can also serve as inspirations for new creative directions that you wouldn’t have thought to explore otherwise.

Downsides? Sure. Of course, there are those naysayers that through around the word “canned” a lot, claiming that they have no place in “serious” musical productions. These old-school purists in particular tend to look down on the notion of purchasing a collection of ready-made samples, instead of gathering them via traditional means.

But the fact is that sample packs simply serve as the means to an end. They can be sliced, diced, molded, and massaged just as easily as samples ripped from a thrift store record.

The samples in the packs reviewed below can certainly be used “as-is”. But nothing is stopping anyone from modifying them according to their own creative vision either.

They can even be an introduction to beginners into the world of samples that lead them on to creating their own, via having a good (and inexpensive) example to follow.

The point becomes even more moot when you consider that most signature EDM sounds can be obtained from a varied array of sources. Familiar standbys such as 909/808 drums and detuned supersaws are practically ingrained into the EDM canon by now. So there really is no point to “reinventing the wheel” so to speak.

In any case, any one of the sample packs below will get you from idea to finished production in much less time than it would take if you had to gather all the sounds yourself. Better still, they enable you to focus on composition and arrangement rather than the minute details of sound design. Depending on your creative and artistic goals, this may not necessarily be a bad thing.

Getting started working with free sample packs is exciting.

Hard Trance Sample Pack Free Download

Nothing feels better than loading something unique and new into your sampler or DAW.

But finding free samples today isn’t always easy.

If you want to make money from your tracks and distribute them on Spotify or YouTube you have to make sure any samples you use are cleared and royalty-free.

Fortunately, there are generous royalty-free sample libraries that offer excellent cleared samples for free!

Here’s a few free sample packs at the top of our list.

1. PANTONE Color of the Year 2020: Classic Blue Sample Pack

Nothing feels better than loading something unique and new into your sampler or DAW.

This absolutely incredible pack is a collaboration between the color institute PANTONE and Audio UX from New York.

The free sample pack brings 145 samples together to try and answer one question–what does the color Classic Blue 19-4052 sound like?

You’ll find everything you need to make a sweet track from drums, synths, looped parts, one hits, construction kits and more.

When it comes to free sample packs it really doesn’t get better than this. Please, go check it out!

When it comes to free sample packs it really doesn’t get better than this. Please, go check it out!

Our favorite sample from the pack: Droplet Guitar

2. Beat Maker Lo-Fi

There’s a lo-fi beatmaker in all of us, but to tap into your most chill inner self you’ll need some keys, bass loops, drums, and hi-hats.

The free samples in the Beat Maker Lo-Fi samples collection are the perfect jumping-off point to try your hand at lo-fi beat making.

Get this sweet little lo-fi beat construction kit for free and start making lo-fi beats today!

Hard Trance Sample Pack

Our favorite sample from the pack: Chords BuriedAngelAmp

3. Polymer

Sometimes adding a sound effect sample like an airport scanner, door closing, or squeaking polystyrene can add a special layer of ambiance to your track.

In Polymer there’s a handful of interesting SFX samples available for free.

You’ll find a selection of well-recorded foley sounds, sound design effects, and more!

Our favorite sample from the pack: 1-polystyrene

4. 50 Best Free Synth Samples

Sometimes it takes one special synth pad, lead line, or bass tone to inspire an entire track.

Sometimes it takes one special synth pad, lead line, or bass tone to inspire an entire track.

Whether you need a loop or a one-shot for your track, the 50 Best Free Synth Samples pack is a great place to start.

The pack offers synth sounds for any genre including trap, lo-fi, EDM, dubstep, hip hop and more!

Our favorite sample from the pack: Juno 60 Bass

5. 50 Best Free Kick Samples

Finding the perfect kick can be a challenge. It’s not always easy to find the perfect balance of woof and thump.

If you’re on the hunt for a cool kick drum to add to your track, check out the 50 Best Free Kick Samples sample pack.

The pack is perfect for any genre. It comes with long 808 pulses that work for trap, crunchy acoustic sounds for lo-fi, and thumpy kicks for eletronic music.

Our favorite sample from the pack: LONG TAPE KIK

6. Dusty Lo-Fi

Making good lo-fi beats comes with a few requirements–dusty hissing vinyl, crunchy basslines, and odd acoustic percussion are a few staples that come to mind.

If you’re getting started making lo-fi tracks, the free samples that come in Dusty Lo-Fi are worth your while.

You’ll find lots of lo-fi inspired options for your drum rack, keys, guitars, bass and more.

The pack also works as a lo-fi beat construction kit so you can get your track started in no time.

Our favorite sample from the pack: Haviitz Get Out GtrBridgeRake

7. Emotive Trap and Hip Hop

Looking to add a little bit of emotion to your trap track?

Looking to add a little bit of emotion to your trap track?

This well-loved sample pack comes with a selection of free sample loops that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Get these free melancholic synth, guitar, and keys samples now!

Our favorite sample from the pack: [EDptk] Quartz keyEmin

8. Smooth Rhodes

The Fender Rhodes has such a distinct, warm, and crunchy sound. It’s no surprise that so many beat makers sample them in their tracks.

In Smooth Rhodes you get a selection of tasty Rhodes samples that are ripe for chopping into a hip hop, trap, or lo-fi track.

Check out this free sample pack for one shot chords, jazzy loops, and chopped up lead lines.

Our favorite sample from the pack: 73 Rhodes01 keyF#min

9. 50 Best Free Vocal Samples

A quality vocal sample can be all you need to take your track to the next level.

A quality vocal sample can be all you need to take your track to the next level.

Humans have a tendency to latch on to sung vocals, so finding a good hook can do wonders for attracting audience attention.

Finding a vocal take that suits your track can be very hard, fortunately, this free vocal sample pack comes with 50 options to choose from.

Our favorite sample from the pack: 3-part Harm 1b-_keyCmin

10. Cinematic Orchestral

Orchestral samples are useful in a lot of ways. Perhaps you need something to score your short film or maybe you want an orchestral hit for your hip hop track.

In this free sample pack, you get a selection of great orchestra samples at your fingertips.

From the cinematic, evocative and melancholic get these great orchestral samples that include strings, harp, and woodwinds for free.

Our favorite sample from the pack: Redemption 02

Search LANDR samples for free samples


Didn’t see the free sample pack you were hoping to find?

There’s hundreds more free samples available right now on LANDR Samples.

There’s hundreds more free samples available right now on LANDR Samples.

Just search the library and use the filters to find exactly what you need.

Now, go find your samples and make a cool new track!