How To Check Table Size In Sap

Both of the methods are tested in Oracle database environment. Some of the steps may be the same as other databases. Solid edge software free download with crack.

You will not find the check has been modernized to get your account of recent storage systems and it will also permits the BI system that is offered with a temporary large hike in databases size. For this you have to click on Database Administration and then Administration Statistic and then you have to click on Database Growth. Select value from v$parameter where name = 'dbblocksize'; select tablespacename, usedspace usedblocks, (usedspace.&dbblocks)/(1024.1024) usedmb, tablespacesize tablespaceblocks, (tablespacesize.&dbblocks)/(1024.1024) tablespacemb, usedpercent from dbatablespaceusagemetrics; How to check highest allocated extent column filename format a50.

How To Check Table Size In Sap

Method 1

Execute transaction code DB02OLD. Click on Detailed analysis. A pop up box will appear. Put 1000000 on the Size/ kbyte > and check the Index-Type info.

How To Check Cluster Table Size In Sap

Click on the first entry under KBytes and press F8. The screen will refresh to the highest size of the table.

Sap Check Run

Method 2

Execute transaction code DB02. At the left panel, double click on Overview under the Segments tab.

How To Check Table Size In Sap

You will get the following screen on the right panel. Jump to Top Sizes tab and sort the following tab of Type to TABLE. You will get the list of largest table in the SAP system.