Sap Psa Table

Table Space analysis through DB02 for PSA and Change log deletion strategies


  1. Title: List of Useful SAP Tables: ABAP, Data Dictionary, SAP-FI and SAP-CO Author: Subject: List of SAP Tables - Tips & Tricks.
  2. Check whether SAP Note 1063105 (PSA Clean up Directory) is implemented in the BW system or not. Then execute the report SAPPSAPARTNOCORRECT for the concerned PSA first in check and then in repair mode as stated in note 1051664 as shown below. Then again execute report rsarpsacleanupdirectory first in check mode for the concerned.

Screen will give you details of the each process table spaced occupiedand values are in MB so you can check and do analysis for particular by clicking double click to check which are the tables and size of the table.

If you want to check which are the PSA tables are considering BI system then double click on that will give you details of that PSA table wise size occupied in system.

Sap Psa Table Definition

The importance of PSA in SAP BI. This video explains what is PSA and its importance in BI. Based on Table or View - Duration: 13:17. ILearn SAP with Venu 23,483 views. SAP BW Training. A transparent PSA table is created for every DataSource that is activated. The PSA tables each have the same structure as their respective DataSource. They are also flagged with key fields for the request ID, the data package number, and the data record number. InfoPackages load the data from the source into the PSA.

If you want to do analysis of PSA tables then double click on that entire PSA table and sizing will come. Then do the descending order on Size will give you details of which PSAs have occupied more size.

You can use RSTSODS table to know that particular PSA table belong to which object so that based on business scenario you can go for deletion strategies. Copy PSA name from DB02 and paste in technical ODS name in RSTSODS.

Tulasi etv odia serial cast. Note: Please make sure that PSA request deletion should be only for full load specially for Master data.

You will find info object or DSO or cube name in object name fields.

Sap Psa Definition

You can download file of DB02 and export to excel also. Please make a practise to study system and export PSA, cube and DSO tables and sizes for analysis and cleansing also.

SAP PS Tables contains the list of SAP PS (Project System) module with the SAP PS Relationship between the main tables.

Find also the list of SAP PS Main Tables.

  • SAP PS Main Tables
  • SAP PS Tables Diagram

Sap Pa Psa Table

Main SAP PS Tables

When dealing with tables in SAP PS, you should first know these both table:

SAP PROJ Project Table

  • SAP PRPS table : SAP Work Center Table
  • The key for a Project in SAP PS PROJ is PROJ-PSPNR for Project definition (internal).

SAP PRPS Work Center Table

  • SAP PROJ table: SAP Project Table
  • Note that the keys for a PRPS for Work Center Table in SAP PS is PRPS-PSPNR for WBS Element.
  • The link between PROJ and PRPS is based on PROJ-PSPHI = PRPS-OBJNR.

List of Main Tables in SAP PS

The main Tables is SAP PS ( Project System) are :

Table Description
IMAKAppropriation requests ? general data
IMAVAppropriation request variant
IMPRInvestment Program Positions
IMPUTexts for cap. inv. program positions
IMTPInvestment programs
PMCOCost structure of maintenance order
PRHIWork Breakdown Structure/ Edges (Hierarchy Pointer)
PROJProject definition
PRPSWBS (Work Breakdown Structure) Element Master Data
PRTEScheduling of WBS elements
AFVCOperation within an order Activities
AFVVScheduling of Activities
AFRUActivity Confirmations
EVPOCPercentage of completion
BPJATotal costs for Annual period CO Object (WBS related Budgets)
RPSCOWBS and Activities /Network related Actual costs
CAUFVView Orders (PP/CO)- Networks

If you want to go further with SAP PS Module, check this book: Project Management with SAP Project System

Network Table in SAP PS

Sap Psa Table

In SAP PS, The Network Table is RPSCO. It stores all notification’s related data to WBS, Activities and Network Related to Actual Costs.

Other SAP Network Tables in PS (Project System)

  • AFAB – network – Relationships
  • NPTX – PS Texts (Network)
  • TCA41 – Default values for standard networks and profiles
  • PLTX – PS Texts (Library network)
  • VSNPTX_CN – Version: PS texts (network)

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SAP PS Tables Mini Diagram

The following Diagram represents the relationship between the main SAP PS Tables

You can download the SAP PS Main Tables PDF Diagram here.


This PDF SAP PS Diagram Table regroups the SAP Project System Data model (simplified) with the keys required to join between the different Tables in SAP PS.

SAP PS tables Detailed Diagram

Sap Datasource Psa Table

Here you can be found a detailed Diagram of SAP PS Tables with join keys between the different Table