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The SCUF Vantage is a feature rich licensed PS4 controller that pushes the boundaries of innovation and as such we will occasionally provide free enhancements and bug fixes. Firmware Update 1.1 im. In addition, Scruff has expanded its geographic grid to show 1,000 people and is planning on continuing their livestream quiz show, which lets users chat with other people tuning in, remotely. 'I think this experience has definitely normalized in the public eye the notion of connecting socially over apps.

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Developer(s)Perry Street Software, Inc (company)
Initial releaseJuly 23, 2010
Operating systemiOS, Android, Windows Phone
TypeDating app

SCRUFF is an international social application for gay, bisexual men that runs on iOS and Android devices.[1] The app allows users to upload profiles and photos, and search for other members by location and shared interests. Users can directly message other users or they can use the app's “Woof” feature, which allows users to express interest in another user's profile.

As of 2019, the app has approximately 15+ million members worldwide[2] with SCRUFF downloads taking place throughout 180 countries and six continents.[3][4] The app has been translated into 10 languages including Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Chinese, and Arabic.[4][5]

The app is free to download. Users can opt to purchase a paid membership, Scruff Pro, to access additional features.[6]


The company was founded in 2010 by Johnny Skandros and Eric Silverberg, now its CEO.[3]

In 2013, the app added a community for HIV-positive users called 'Poz.' Scruff was the first app to include options for members of the military and transgender community.[7]

In October, 2015, the company launched Scruff Version 5, which included new communities, relationship types, sex preferences, and safety practices.

In 2018, Scruff stopped using third-party programmatic ads, such as banner ads, and moved to a revenue model based on subscriptions and direct advertising.[8] Company CEO Eric Silverberg said that the decision was based on concerns about “shady advertising,”[9] as well as user safety and privacy, particularly in regions or countries where homophobia is still widespread.[5][10]

As of August 2018, Scruff does not require members to provide information about race or ethnicity.[10] CEO Eric Silverberg said the decision will help the company “ensure that harassment, racism, and abuse doesn’t happen.”[11]

In January 2019, after multiple suspensions from Google Play, Scruff announced that it was banning profile photos featuring “sexually suggestive embraces” or members in their underwear or in swimming trunks.[12]

Scruff launched a live-streaming trivia game show called “Hosting” in March 2019. Users compete for cash prizes by answering LGBT-themed pop culture and history questions through the Scruff app. They can also view and send “Woof” notifications to other players.[13][14]


Awards and recognition[edit]

In 2014, the company won several mobile app awards including Time Out New York's Best App Award.[7][10]

In 2018, Scruff was included in Digital Trends’ list of “Best LGBT dating apps for Android and iOS.'[15]

In 2018, The Daily Dot named Scruff as one of the “9 best dating sites and apps for gay men.”[10]

TechRadar included Scruff on its list of “best dating apps 2019.'[16]

Safety, awareness and security[edit]

In 2015, the company added a traveler alert feature that notifies users when they reach one of approximately 100 countries where homosexuality is criminalized, sends alerts to members about immediate safety concerns in these regions, and partners with the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA), on a web page identifying anti-gay laws in such countries.[3]

In 2018, Scruff CEO Eric Silverberg said that Scruff has no plans to integrate with Facebook due to concerns about privacy and data mining.[10]


Using geolocation, the home interface displays a grid of user profile pictures, arranged from nearest to farthest away. Tapping a picture opens a users’ profile displaying options to chat, send a 'Woof,' save profiles, and unlock private photos, videos, and other information from the user.


How much is scruff products
  • The travel-focused “Venture” service allows users to browse popular travel destinations around the world, meet up with other users, RSVP to local events, and search for accommodations. Venture also includes a chat function that connects users to local “ambassadors” who can provide suggestions about where to go and what to do in more than 500 destinations.[10][13]
  • The 'Woof' option enables members to express interest by 'woofing' at another member as an alternate choice to directly messaging them.[13]
  • The “Stealth Mode” feature uses GPS obfuscation to hide a user's location if a member chooses that option for their privacy or protection.[15]
  • Match: This feature allows users to use a photo swipe for members specifically seeking relationships.[10]
  • Insights: Allows users to see statistics based on a certain users’ responsiveness towards other communities within the app.

In popular culture[edit]

The company unveiled an ad campaign on a billboard just outside Super Bowl XLIX that read 'Play On Our Team' to encourage acceptance of gay professional athletes.[17]

Founder Johnny Skandros and Scruff's Pit Crew were featured as challenge guests on Season 6 of RuPaul's Drag Race.[18]

SCRUFF supported the Delhi International Queer Theater and Film Festival in 2016.[19]

In October 2018, YouTube personality and model Brendan Jordan partnered with Scruff to promote National Coming Out Day.[20]

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Well Maintained Scruff – Five places to keep an eye on.

It was a trend, and then it wasn’t, and now… some stubborn souls (myself included) are refusing to give up their week old beard now that it’s cold out. Keep it looking presentable by paying attention to these five areas:

1. Your Neck line

You can look 100% put together but if you’ve got a week’s worth of growth trickling down towards your Adams apple, it looks terribly lazy. Shaving it smooth can create a super harsh looking line between neck and scruff. Sort of like you started to shave, and then suddenly had to run out the door. Instead, while keeping your face fuzz around 4-8 mm, buzz your neck down to 2 or under. It creates more of a gradual look. Make the switch to a shorter length when your chin goes from horizontal to vertical, and thus, becomes your neck.

2. Your Cheek Line

Your beard naturally thins out once it gets about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way between your jawbone and your eyes, but it’s those dark stray hairs that you need to watch out for. Check every few days by getting up close to the mirror, and slowly turning your head from side to side. If they’re dark and coarse? Uefa euro 2020 finals draw. Get rid of em’. Many of us have lighter feeler type hairs farther up, but it’s the thick beard type hairs you want to eliminate.

How Much Is Scruff Pro Activation

3. The top lip

After about a week you’ll start to feel your mustache start to creep over and onto your top lip. It gets irritating fast and it’ll feel like you have food stuck to your face. It seems like it wouldn’t make much of a difference, but keep your stache’ hairs from running over onto your lip. Use your beard trimmer with the guard off, brush or comb those hairs down over your lip, and trim where they cross over from skin to lip. Don’t forget the corners of your mouth. It makes a surprisingly big deal.

4. Overall Evenness

How Much Is Scruff Problem

Your facial hair isn’t like a living room rug. All of the hairs won’t end up being the same length. A few days after you’ve reached medium scruff length (where the hairs lose much of their stiff bristle) set your beard trimmer at a much longer length than what your beard is probably at. Then click down, slowly, until you find the setting that’s just barely trimming some of the whiskers. Not ALL of the whiskers, just some. You want to take off the tops of the fast growers to even them out. An even trim will make you look much more presentable.

5. Your nostrils

The thing about having scruff is that it’s pretty easy to forget about checking your nostrils for random nose hair escapees. Just because you’re not shaving your face every day doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep up on the other hairs that stick out of your face. While you’re at it, get up close and make sure you don’t have a big thick black hair (or four) growing out from the top of your nose. It happens. Also check that you’re not sportin’ a baby unibrow either. But don’t go shaving between your eyebrows.

Got any other tips for maintaining a scruffy yet respectable face? Leave them in the comments section.