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17-32 of 118 results for 'magic eagle keyboard' Skip to main search results Amazon Prime. Eligible for Free Shipping. Free Shipping by Amazon. K1 LED Rainbow Backlit Keyboard with 104 Key Computer PC Gaming Keyboard for PC/Laptop(White) 4.6 out of 5 stars 188. Buy HAVIT HV-KB558CM Rainbow Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo (White) 2017 Model with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Newegg shopping upgraded ™. The key characters are bold and clear with a white frosted finish to allow for the LED back-lighting. All the keys are pretty standard except for the additional lighting control button placed between the Fn and Ctrl keys. There’s a small grey “Magic Eagle” logo printed on the keyboard just above the arrow keys. Unlike Cherry MX White that has a medium-stiff, tactile, soft-click feedback when pressed, the white switches of this keyboard don’t have any tactile feedback. Although, it has a similar stiffness with brown Kailh Switch and a soft-click feeling to it after pressing.

Hello I have an original two battery Apple Magic Keyboard/Wireless and I would like to know what steps I need to take yo reset it as if I had just bought it and needed to set it up for the first time. I've owned it a while now, originally set it up with a Mac G5 PPC/Bluetooth.

I own a few Macs and although it does pair with them, I would like for it to be setup under my Intel Power Mac.

Thanks in advance!

Mac mini, OS X Mavericks (10.9.2), 2.3Ghz i7 Quad Core-running VI's

Posted on Dec 23, 2016 4:15 AM

People adapt different hobbies to spend their leisure time. You can see people playing cricket, basketball, football, cycling and many other some like best white mechanical keyboard. These all are outdoor activities. However mostly people and kids love to stay inside and play some indoor games. Among indoor games, video gaming is the latest trend of this technological era. Yes ! video gaming is considered as a hobby, because one plays it in a free time with white mechanical keyboard RGB. Critics does not consider video Quietest Mechanical Keyboards as healthy hobby, but in our opinion it is good to relax human mind from all other worries for some time at least. What I think is that if someone says that playing a video game is waste of time, it is specifically for those people with white mechanical gaming keyboard and mouse or kids, who are sitting all the time in front of the Tele Vision and playing games.

Best White Mechanical Gaming Keyboards 2020

EagleTec KG 011 -RMechanical RGB
Gran Vela Mechanical EagleMechanical RGB
I-Rocks crystal IK6-WHMechanical RGB
Qisan mechanical keyboardMechanical RGB
RedDragon K552W-NMechanical RGB
Ratty 16.8 Million RGBMechanical RGB
Razor Blackwidow XMechanical RGB
Huo ji E –Element Z-77Mechanical RGB
Tesoro Gram TS-G11SFLMechanical RGB
AULA wings Mechanical RGB

1. EagleTec KG 011 -R

Among the list of the best white mechanical gaming keyboards, on the top we have the Eagle Tech KG 011. This gaming keyboard is designed with the best features one can look for . since that now you have met the requirement of white color,

it’s time to discuss the other basic features too:

  • The frame of the keyboard is made with air-craft grade silver aluminum. The whole keyboard is white in color.
  • The keyboard is made with ABS and its basic purpose is to meet the needs of gaming.
  • This mechanical gaming laptop has hundred mechanical keys that helps the play to enjoy the video gaming. These mechanical keys allows quick response.
  • This RGB gaming keyboard is colorful it is equipped with different colors LED backlighting. You can select the list of colors of your choice. Following color schemes are available in it: Rainbow, RGB colors.
  • The user can select the level of brightness in best white mechanical keyboard and the intensity . you can also illuminate the individual keys.
  • This Lightest Gaming Mice is very comfortable for long gaming hours because of the ergonomic design it has.
  • The Eagle Tec is spill safe. It means you can easily enjoy your drinks while playing.
  • The black and white gaming keyboard is compatible with almost all kinds of Window installed on your desktop.


On second of our list, the other most amazing mechanical gaming keyboard is the Huo Ji E element Z-88.

The main features of this white colored gaming key board are:

  • Just like other gaming key boards, this brand of key board is also equipped with LED backlights. These are fully programmable RGB backlights.
  • The backlights can be selected of any colors and even one can choose the program for an individual key also.
  • There are ten lighting modes for this gaming keyboard. So choose one according to your needs.
  • This gaming keyboard is built with 104 mechanical keys which allows the gamer to take quick actions.
  • This black and white mechanical keyboard offers Outmen DIY blue switches. These blue switches makes the keys to be easily replaced. You can get five extra replacement keys in case of any issues.
  • The best part is the this mechanical keyboard is designed with hot buttons which gives you direct access to the mail, internet browser and a few other applications.
  • The white RGB gaming keyboard comes with a Windows key lock, which is the best feature for serious gamers.

3. Gran Vela Mechanical Eagle

This is one of the best gaming keyboard on this detailed list. You will not be only happy with the white color of this key board but you can also enjoy the best features of this gadget:

  • This gaming keyboard is not designed with a number pad. This is because some people are not in need of excessive and especially the number buttons. Such kind of key boards are known as ten keyless keyboards.
  • The total number of keys on this keyboard are 87. It is also equipped with an n-key roll over. This feature enables a gamer to use all the keys independently.
  • The white corsair keyboard comes with five replaceable keys. These keys are used in case of any loss.
  • The keyboard comes with blue lights which helps in replacement of switches.
  • The back lighting of this white mechanical keyboard is not that much competitive. The disadvantage is that you cannot set the individual key lighting Gaming USB Hub .
  • There are nine modes of lighting and 8 are for gaming.
  • This gaming keyboard also comes with windows key lock. This feature is specifically for gamers.
  • The gaming keyboard is equipped with the hot buttons that allows access to multimedia, messaging and a few other applications.

4. I-Rocks crystal IK6-WH

This is most demanding mechanical keyboard on this list and it is the most economical also. This white colored gaming keyboard is known for its design along with the best features , which are as follows:

  • The gaming keyboard includes a transparent white casing, a clear button and a number pad. This gives it a modern look.
  • The gaming keyboard is designed with PBT key caps, and this provides comfort while playing the video games or intense typing. These PBT key caps gives prevention from jamming.
  • This gaming white keyboard mechanical is designed with 26 mechanical keys.
  • The gaming keyboard does not require any installations drivers and it can be easily connected with the Windows of any desktop for gaming.
  • The company claims that they have launched a reasonable priced mechanical keyboard and that it cannot be left behind just because of the price.

5. Qisan mechanical gaming keyboard

This mechanical keyboard deserves to be mentioned on the list when we are discussing about some of the best gaming keyboards that are white in color.

Let us look down on some of the best features:

  • This gaming keyboard is springy. So if you are someone who is a heavy handed person, this is the best option for you.
  • The white PC keyboard is designed with 108 full sized white colored keys.
  • The keyboard consists of six anti-ghosting keys which are best for highly numeric work. If you are a student or someone related to the field of business or finance and have a love for video gaming, than go for this choice.
  • This gaming keyboard is not designed with back lighting. However you do not need any additional lighting for using this gaming keyboard. The buttons are very large and these buttons offers adjustable back lighting settings that can be adjusted at different levels.
  • The gaming white mechanical keyboard RGB comes with a locking Window’s key and LED status indicator.
  • The last feature is that this gaming keyboard is equipped with Gateron black switch. It gives more resistance as compared to the blue switch on other gaming keyboards.

6. RedDragon K552W-N

Next on our list is this amazing white colored mechanical gaming keyboard which is loved by the serious gamers and prefer to buy it as compared to others.


The main features of this gaming key board are:

Magic Eagle Keyboard Software

  • This brand of gaming key board is made with out the number pad, so it is also known as tenkey less key board.
  • This mechanical gaming keyboard does not have any back lighting. But it is easy to use the keys of the keyboard as they hue and white in color.
  • The key switches of this keyboard are off brand.
  • You will amazed to read that why this key board is known as dragon keyboard because a red color dragon is made on the keys of this key board.
  • Besides than white color, you can also get this brand of gaming keyboard in black.
  • This laptop is reasonable in price, so it is not so hard to buy it.

7. Ratty 16.8 Million RGB

This white colored gaming keyboard is known for its strong built and durability along with some best features that are listed below:

  • This gaming all white mechanical keyboard has 104 mechanical keys which are anti-ghosting. You can use these keys for the purpose of gaming as well as typing if you want so.
  • The color of the keys of the keyboard are cherry brown on the white base and the purpose is to avoid distractions.
  • This gaming keyboard comes with nine different kinds of RGB lighting. It has thirteen preloaded back light modes.
  • This gaming keyboard is spill resistant so if you are a foodie than don’t worry to take some drink or snack while gaming. You precious key board will be saved.
  • The main drawback of this gaming key board is that there are no specific functions keys like media control.

8. Razor Blackwidow X Chroma Mercury edition gamin keyboard

This ultra-modern keyboard is specially designed for the purpose of gaming and fun. According to a survey it is said that mostly game lovers own this key board.

The main features of this gaming key board are as follows:

Magic Eagle Keyboard And Mouse White

  • This gaming keyboard is whole white in color but the keys on this key board are green in color.
  • The mechanical keys on this keyboard are anti-ghosting. The purpose of these keys are that the give quick responses.
  • The keys of this gaming keyboard are best for use with the maximum life time. The life span of the keys of the keyboard is almost eighty million key stokes.
  • The best part of this gaming white mechanical keyboard backlit which makes it different from the others on the list that with these keys on the keyboard the gamer can give up top ten commands at one time.
  • The keys of this gaming keyboard can be individually programmed.
  • Like most of the gaming keyboard this key board also does not have any wrist rest place.

9. Huo ji E –Element Z-77

Now this is one of the best white colored mechanical white led gaming keyboard which gives the maximum fun with the most appropriate price range.

Let us look down at some of the basic features of this key board:

  • The body of the keyboard is made of aluminum, the USB adapter is gold plated and the mechanical keys are plate mounted.
  • The total number of keys on this keyboard are 104 in number.
  • The keys of the gaming key board are anti-ghosting. This provides maximum quickness of commands and maximum durability.
  • The keyboard is designed with nine RGB back lighting options.
  • However the angular design of this keyboard makes it a little handy when we compare it with other white mechanical gaming key boards on the list.

10. Tesoro Gram TS-G11SFL

If the rest of your gaming gadget is of white color and you are looking for a mechanical keyboard that is white in color so that it can go best with your set up, than this is one other good option to be selected. The features are:

  • The main keys of the white and blue gaming keyboard are Agile key switch, a cherry switch analog. With the help of these keys the gamers are able to play their video games more quickly.
  • The RGB colors of this mechanical keyboard are 16.8 million to choose from.
  • The keyboard is designed with the LED backlighting effect behind each key.
  • The keyboard is designed with 512Kb on board memory.
  • The drawback is that the customization menu of this keyboard is not user friendly so it might irritate you at first.

AULA wings of Liberty Gaming keyboard

This kind of white colored gaming keyboard has a lot to offer to its user.

The main features are:

  • The keyboard is white in color with RGB back lighting , the gamer can use the function to play the games with ease and more fun.
  • The keyboard is designed with cherry blue switches to provide the gamer with each key stroke with the best sensation ever.
  • The keyboard is designed with a wrist rest, so it is best for you if you are someone who gets tired while gaming. However this wrist wrest is not detachable.
  • The Enter key of this gaming keyboard is of European style.

A person can play a video games on his cell phone , a tablet or a desktop. Those who are serious buyers purchases all the accessories that are used to play perfect video games for long hours with full enjoyment and without any tiredness. Different brands have introduced many kinds of gaming gadgets in the market. These gaming gadgets include gaming tables, gaming chairs, gaming keyboards, gaming mice etc.

This article will give you a detailed list of some of the well known white colored keyboards introduced by different brands in the market. But before going done deep into the discussion, let us first discuss what is a gaming razer keyboard white and how it differs from the ordinary one. We will also have a detailed look on some of the basic features of a gaming keyboard.


What is a gaming white keyboard?


A gaming keyboard is specifically designed for people who love to play video games and are serious players.

A gaming keyboard comes in small sizes and it is the auxiliary one.

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Magic Eagle Keyboard White

A gaming keyboard comes with the original keys and these are positioned in an ergonomic design. These keys helps the famer to give commands fast and quick, so as not to lose any step.

How is a gaming key board different from the regular key board?

Magic Eagle Keyboard White

A gaming keyboard is the best for playing games as compared to the regular one. The main prominent difference is the mechanical keys on the gaming keyboard. These keys include Cherry and MX keys. The presence of the mechanical keys have faster input time.

This allows the gamer to take actions and give commands quickly. A gaming key board comes with either mechanical or membrane based keys. It is the choice of a person what kind of gaming key board he wants to pick for him self.

The other difference you can see is the size, the blue gaming keyboards are small in size.

The question arises that are the gaming keyboards better?

The use of a gaming keyboard totally depends on the needs of the gamer. Some people who are serious gamers loves to enjoy their gaming time, so they select the right mechanical key board. The reasons are the quick response of the keys , the small size and the portability.

It is important to mention that besides than video gaming, if you are some who types a lot, than a mechanical keyboard can also be the best option for you.

Basic features of a mechanical gaming keyboard:

Some of the main features of a mechanical gaming keyboard to consider before buying are as follows:

  • The keys of the mechanical key board have physical switches beneath them. Just press the key and switch it down.
  • A mechanical gaming keyboard is designed spill –resistant. It means that even if you spill some drink by mistake, the key board will not be destroyed.
  • Mechanical key boards are durable.
  • Mechanical keyboards comes with RGB lighting that helps the gamer to play the video games even at night without any hurdles.

Points to consider :

  • White mechanical gaming keyboard are expensive to buy. So if you plan of buying one, remember to do some savings before you go out for purchasing.
  • Mechanical gaming keyboards are louder and the keys makes noise when pressed.

In market, where people are more conscious about the physical appearance of the stuff they buy, the producers develop and introduce as much options in the market in terms of features and colors so as to attract masses.

Besides that more people are interested in setting up a work station that is all of the same color. This looks good too. So if your someone whose work station is of white color and you are looking for a white color gaming keyboard, you will find this article worth reading.

Which white color mechanical key board is the best for you?

Above is the detailed list of some of the best white color gaming keyboard that you can get from stores or even online ( Amazon, Aliexpress ). The selection of the white key board is totally your choice that is made on your needs and the specifications you want in your white keyboards for PC gadget. For better decision making you can also read the review by different users from the internet so that your mind is clear about what you want to buy.