Monarch Karizma

  • Drag and Drop
    Photos can also be pasted on templates by simple drag and drop method.
  • Auto-saving
    Just move on to the next page and all the pages created in MONARCH KARIZMA Pro gets saved automatically.
  • Hot Keys
    All the major features of MONARCH KARIZMA Pro can be quickly accessed with the help of Hot keys.
  • Multiple Page View
    The created album pages can be viewed in multiple ways for a better control on the designs. The user can choose from Normal view, Fit to Page, Full Screen and actual pixel. It is also possible to get a unique Twin Page view or to view two pages at a time.
  • Auto Layer Creation
    MONARCH KARIZMA Pro creates layers automatically whenever a new object is pasted on the pages. These layers get selected automatically along with object getting selected.
  • Smaller Project Size
    The projects created in MONARCH KARIZMA Pro are of smaller size as compared to other digital imaging software.
  • Auto Resizing
    MONARCH KARIZMA Pro has a unique feature that will automatically resize the selected template page to fit itself in the project page size defined by you without affecting the look and feel. Any Borders and Masks applied on photos get automatically resized in a similar fashion.
  • Re-ordering of projects in story board
    MONARCH KARIZMA Pro gives you a unique story board which displays thumbnail image of the template pages that are created for a project. This story board gives you a clear idea about the templates design already used in the project and also helps in maintaining the story line of the Album.

Monarch Karizma

What's New in KARIZMA Pro

Printable File Format
This feature exports pages in printable file format like. JPEG, BMP,TIFF and TGA

Sorting Option in Gallery
You can now sort the gallery pictures and decors based on Name, Date, Type, Size, Orientation and Used/Unused.

Creating Master Category (Organizing Photos)
This Feature allows you to select a hierarchy of folders based on various events directly and map them into the Photo Gallery of Software.

Photo Quality Indicator
The indicator allows you to instantly judge the suitability of each photo. Once the photo has been placed into the theme page, the indicator will show whether the resolution of the photo is adequate for the desired output size.
Grid Line
Software allows you to view Grid Lines in the canvas pages which helps in perfect composing of Photos.

Guide line with Snap to guide line
Software allows you to drag and view Guide Lines on the template pages. The Guide Lines come very handy while composing a page layout for perfect placing of photos, cliparts and text. Snap to Guide Line is a unique feature - once the photo is close enough to the Guide Line, the software directly snaps it in the correct position.

Online Crop
Online crop feature helps to crop the photos on the canvas itself.
Album Approval
Software allows creation of JPEGS or PDF of the created Album that can be sent to the Client for approval to verify the design and sequence, before printing the designed product, thus providing maximum satisfaction to the customer.
Assign External Editor
This feature allows you to add an external editor in the software for editing any photo while designing an album.
Big Tool tip for Template
You can preview the template in a larger size.
Apply Templates on Left, Right or Center
This feature allows you to set the templates/Background on left , right or center of the page.
Flip Template individually Left and Right page
Flip Templates Left and right page individually with a click of a button. A very useful feature while arranging your Template pages in an album.
Save as Favorite Templates for Left and Right Page
User can save a page which is loaded into the work area which can be used for other Projects instead of redesigning it again. The page gets saved with the entire composition i.e. the photos, clipart, borders, outlines etc.
Red indication for Applied Effects
In the Effect Window, the applied Effect tab shall be display with a red color indicator.
Multiple Outline for Photos and Text
You can add Inner, Outer or Center Outlines for Photos and Text instantly with different colors and Opacity.
Rotate around X & Y
Now easily rotate images around the X and Y axis and provide special effects to the photos.
Position and Size Window for photos
The selected object's position on screen with respect to the Ruler is displayed on-board. Hence more accuracy and precision obtained in placing of your objects to give them a professional look.
Monarch karizma designer pro

Backup Project / Restore Project
With this unique function you can take backup of your project (s).

Auto Software Update
This feature allows you to perform software update.

Smallest Material Size
The Size of the Material Provided are very small without quality loss. This helps in saving HDD space on your computer.

  • Pentium ® 4
  • Microsoft Window XP (Service Pack-2) / Vista (Ultimate), Windows 7 (ultimate)
  • 2 GB RAM, 4 GB Recommended
  • 20 GB Hard Disk
  • At least 1GB of free disk space required for software installation.
  • CD-Rom drive
  • Virtual Memory Required as per System Management or Should be Minimum four times of the RAM size

101, Maker Chamber V,
Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 0 21,
Maharashtra, India
Monarch Karizma

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Monarch Karizma

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Monarch Karizma Designer Pro

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Monarch Karizma Designer Pro

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