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Check out the products mentioned in this article: Windows 10 (From $139.99 at Best Buy) How to rotate a video in Windows 10 using the video editor in the Photos app. 1.If you are using Windows 10. However, you might rotate a layer and then copy that rotation to other images and/or slides that share that problem. This is part of the 'copy' feature. In the Adjustments or somewhere in that area of the slide options, there's a feature that lets you rotate flip the image in 90 deg increments. One of the features that I personally like most when installing and using ProShow Producer, is that it is possible to insert watermark into videos with this tool. Use ProShow Producer to insert watermark for the video. Step 1: Launch the ProShow Producer software on the computer. Then left-click File, select Open.

PTE AV Studio - professional photo slideshow software.
64-bit application. Slide styles, themes and transitions. Keyframe animations.
Output: HD and 4K videos, executable shows for PC.

PTE AV Studio Pro:

  • 64-bit application
  • Keyframe animation, nested animation.
  • Blur effect, 3D transformations, color filters.
  • GPU acceleration for video playback and encoding.
  • Slide styles, themes and transitions.
  • Audio editor with multiple tracks.
  • 4K video output and executable shows for PC.

Timeline View

Objects / Layers

Add images, video clips, text captions, masks, interactive buttons and more.

Keyframe Animations

Keyframes work like waypoints. Add first keyframe and adjust position and size of an object. Add last keyframe and adjust the final position of an object and its parameters. PTE AV Studio will animate the object between these keyframes using pan, zoom, rotate etc.

Slide Styles, Themes and Transitions

Proshow Producer 2020

Customizable slide styles, themes and transition effects for your photo slideshow. Infinite number of unique styles. Create your own slide styles, themes and transitions and share with other users.

Text Captions

Add text captions with animation. Create text macros from EXIF metadata and apply to all or selected images.


Publish Options

UltraHD Video

Lan monitoring software free download with crack. Create HD and 4K video files for playback on PC, Mac and TV.


Rotate Video Proshow Producer 9.0

Create executable slideshows for PC. Highest quality picture and smooth animations.

Mobile Devices

Create video slideshows for tablets and smartphones. For iOS and Android.

Color Filters

Adjust the brightness, contrast, levels, lightness, saturation of images. Apply a sepia effect and other color filters.

Image Adjustments

Crop images, add white frame and drop shadow. Apply beautiful blur effect. Use zoom in a frame.

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Color Management

Proshow Producer 7 Free Download

The best alternative for Proshow users.
Download the 30-day free trial version of PTE AV Studio.