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The desktop application was originally created in 2010 to provide users with a better web browser experience than Internet Explorer. Our users now have access to Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari which all provide a better experience then the desktop application. To access PlanIt, please use your favorite web browser. 1) In the Planit Solid 5.0 folder on your hard drive, there is a file called 'Clean Catalog.cvc'. This is simply an empty catalog file. 2) Copy and Paste this file into the Planit Solid 5.0 Database folder. Give it a new name. 3) Go to Start Planit Solid 5.0 and run Update Version. 4) Open Solid and place a Wall.

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“I’m trying to update my license, but the only License Manager showing up in the System Tray is the CLS 2016. When I try to update the license in there it doesn’t fix my license.”

Unless you own a license of AlphaCAM 2016, the CLS 2016 is irrelevant to you. To avoid future confusion about which License Manager you should use, right-click your mouse on the time in the lower right of the screen and open the Task Manager. Go to the Startup tab and locate the Client License Server and right-click it and choose Disable. The next time you turn on your computer the License Manager 2016 will not be running. You should always open the License Manager that can be accessed within the Utilities tab inside of the splash screen of your version of Solid or by going to C:Cabinet Vision (or Planit)CommonCLS_[Year]_[Build] and running the Licenses(.exe) application.

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“I have a network license of the software and recently purchased a new post processor. I see the post processor in the License Manager, but when I try to output code from the S2M Center I get a message stating that the post is not licensed. What do I need to do to output with this post?”

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Open Solid to the splash screen. Click on Utilities License Manager then click on the Configure Network Licenses button. If the post processor is listed on the right side of the window, click on it then click the Optional button to move it over to the left. Click OK then click Close in the License Manager then exit Solid and re-open it. The next time you try to output, you should not get the message about the post not being licensed.

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