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Maphack is meant as a TOOL, not a replacement for the players brain. This is Mousepad's official view, and the farthest he will ever go is to set chicken life levels in Maphack. ALL OF THE FOLLOWING LINES SHOULD GO AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR CONFIG FILE, AWAY FROM EVERYTHING ELSE! Jan 26, 2016 Diablo 2 Mousepad's Maphack - Diablo II Maphack. Mousepad's Diablo II Maphack. Download: for Diablo 2 & Diablo 2 Lo. 1b: Cracked Maphack. Cracked Maphack v. Quote (Baclash): Make sure you first extract the folder to your desktop. Install after connecting. After you click install on the GUI, the Gui. Join game and hit your tab button.

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Mousepad 39 s Diablo II Maphack Version 7 1 for Diablo II & Diablo II LOD v1 11b CONTENTS About How to nfiguration History ABOUT. Sting 39 s Hackmap for Sting maphack 1 13c download

(Dec 11, 2020) can use it for free! Works only for diablo 2 lod 1.10 Why pay for mousepad 6.3 maphack when you can use it for free! Works only for diablo 2 our forums. This is the begining, the Matrix will soon be upon us. :creep: S ..

esque maphack with lots of kickass

So all you'll have to do is download, unrar, and run the injector after D2 is launched to use this awesome hack! Also, you can reference the readme for how to ..

(Dec 11, 2020) MousePad Maphack 6.3 finally the real crack RELEASED dang nerds its for diablo2 lod 1.10 battlenet This is wrong on so many levels. ..

Mousepad's Diablo II Maphack


(Dec 11, 2020) Maphack is a realm and single player hack for Diablo II and Diablo II LOD that adds many useful extra features. Reveal automap for whole act, ..

(Dec 11, 2020) 1:07. 0:00 / 1:07. Live. •. Scroll for details. diablo 2 lod mousepads maphack. 13,945 views13K views. • Dec 11, 2020. 9 11. Share Save. 9 / 11 ..

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Well, yet another nail in the D2 coffin. unsure.gif. I have now lost all respect for Mousepad. $20 is way too high for something that *may* get ..

(Dec 11, 2020) Maphack is a realm and single player hack for Diablo II and Diablo II LOD that. Diablo II Diablo 2 lod mousepads maphack HelpfulHacker. ..

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For any of you that were still wondering, this is the reason. I found a free maphack somewhere else, but i quit d2 so i dont want or need to get ..

D2 Maphack. Mousepads Maphack Download. Mousepad Maphack 1.10. Download game candy crush di laptop. Mousepad's Diablo II Maphack. Maphack is a ..

Sting maphack 1 13c download

Mousepad 39 s Diablo II Maphack Version 7 1 for Diablo II & Diablo II LOD v1 11b CONTENTS About How to nfiguration History ABOUT. Sting 39 s Hackmap for ..

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Readme of Sting's Hackmap for Diablo II
1, Compatible with Maphack 5.1. All features in MH 5.1 still work in Hackmap
2, Show IAS/FCR/MF and lots of stats in character window
3, Prevent from minimizing window when running in window mode
4, Target indicators on Minimap guide you MF/pass quickly
5, Sound prompt when enter a game
6, Show game server ip
Anti detection features:
1, Auto unload d2hackmap.dll when extrawork.dll loading.
2, Integrity scaner show you if the game code is changed.
3, Anti 64/65 detection.
4, Safely reveal map for those who only want this function.
This feature dosent make any change to game code and will do an integrity scan before revealing map for safe.
For those who really care about detection, here's some advice:
1, D2loader maybe not safe and can be detected by blizzard so better not to use it. Integrity scaner will show you where exactly it does to game.
2, Maphack 5.1 edited (and all derived) version is detectable, at least by 65 packet to my knowledge.
1. Extract all files from D2HACKMAP.ZIP to any folder.
2. Run d2hackmap.exe.
3. Run Diablo II.
4. Alt+tab out of Diablo II. Better do this step after connected to if you are going to play on, otherwise d2hackmap will unload himself when connecting to
5. Click 'Install/update' to inject d2hackmap.dll into Diablo II process if you want to enjoy full functions. Or click 'Reveal Act' to reveal automap of current act when you are in game, it's less function but more safe. You can also customize d2hackmap.exe's behaviour by editing d2hackmap.ini.
6. Alt+tab back to Diablo II and play.
2005.10.30 2.24
1, Fixed bugs that crashed d2hackmap.exe under windows 9x

2005.10.28 2.23
1, Fixed d2hackmap.dll can't show Socketable Item Stats correctly

2005.10.17 2.22
1, Fixed d2hackmap.exe can not run under windows 9x bug
2, Fixed d2hackmap.dll can not remember last game name and password bug

2005.10.14 2.21
1, Fixed a few bugs in d2hackmap.exe
2, Improved anti-detection for d2hackmap.exe

2005.10.13 2.20
1, Improved anti-detection.
2, Improved integrity scan algorithm.
3, Refact hackmap.exe in many aspects.

2005.09.14 2.10 Lite
1, Support diablo II 1.11b¡£
2, Only support 'Safe Reveal Act' function.

2005.09.12 2.00
1, Fixed in full screen mode when 'Keep Game Window' is on switching back to desktop doesn't work bug.
2, Fixed when viewing other player equipments clicking items causes game crash bug.
3, Improved hackmap.exe GUI, added configuration dialog for Safe reveal Act.
4, Renamed 'Quick Back Town Key' as 'Quick Back To Town Key' in d2hackmap.cfg.

2005.08.24 2.00 beta 3.1
1, Fixed direction to hellforge can not be showed on the mini-map bug.
2, Fixed Automap Active Room Toggle doesn't work bug.
3, Fixed Revealing map for those new added scenes could cause game crash bug.

2005.08.21 2.00 beta 3
1, Improved Safe reveal act functionality. support special level targets display, customized location display. Please refer to d2hackmap.ini for settings.
2, Fixed hackmap.exe cann't work under some windows with specific service packs.
3, Fixed Item value display which could cause game crash.
4, Fixed toggle off Perm Show Orbs causing game crash.
5, Fixed toggle on Dangerous Monster Protection causing game crash.
6, Fixed load/unload hackmap causing game crash.

2005.08.13 2.00 beta 2
1, Porting to diablo II 1.11.
2, Don't support chatting in chinese.
3, Included basic Anti-detection methods.

2004.11.19 1.16
1, Several minor improvements/bugfixes with hackmap loader.
2, Improved localization support. Added toggle to enable/disable localization support in game. The default hotkey is 'U'.

2004.06.20 1.15
1, Added right click swap feature.
2, Improved localization support.
3, Fixed hostile player bug.
4, Minor improved minimap display.
5, Added 'Auto Next Game Name' option
6, Added 'Auto Next Game Password' option

2004.06.06 1.14
1, Added chienes input/display support.
2, Added 'Version Checking Dll Action' option.

2004.05.27 1.13
1, Fixed can't reload hackmap in certain situation bug.
2, Enable generate crash dump file feature (need dbghelp.dll).
3, Minor improvement to anti-detection.

2004.05.22 1.12
1, Added auto reveal map feature to reveal map automatically when act changing. See 'Auto Reveal Act'.
2, Added show monsters resistance. See 'Monster Resists Toggle'
3, Improved next game name feature.
4, Fixed show hostile player bug
5, Fixed show Claw Viper Temple and Hellforge on minimap bug

2004.03.29 1.11
1, Added Quick Next Game Toggle feature. You can use this toggle to exit game quickly and increase next game name by 1. It's convenient to run baal.
2, Added Dangerous Monster defining feature to enhance protecttion of HC players. hackmap will make you returning town or exiting game when encountering Dangerous Monsters and your resistance is below threshold. See d2hackmap.cfg.
3, Fixed a probably-crash-game bug when loading/unloading hackmap in diablo process.


Mousepad Maphack Download Minecraft

2004.03.12 1.10
1, Fixed compatibility issues of showing misc items colours(e.g. Rejuv Pot, Gem, etc)
2, Added show minimap cells of several special targets(e.g. Anya, Izual, etc)

2004.02.13 1.09
1, Fixed show chest bug
2, Fixed show Item Indexs bug
3, Fixed not compatible with d2hackit bug in 1.08
4, Added Item sockets setting, Format:£ºItem Colours[code][level][ethereal][sockets+1]
5, Added Quick Go back town feature(player must have tome of town portal), default key is BackSpace
6, Added set create/join game name to last entering game name feature

2004.02.11 1.08
1, Fixed closed&locked chest color bug
2, Modified d2hackmap.vcb

2004.02.07 1.07
1, Added Upgrade config files feature.

2004.02.04 1.06
1, Added Chicken Life Percent feature
2, Changed 'Perm Show Orb Toggle' to 'Perm Show Orbs Toggle'
3, Added Chinese GUI support

2004.02.01 1.05
1, Added show game server ip feature

Mousepad Maphack Download

2004.01.15 1.04
1, Improved Integrity scan algorithm.
2, Added Anti-detection feature. Including: anti 64/65 detect, protect from version/extrawork dlls checking.
3, Added feature to safe reveal map automatically when act changed.
4, Added 5.1 edited maphack detection feature.
5, Fixed show behide-wall monsters bug.
Tose naina full song mp3 download. 6, Fixed show Valkyrie/golems equipment bug.

2004.01.13 1.03
1, Added Integrity scan feature.
2, Added safe reveal map feature.

2004.01.10 1.02
1, Added Hackmap Loader.
2, Fixed an big error bug when unloading d2hackmap.dll.

2003.12.29 1.01 beta 2
1, Changed config names about automap target prompt:
1.01 beta 1 1.01 beta 2+
Automap Prompt Toggle --> Minimap Toggle
Automap Prompt Objects--> Minimap Cells
Automap Prompt Colour --> Minimap Cell Colour

2, Added Enter game sound prompt feature. (disable by default).
3, Added feature to generate a crashdump file automaptically when big error occours. Only active in debug version.

2003.12.28 1.01 beta 1
Added automap target prompt feature.
new added config:
Automap Prompt Toggle: 0,VK_P
Automap Prompt Colour: 12
// format: Automap Prompt Objects[level name][object no.1, object no.2, object no.3, ..] : 1
// 1 for enable, -1 for disable
//example 1, Prompt entry of Durance of Hate Level 3 when player is in Durance of Hate Level 2:
Automap Prompt Objects[Durance of Hate Level 2][Durance of Hate Level 3]: 1
//example 2, prompt entrys of Worldstone Keep Level 1 and Worldstone Keep Level 3 when player is in Worldstone Keep Level 2:
Automap Prompt Objects[Worldstone Keep Level 2][Worldstone Keep Level 1, Worldstone Keep Level 3]: 1

2003.12.28 1.0 beta 4
Fixed unique monster TC calculation bug.

2003.12.27 1.0 beta 3
1, Fixed input line toggle crashes game bug.
2, Fixed draw scroll lock frame bug.
3, Adjusted a few hotkey names.

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Mousepad Maphack Download Free

2003.12.27 1.0 beta 2
Fixed some monsters' automap colour displaying bug.

D2 Maphack

2003.12.26 1.0 beta 1
1, Compatible with Maphack 5.1 edited version
2, Added feature to show IAS/FCR/MF and lots of stats in character window. (see config).
3, Added feature to show other player's stats. just for fun. (see config).
4, Added keep game window toggle to prevent from minimizing window when running in window mode.