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You can fish from anywhere, yes without having to use a Fish Finder but why suffer yourself when you can get a Fish finder to quicken the process and bag you lots of fishes? This is where NorCross HawkEye F33P Portable Fish Finder comes in play.

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Today’s Hawkeye F33P review is focused on the features and real life user-experience of customers

NorCross Marine Products Customer Support Center; HawkEye® Fish Finder Knowledge Base. FF3000P, FF3300P, FF3300PX, F3350P, F33P. Adobe photoshop cs3 key generator. The Batteries in my Fish Finder. INSTALLATION AND OPERATION MANUAL F33P – Portable Fish Finder with WeedID. GETTING TO KNOW YOUR HAWKEYE® FISH FINDER UNDERSTANDING THE VIRTUVIEW™™ LCD DISPLAY A. Depth Readout B. Sensitivity Setting C. Backlight On/Off D. Fish Alarm On/Off E. Battery Save On/Off. View and Download Hawkeye Mfg FF3300P instruction manual online. HawkEye Portable Fish finder Instruction Manual. FF3300P fish finder pdf manual download. Also for: Ff3300px, Ff3300px.

This NorCross is one of the bet all portables I have ever seen at a price you WILL NOT believe.

Perfect for family vacations and fishing expeditions, the Norcross Hawkeye F33P portable fish finder offers the latest in the portable fish finder market and is guaranteed to help you come up with better fish stories than ever before.

Hawkeye F33P Fish Finder Review

HawkEye F33P Features

  • Norcross Hawkeye f33p fish finder Built with an ultra-wide, 45-degree sonar beam angle, this system offer you accurate depth, fish and bottom structure readings from 1.5 to 99.9 feet. Operational down to zero degrees Fahrenheit, this unit includes a trollable, floatable and mountable sonar sensor with 35 feet of cable and cable tie-strap. Amazing!
  • The HawkEye is extremely easy to use; just turn the power on, throw the sonar sensor from the shoreline, boat, or bridge and in no time flat, you’ll receive instant fish, depth, weed, and contour readings.
  • With its “SideScan” adapter, the HawkEye F33P can also be attached to a broomstick handle to scan under ice, weeds, lily pads, or docks. To maximize your chances at comfortability, this system comes with mounting tabs for hull mounting of your portable fish finder to kayaks, canoes, and on boats.
  • The Norcross Hawkeye f33p fishfinder offers reliable readings by using algorithmic programming. This cuts down the number of false readings, while the unit’s depth scale, fish identifier, and two-stage audible fish alarm ensure that you’ll always know exactly what kind of fish you’re closing in on.
  • Designed to handle all sorts of weather conditions, the antenna is powered by four “AAA” batteries for 20 hours of continuous use, the backlit display prevents eye strain, and a special LCD protector eliminates condensation in the display. A great feature all by itself.
  • This portable fishfinder boasts of a palm-sized design that fits with ease into your tackle box, pocket, or gear box, making this an extremely versatile unit you’ll rely on over and over again.


Sonar does it all

Depth Capabilities

  • 1.5 Feet Min
  • 99.9 Feet Max


  • Display Type…Virtu-View™ Liquid Crystal Icon
  • LCD Backlighting Green LED Soft-Glow™
  • Display Size: 1.5W x 1.8H
    • A Depth Readout
    • B Bottom Contour Indicator
    • C WeedID® Weed Indicator
    • D Fish Alarm On/Off
    • E Battery Save On/Off
    • F Battery Strength Indicator
    • G Sensitivity Setting
    • H Backlight On/Off
    • I Fish Depth Indicator
    • J Fish Location Indicator


A single tap to access settings

Watts, Frequency, Power, and Cables

  • To make storage easy, the sensor comes with 35 feet of cable along with a strap
  • Comes with 4 “AAA” batteries
  • An excellent feature for preserving battery power is the fish finder has an automatic “power-off” feature to prevent battery drain if you accidentally leave the unit on.
  • 30 hours of non-stop usage
  • Once the depth display reads “—” non-stop for 5 minutes, the display will shut off automatically

Alerts and Alarms

  • Gives off an audible sound when a school of fish is detected. It will NOT give off an audible alarm sound when only one fish is detected.
  • Best to leave the alarm on if you are using a crankbait so that you do not have to steadily watch for fish on the screen.
  • As soon as you hear the alarm, gently toss your bait at least 20 feet beyond the sonar sensor, allow the bait to drop to the depth of the fish alarm, and retrieve as recommended for the targeted species

Mounting System

Norcross hawkeye f33p fish finder manual user

Because it is portable, you can simply turn the power on, toss the sonar sensor from the boat, shoreline, or bridge, and in no time, you’ll receive an immediate depth, weed, fish and contour readings. I and my friend are loving this cool feature.


1.5″H x 2.8″W x 4.3″D


  • No long thing when it comes to setting and turning it up
  • The display shuts off automatically when the depth display reads “—” continuously for 5 minutes.
  • The Hawkeye fish finder has an automatic “power-off” feature to prevent battery drain if you accidentally leave the unit on. Now this is a feature I really need as I always forget to turn things off.
  • Does not drain batteries without mercy
  • The depth finder is very accurate, but not as accurate as an average fish finder mounted permanently to a boat.
  • The screen is very simple to see outdoors in direct sunlight use you can take it anywhere


  • Has a small Screen
  • The Hawkeye F33P fish finder manual shows that the cord is also way too long for how some fisherman uses it but is nice if you fish from shore and throw it out to where you’re casting to.

In the Box

  • Features a storage bag
  • Norcross HawkEye F33P
  • Sonar Sensor (Transducer) with Integrated Harness and Strap
  • Sonar Sensor Transom/Side-Scan Adapter
  • Sonar Sensor Float with Rubber Stopper


Love the fact that you don’t need a boat to use the Hawkeye F33P portable fish finder. We hope this Hawkeye F33P review will help you decide. Do come again and we love you!

Download Instruction manual of Hawkeye Mfg FF3300P Fish Finder for Free or View it Online on

Brand: Hawkeye Mfg

Norcross Hawkeye F33p Fish Finder Manual

Category: Fish Finder

Type: Instruction manual

Model: Hawkeye Mfg FF3300P , Hawkeye Mfg FF3300PX

Pages: 2

1.Use a screw driver to open
the locking screw counter
can be removed (Figure 1)
certain to align the batteries
the battery compartment.
pletely, and turn the locking
before continuing.
in the display housing (Figure 4).
aligned properly to match the
2.Once the connector is plugged
flush against the display and
screws clockwise until tight (be
erly to prevent stripping and do
1.To Remove, turn the locking screw
until the slot on
unlocked (Figure
clip straight off by
belt clip by the
(Figure 2).
Fasten the neck/safety strap
play housing by using the
the strap to hang the fish find-
your body, or any object that
age during operation.
Adjusting the Transducer Float
adjusted so that it is between
from the transducer but can be
1.Pull out the rubber stopper.
10” from the transducer.
1.Toss the transducer and float assem-
ing location. To toss, place the trans-
underhand.Do not throw the trans-
cause unrepairable damage. Before
free from tangles and is not wrapped
2.Use a pole to guide
a desirable posi-
add floats on the
cable to float on
(Figure 8).
float simply pull in the cable
the excess cable.
Setup Key
Simulator Key
Turning the Power ON/OFF
•To turn the Power ON, PRESS the ON/OFF Key (the LED indi-
•To turn the Power OFF, PRESS and HOLD the ON/OFF Key for
•During normal operation the screen can be reset by pressing
Turning the Simulation Mode ON/OFF
•To turn the simulation mode ON, press and hold the
ON/OFF button for 3 seconds while the screen is OFF.
•To turn the simulation mode off, turn the power off and
back on again as per the instructions in the “Turning the
(The simulation mode will indicate variable depth, bottom
Accessing the Feature Setup
•The BAT. SAVE indicator will blink in the Setup Indicators
•Cycle through the features by pressing the SETUP key.
(the indicator will blink for the current feature to be set)
•To activate or deactivate a feature press the ENTERkey.
(When a feature is activated, the indicator will appear.
When a feature is deactivated, the indicator will not appear)
•The screen will automatically return to normal operation
Battery Save Feature
•Battery Save activated will update the display every 10
seconds, which will greatly increase the battery life of the
Sensitivity Feature
•Low Sensitivity – use this feature to eliminate clutter from
the screen when fishing in muddy water, heavy vegetation,

Hawkeye Fish Finder Reviews

•High Sensitivity – use this feature to detect small fish, fish in
Backlight Feature
•Turning the backlight feature ON will keep the screen illumi-
nated all the times. This feature will greatly reduce the bat-
tery life of the fish finder, so it should only be used during
•When the backlight feature is OFF, the backlight will still illu-
Fish Alarm Feature
•The fish alarm sounds when a group of fish are indicated.
•Two distinctive alarm patterns indicate the size of the fish
• 4 alarm tone bursts indicate large fish
BBattery Save Feature ON
DSensitivity set to Low
FFish Alarm ON
( ) – Low Battery
H Fish Depth Scale
JBottom Contour Indicators
LSmall Fish Indicators
Instruction Manual
the HawkEye
Portable Fish
innovations of NorCross
Get to know the fishing regulations and habits of
the fish that you are targetingby visiting your local
tackle center, bait shop, library, or website. A little

Norcross Hawkeye F33p Fish Finder Manual Instructions

research can be a valuable lesson, that will allow you
to utilize the features of your fish finder, to make fish-
ing more enjoyable for you, and your fishing buddies.
The FF3300PX’s temperature sensor is located in the trans-
ducer housing. Adjusting the float level will allow you to view
temperature readings at variable depths. Knowing your preys
feeding habits in relation to water temperature will allow you
to fish at the exact depth that is optimal for strikes.
Figure 1:
2.To Replace repeat step 1 in the reverse order.
Figure 4:
Figure 6:
Figure 9:
Figure 11:
Fish Finder for Ice Fishing
1.Clear away snow to expose the ice surface, making sure the
2.Place a small amount of liquid water on the ice and set the
transducer on the water allowing the transducer to freeze to
the ice. If there are any air pockets between the transducer
and ice, or the water below the ice, the fish finder will not work
properly and will require you to cut a hole in the ice to use.
3.(a) To remove the transducer from the frozen ice, gently tap the
transducer at the base with your hand. (b) If it will not come
loose, spray a small amount of water on the ice surface around
the transducer repeat steps (a) and (b) until the transducer is
easily removed. Never use a blunt object to strike the trans-
ducer as this will cause damage to the transducer.
The FF3300P(PX)’s advanced sonar capabilities allows the trans-
ducer to “shoot thru” the bottom of a boat or canoe. The hull
must be made out of solid fiberglass, or a maximum of 1/8” alu-
minum, and be in direct contact with the water, with no air pock-
ets. The transducer will not work thru wood, plastic, or any com-
1.To “Shoot Thru” the hull of a boat, use one of the following:
a) place the transducer in .5 inches of water against the hull
b) place the transducer in a plastic bag that is full of water and
c) coat the face of the transducer with petroleum jelly and
press it against the hull bottom with a twisting motion.
d) refer to our website for more advanced instructions.
tion of this unit please visit our website
need further assistance please call us at
5:30 p.m. Eastern Time
it may become entangled in debris (Figure 9).

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