How To Change Your Player Model In Gmod


Set the target finder to players or npcs. Then wire the E2 HoloWIRELINK input to the emitter. Then the E2 PlayerENTITY input to the target finder's entity output. With the wirelink, MUCH less wiring is required as the emitter's input have been untouched to demonstrate. Depends on the gamemode and server. In sandbox press and hold C to select a playermodel. In gamemodes like TTT, Prophunt, Deathrun, etc. Press F3 (Assuming they have a pointshop where you can buy playermodels to equip) level 2.

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PAC3 or Player Appearance Customiser 3 is a Garry's Mod add-on that gives you the ability to personalize your playermodel's look by placing objects and effects on yourself. You can go from simply putting a hat on your head, to creating an entirely new playermodel.

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You can wear your outfit on any server with PAC3 installed and everyone should be able to see it on you as long as they have the content you used, or if your content is hosted online.

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Need some outfit examples? Examples

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List of PAC Parts

Click on a part to learn more about it.Yellow links do not exist. If you know how to use these parts, edit the page. If you need help related to these, ask on the PAC Discord.

AnimationBeamBodygroupBoneCameraClipCommandCustom AnimationDecalEffectEntityEventFlexFogGestureGroupHaloHoldtypeJiggleLightMaterialModelOggParticlesPhysicsPoseparameterProjectileProxyShakeSoundSpriteSubmaterialSunbeamsTextTrailWebaudioWoohoo


BoneClipEntityLightMaterial2DMaterial3DMaterial Eye RefractMaterial RefractModelPlayer ConfigPlayer MovementProjected TextureSoundTrailWeapon

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How To Change Your Player Model In Gmod


Gmod Change Player Model Command

  • Replacing materials/textures — Yagira 2020/12/10 18:40

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