Kramer Ks 400

  1. Kramer Guitar Headstocks
  2. Kramer Ks 400 Guitar

This is a vintage Kramer KS-400 with an upgraded pick guard with two Humbuckers and one single coil pickups. It also has an upgraded locking nut. It’s in very good shape considering it’s age. The neck looks as though this guitar wasn’t played very often. The pickups are unbranded but packs a punc.


  1. KS-DSUP-400 COMPACT STAND UP. Designed for digital and for conventional print, this is a compact, fold & tuck gusset, quick changeover pouch machine ideal for short & medium high-performance production for standard laminations and mono materials.
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Don Retires & Chad Kramer Takes Over Family Business

Don Kramer retired after 41 years of service. He still serves as CEO and consultant. Chad Kramer, current owner & operator of Kramer Oil Company, Inc., was born on October 15, 1980 to his parents Donald and Betty Kramer in Marysville, KS.

Kramer Oil builds Longford location

Kramer Oil built its 15th location in Longford, KS. This purchases expands Kramer Oil’s presence in Clay County and also accepts Kramer Oil’s proprietary cards and credit cards.

Kramer Oil purchases 2nd convenience store in Marysville

Kramer Oil purchased Trails N Rails in Marysville, KS at 400 Broadway. Shortly after it was rebranded to CJ Express as well. This purchase allows Kramer Oil to have a presence on each side of Marysville.

Kramer Oil purchases Clifton location

Kramer Oil purchased its 13th location in Clifton, KS. Bulk delivery along the Republican river valley has greatly expanded and fills the gap between Green and Washington bulk plants.

Kramer Oil provides fueling services for Aurora & Jamestown

Kramer Oil entered into an agreement with the cities of Aurora and Jamestown to supply fuel and card management for their fueling facilities.

Kramer Oil purchases Green Cardlock/Bulk Plant

Kramer Oil purchased its 10th location in Green, KS. The bulk plant in Green enables Kramer Oil to expand into Clay County and proves to be a vital component to Kramer Oil’s portfolio. It added an employee and another fuel truck.

Kramer Oil builds CJ Express

After Chad Kramer moved back from college in 2004, he designed and built CJ (Chad & Joy) Express. It was the first convenience store for Kramer Oil.

Kramer Oil purchases 3 cardlocks, additional bulk plant

Kramer Oil purchased 3 more cardlocks in Greenleaf, Linn, and Washington as well as a bulk plant in Washington. Each cardlock takes credit cards as well as Kramer Oil’s proprietary cards.

Kramer Oil builds new office and bulk plant location

Due to the new railroad tracks through Marysville, Kramer Oil builds a new office and bulk plant location behind the new Marysville Cardlock. Later, the original bulk plant and cardlock is torn down.

Kramer Oil purchases Barnes Cardlock

Kramer Oil purchased its 5th cardlock location at Barnes, KS.

Kramer Oil establishes new Marysville cardlock location

Kramer Oil bought property at the corner of 11th Rd and Highway 36 on the east side of Marysville for its fourth location. This was a cardlock location only from 2000 to 2005. CJ Express #1 will later be built in 2005 at this location.

Kramer Oil buys Herkimer Cardlock/Bulk Plant

Kramer Oil establishes a 3rd cardlock location in Herkimer, KS along with a bulk plant, fuel truck, and an additional employee.

Beattie Cardlock built

Kramer Oil expanded to its second cardlock location in Beattie, KS.

Don builds Marysville Cardlock (original location on south 7th St.)

The Marysville Cardlock was one of the first cardlocks to accept credit cards in the 1980s. Customers could get fuel 24/7 which was important for emergency vehicles, school buses, and other equipment.

Chad Kramer Born

Born in Marysville, Chad grew up immersed in his family’s business and understood the value of relentless dedication to customer service from a young age.
Kramer Ks 400

Walt Kramer Retires

After 35 years of delivering fuel for Standard Oil Company fuel for Northeast Kansas farmers & businesses, Walt Kramer was ready to retire. Fortunately for his customers, Walt’s son Don was ready to step in and fill his father’s large shoes.

Kramer Oil Founded

Don Kramer founded Kramer Oil Company, Inc. after deciding he wanted to raise his family in a small town community. Don continued his father’s commitment to providing the farmers and businesses of Northeast Kansas with first-class customer service and high-quality products.

Kramer Guitar Headstocks

Don Kramer Born

Don Kramer was born on December 6th, 1944 to his parents Walt & Gertrude Kramer in Marysville, KS.

Walt Kramer Begins Delivering Fuel

Kramer Ks 400 Guitar

Walt Kramer began delivering fuel for Standard Oil Company in 1941 with a single truck and a 5-gallon bucket.