School Fees Management System Project In Php

This School Management System project is developed usingvarious programming languages like PHP, CSS, Bootstrap, andJavaScript. If you take look at this project you will easilyunderstand that this project all the essential features which are necessary tomanage the school
management. This management system has only the Admin side where he/she canmanage students, Fees, teachers, classes, subjects, hostels and everythingrelated to school. Admin of this system plays an important role it, In thisSchool Management System, all the main
functions are only be performed from the Admin side, Any other person can’tmake any changes in it.

About the School Management System:

user: [email protected]
pwd: password

Free Online School billing system free download. It is a web based application for managing the billing system for the operations in schools. It is aimed to be user friendly with beautifully designed user interface. Manage student billing from invoicing and online bill payments to. This project School Management system in java with source School Management system has been developed in front-end JSP, JDBC, Javascript, AJAX, and back-end used Oracle, SQL.we will expand a simple java free project for college and university who want to use the School Management System to research and learn. Kindly Call or WhatsApp on +001 for getting the Project Report of Student Fees Management System. Project Technologies. PHP Project on E-Learning System. School Management System project is produced using PHP, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript. Informing about the project, it has all the essential characteristics. This project includes only the admin side where he/she can CRUD and manage students, Fees, teachers, classes, subjects, hostels and many more. The School Management System is a WordPress plugin to manage school and its entities such as classes, sections, students, ID cards, teachers, staff, fees, invoices, noticeboard and much more. How to use shortcodes? Add schoolmanagementinquiry shortcode on any Page / Post to display admission inquiry form on the website. Then, the user can.

Admin plays an important role in this School Management System, Admin has full control to make any changes it, all the function can only be performed only by the admin any other person can’t do it. Here, the user can use the features of CRUD and manage the school students, fees, bank, teachers, subjects, classes, streams, hostel, timetable, events, notices/announcement, exam result, fee structure, attendance and much more. Form admin panel you can also view the login section. Now talking about all the main functions of this School Management System, Here you get all the essential features to manage the school as you can add, edit, delete and view students, teachers, hostels, classes, streams, and management of Fees.

Whileadding a new student in the database, the user has to provide full name, selectgender, date of birth, attach photos, registration number,select class, stream,hostel, date of joining, category, academic year,total fees, advance fees,balance, and parents that means you get the compact details of that studentwhen you want. Like the student, while adding the information of teachers, theuser should provide complete informationlike his name, select gender, age, phone number, email id, and staff number

To collect the payment of fees, the fees amount should bedeclared from the fees structure section. All the payments are done through banks.So it is essential to have a bank section here, And the user can add thedetails like bank name with an account number which is needed
during payment of fees of a student every student. to collect the payment offrees, he/she has to select a student’s name, session, provide the paid amount,select bank branch, and remarks. Not just

students and the teacher information, here the user has toadd subject and classes details too. Its too easy to add subjects and classesof every student, he/she just has to provide a subject and class name of everystudent. And talking about the streams its the also has the same procedure asabove.

Other features of this System:

lots of schools provide the hostel facility for itsstudent, So this is also an important feature of the system. As above, whileadding hostels of the student, the procedure is too easy all you just need toprovide a name and select availability status whether it’s available or not available.In school, the time table of the student must be according to the studentrequirement.

For the events management through this system, the adminhas to provide complete event details like the event’s name, select date of theevent, and insert details. Through this feature, all the school events are managedin a systematic way by using this school management system. Another important feature is to make anannouncement by publishing notices for the students as well as teachers of theschool. It’s similar to events, you just need to add the announcement title,with date, and details about the announcement you should provide the com pleat information.With this feature, each and every student, as well as the teacher of theschool, can be aware of the upcoming events in the school or the announcements.

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One of the most important features is to publish examresults and this feature is also available in this system. To publish the examresult of every student he/she has to select a student’s name, category,subject, enter marks and term. This feature makes easy management of the examresults as the admin can add, view and delete easily. Class attendance ofschool student is also maintained through the system by selecting subject,name, date and marking attended or not. If the school management needs they caneasily find the complected information of any
student easily.

Minor Features

All the details of every student can be found by the admineasily, You check the result, attendance, and fees of every student. In theadmin panel, all the recent fee collections of the student are displayed with theID number, student’s name, amount and total balance available.
And yes, each and every student’s parent details and contact information shouldalso be recorded in the system which is also

displayed in the admin dashboard. Other information likethe number of total attendance, exams, sessions, student type and feesstructure is also be displayed. The School Management system in PHP helps in easymanagement of the school events. Design of this project is dashing and responsiveso that the user won’t find it difficult to use it, understand and navigate it.

To run this School management system on your pc, you musthave installed virtual server i.e XAMPP on your windows pc. School ManagementSystem in PHP with source code is available for free to download, Use foreducational purposes only!.

· Login System
· Admin Panel
· User management
· CRUD Students, Teachers, Subjects, Class, Hostels, Stream
· Manage Fees, Events, Timetables, attendance
· Make announcements
· Publish Exam Results
· Add fees structure
· Student’s parent details
· Session
· Database backup

Latest School Management System Project in php have original screen short for ADMIN, TEACHER, STUDENTS


There are five types of user available in Latest School Management System Project with demo link –

user: [email protected]
pwd: password

How to Run?

After Starting the Apache and MySQL in XAMPP, you just need to
follow the following.
· First of all extract the file
· Then copy it in the main project folder
· Now Paste it in xampp/htdocs/
After compleating this you need to Connecting Database
· Now open any web browser and go to URL

Price – $70

Send Enquiry – Whatsapp – +91 9811698660

Email – [email protected]

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Objective of School Management System

School Management System is a web based application which has been developed over PHP and MySQL and runs on WAMP, XAMP or Apache2 server.. The main modules of the project is Schools,Students,Teachers,Cources,Registrations. Admin user can manage all the operations of Cources,Registrations,Schools,Classes,Students and their details. Admin can create different type of reports of Schools,Students,Teachers,Cources,Registrations according to their choise and filters. You can Download PHP and MySQL Project School Management System with source code and database from this site. We also provide Project Report of School Management System.

Functionalities and their descriptions of School Management System are as follows:

  • You can search records on various criterias. Such as Schools, Teachers, Cources, Registrations
  • Create, read, update and delete (CRUD) application has been implemented on Schools,Students,Teachers,Cources,Registrations
  • Keep the track logs of Students, Classes, Cources ect
  • Advance search has been implemented on Students,Classes, Cources
  • You can see all the details of the Schools, Teachers, Classes, Cources
  • All the modules Classes, Cources, Students,Registrations, Schools are inter related and tightly coupled
  • It deals with monitoring the information and transactions of Cources.
  • All the Students,Classes, Cources modules has their unique record ID for fast transactions and searching
  • Editing, adding and updating of Records is improved which results in proper resource management of Schools data.

Modules of School Management System and their descriptions:

  • Schools Module : Manage all the operations of Schools
  • Students Module : Manage all the operations of Students
  • Classes Module : Manage all the operations of Classes
  • Teachers Module : Manage all the operations of Teachers
  • Cources Module : Manage all the operations of Cources
  • Registrations Module : Manage all the operations of Registrations

Classes and their methods of School Management System:

School Fees Management System Project In Php Source Code

  • Schools Methods : addSchools(), editSchools(), deleteSchools(), updateSchools(), saveSchools(), searchSchools()
  • Students Methods : addStudents(), editStudents(), deleteStudents(), updateStudents(), saveStudents(), searchStudents()
  • Classes Methods : addClasses(), editClasses(), deleteClasses(), updateClasses(), saveClasses(), searchClasses()
  • Teachers Methods : addTeachers(), editTeachers(), deleteTeachers(), updateTeachers(), saveTeachers(), searchTeachers()
  • Cources Methods : addCources(), editCources(), deleteCources(), updateCources(), saveCources(), searchCources()
  • Registrations Methods : addRegistrations(), editRegistrations(), deleteRegistrations(), updateRegistrations(), saveRegistrations(), searchRegistrations()

Database tables and attributes of the School Management System:

  • Schools Entity : Attributes of Schools are school_id, school_name, school_type, school_description
  • Students Entity : Attributes of Students are student_id, student_college_id, student_name, student_mobile, student_email, student_username, student_password, student_address
  • Classes Entity : Attributes of Classes are class_id, class_student_id, class_name, class_room, class_type, class_description
  • Teachers Entity : Attributes of Teachers are teacher_id, teacher_college_id, teacher_name, teacher_mobile, teacher_email, teacher_username, teacher_password, teacher_address
  • Cources Entity : Attributes of Cources are course_id, course_student_id, course_registration, course_name, course_type, course_year, course_description
  • Registrations Entity : Attributes of Registrations are registration_id, registration_student_id, registration_course_id, registration_name, registration_type, registration_number, registration_date, registration_description

Database definition of School Management System:

  • The details of Schools is store into the Schools tables respective with all tables
  • Each entity (Registrations, Classes, Cources, Students, Schools) contains primary key and unique keys.
  • The entity Classes, Cources has binded with Schools, Students entities with foreign key
  • There is one-to-one and one-to-many relationships available between Cources, Teachers, Registrations, Schools
  • All the entities Schools, Cources, Classes, Registrations are normalized and reduce duplicacy of records
  • We have implemented indexing on each tables of School Management System tables for fast query execution.

Super admin functionality of School Management System:

  • Admin can add, edit, delete and view the records of Schools, Cources, Classes, Registrations
  • Admin can manage all the details of Students, Classes, Teachers, Cources
  • Admin can also generate reports of Schools, Students, Classes, Teachers
  • Admin can search the details of Schools, Cources, Classes, Registrations
  • Admin can apply different level of filters on report of Schools, Classes, Registrations
  • Admin can tracks the detailed information of Cources, Registrations, Schools, Students

Report of School Management System:

School Management System Project In Php With Source Code Free Download

  • Generates the report on Classes,Teachers,Schools,Students,Cources,Registrations,
  • Teachers,Cources,Registrations has been integrated with the dynamic filter. So you can filter the records run time
  • You can also import the report data into PDF of Teachers,Cources,Registrations
  • Excel Sheet report has also been integrated for Students,Teachers,Registrations
  • You can create the CSV reports for Schools,Cources,Classes

Limitation of School Management System

School Fees Management System Project In Php Developer

  • Run time report generation is not available in School Management System.
  • We have not implemented the dynamic report for Schools,Teachers,Cources,Students,Classes,Registrations
  • This project School Management System has not been developed on Model View Controller architecture, so its very complex to manage
  • Batch mode execution for Off-line reports of Schools, Teachers, Registrations cannot be generated.
  • Crystel report has not been integrated

School Management System Project

Input Data and Validation of School Management System

School Management System Project In Php

  • We have added all the validations for input value on the modules Schools,Students,Classes
  • Teachers,Cources,Registrations can not be submited without filling all the inout fields
  • Duplicate values testing has been implemented on Schools,Classes,Registrations
  • CSRF token has also been implemented on Teachers,Students,Schools, Cources,Registrations
  • All the Schools,Teachers,Cources,Students,Classes,Registrations has integrated with captcha for spam protections
  • Access level validation has been implemented on Registrations,Cources,Teachers
  • Number and character validation has also been implemented on Classes,Cources,Schools