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Last night, everyone was minding their own business, just trying to get through the last remaining days of 2019 in one freakin’ piece, when womst should pop up on the timeline? Oh, just YouTuber Trisha Paytas and Jon Hill, aka Jaclyn Hill’s ex-husband, seemingly debuting their relationship and giving us the love triangle we never knew we needed:

Jaclyn Hill Short Bio. Jaclyn Roxanne Hill (also known as Jacklyn Hill 1) is an American Youtuber and professional make-up artist who is very lively and equally ambitious. Jaclyn Hill Net Worth. Jaclyn’s Net Worth is about $1.5 million as of 2020, making up 400,000 USD annually. Jaclyn denied that her marriage ended because of cheating. Less than a year after the Illinois native and her hubby went their separate ways, Jaclyn took to Twitter to clear up rumors that she had been unfaithful. Not long after Jaclyn Hill announced that she was divorcing her husband, Jon Hill, after almost a decade of marriage, she released a now-private YouTube video (via Life & Style) that addressed the.

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Please note that on top of this Instagram photo, Trisha posted several videos of her and Jon making out. Here’s a blurry screen shot I took of their cuddle session:

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And look, no one expected to wake up this morning to find “Trisha Paytas” and “Jaclyn Hill” trending, but here we are.

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So, how does Jaclyn feel about her ex moving on with another YouTube personality? Who knows, she was too busy tweeting about freakin’ CORN DIP and making easy mac-n-cheese last night to even notice:

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Jaclyn Hill Marriage

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As a reminder, Jaclyn married Jon August 2009 and they announced their divorce in May 2018, after almost 9 years of marriage. Nowadays, she’s dating Jordan Farnut, aka as “Lil Cook Up.”