Maschine Jam Traktor Pro 3

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Os x 10.11 installer.iso

Maschine Jam Traktor Pro 3
  • Syncing Traktor and Maschine. If you're interested in using Maschine more as live performance tool, rather than a controller, you might like to sync the two together. This will allow you to play and mix tracks in Traktor and use Maschine to create percussive and/or melodic patterns, and improvise on.
  • Additionally, if the controller features displays (e.g. MASCHINE, TRAKTOR KONTROL S4), they will read MIDI event messages (e.g CC48) or simply ON (as in the case of TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 / S2's loop display) to indicate MIDI mode is active.
  • Afterwards the Traktor Pro template will be added to the the Templates list. It can now be selected and loaded from within the MASCHINE hardware. Make sure that MASCHINE is currently set to MIDI Mode. In MIDI Mode, the left display will indicate the name of the current TEMPLATE. Switch to MIDI mode by pressing SHIFT + CONTROL on the hardware.
  • In this video CMI Hi-Tech Product Specialist Arsenio Fabay goes through a Traktor Pro mapping for the Maschine Jam controller.
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Maschine Jam Traktor Pro 3.2

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