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Lockdown is a simple plug-in that solves a vexing problem. How to easily 'secure' a web page. Note this does not work on.mac, it requires a web host that uses Apache &. Open RapidWeaver. Note: If you are upgrading from a previous version of Lockdown, then you MUST uninstall the old version before installing the new one. In the Finder open the folder Home Library Application Support RapidWeaver. Find the Lockdown.rwplugin and move it to the trash.

Lockdown is a simple plug-in that solves a vexing problem. How to easily 'secure' a web page. Hezekiah walker every praise mp3 juice.

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Requires RapidWeaver 7 (or newer) and macOS 10.11 (or newer).

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Isaiah and Christi have been running YourHead Software since the mid-90s, developing Mac apps, iOS apps, and RapidWeaver plugins.
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    LockDown requires RapidWeaver 6 (or newer) and macOS 10.9 (or newer).
    RapidWeaver 8 and macOS 10.13 or newer recommended.
    All the features documented.
    LockDown Manual
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  • Purpose

    The initial purpose was devising a way to run the Ken Stewart Quickplay in an online format. In this case devising a suitable registration system.
    Next was to devise a way to display a timetable for various online tournaments. During this time of lockdown, there might be a greater demand for tournaments of various types - or not. Another aspect is that would our GPCC members want to still play on Thursday at 7.15 pm onwards or at different times?
    Having devised a system, it may be that other clubs might want to have me set up a similar system for them.
    Since setting up the website, there have been a number of tournaments, longer games and Quickplays that have involved various members of the Glasgow Polytechnic Chess Club. Some chess events have involved mostly people that I know from various chess clubs.
    We have decided to hold the GPCC Club Championship in an online format. This will start on 5th November 2020, at 7.00pm and take the form of 10 rounds. Time control will be 45 min + 10 sec.

    Technical Information

    This website is a CMS (content management system). This means that the content of the website can be changed by authorised people who have access to a browser. In fact, the website uses two content management systems. The FAQs section has recently been redesigned, and it also a CMS.
    For those wanting more technical information about the website, it uses the RapidWeaver Foundation 6 framework, and Total CMS, created by Joe Workman. More than this - ask! Get in touch.
    The calendar system is under development. And is now in a working format. This was created by myself using the server-side scripting language PHP and a MariaDB. 11th November 2020 - Finished second stage of calendar. Now includes a search facility for desktop/tablet. Mobile calendar needs some work!

    Planned work

    Over time the licensed font awesome 5 icons will be replaced as SVGs. This will increase the speed of the website.
    I will work on the calendar system - filtering by month/year and giving a background colour to specified rows.

    Known Issues


    Rapidweaver Lockdown App

    If you come across a bug then please let me know. Thanks.

    Rapidweaver Lockdown Browser


    I am Andy, and am also the webmaster of chess123.uk and glasgowpolychess.club. If you have any suggestions for improvement, comments or problems with the website, then please use the Contact Me form to get in touch.