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ATTENTION Singers… From America’s Most Sought-After Vocal Coach…

Singing Success 360 is a total, vocal workout plan designed to coordinate every muscle of the voice essential to great singing.

SS360 is a systematic vocal training program utilizing over 50 muscles coordinations used to create great sound. Through a carefully formulated lesson plan, we teach singers how to warmup, coordinate and stretch out your voice.

This systematic approach to singing has produced countless grammy winners but, most of the exercises are simple enough to be used by a 5 year old child.

SS360 produces extraordinary success for budding singers as well as for seasoned pros. Its methods are a unique blend of secrets that shave off years of vocal frustration. The result of this ground-breaking method? Singing Success.

  • a Foundational Warmup that is essential to your Singing Success!
  • how to disengage muscles that prohibit you from singing high notes
  • how the voice has “gears” that when shifted smoothly allow you to let go of tension as you sing higher
  • exercises that are pre-arranged in a particular order to maximize your muscular release
  • revolutionary explanations that psychologically trick your brain into allowing you to sing higher
  • how you can overcome the myth that your current range is all you will ever have
  • how resonance (vibration inside your mouth, head and throat cavities) can be maximized to effortlessly double or triple your power
  • how to exchange the ineffectiveness of yelling for the freedom of resonating
  • a secret method to engage never before used muscles coordinations that immediately build profound power in the voice
  • the sensation of ‘letting go’ to sing louder rather than pushing hard and creating an unpleasant flat tone and potential vocal damage
  • a simple, yet rarely utilized way to control the lightest parts of your voice for the most intimate microphone singing techniques
  • how to maintain consistency from your loudest to your softest note without a sudden shift in freedom, quality or coordination
  • a revolutionary trick to disengage the swallowing muscles in order to erase all outer throat tension
  • the proven way to refine vocal coordination and ear sensitivity to stay on pitch
  • how you can use Rapid Range Extension to add an octave in the first two weeks
  • Brett's Chest Voice Strengthening Exercises
  • Brett's Head Voice Strengthening Exercises
  • Brett's Mixed Voice Development (that automatically erases breaks)
  • how to produce an immediate and noticeable increase in power, freedom and tone quality
  • the best way to expand your tonal diversity
  • and much more..

If you invest in this program today, you'll get an immediate download of the Singing Success 360 program for just $360.

That’s a drop in the bucket compared to what my private vocal clients have paid me to gain access to these techniques. These are my proprietary methods and they simply cannot be found anywhere else, at any price.

Also, if at any time – in the next 30 days – you don’t think this is the best vocal training you've ever had… or that it won’t be one of your most trusted training tools for years to come… I’ll refund your investment 100%, no questions asked. Bottom Line: Singing Success 360 must provide everything you need to coordinate every muscle of the voice essential to becoming a Singing Success..

Click the “Order Now” button below to get Singing Success 360 for a one time fee to own your digital copy for just $360:

Singing Success 360

Normally $720
Yours Today For Just $360

Brett Manning is a veteran vocal coach of 30 years living in Nashville, Tennessee and has worked with countless award-winning singers.

Over the past 7 years, he has coached greats like Leona Lewis and American Idol’s Clark Beckham to use their mixed voice quality to accomplish a level of confidence in the most difficult notes of their ranges…. those tricky transition notes.

Stories like these led to the development of SS360, which has now been used by thousands of singers around the world to discover, develop and excell past vocal limits for a lasting singing career…. after months of practice of course!

After you've completed your order by clicking the 'Order Now' button above, you'll receive an e-mail within 5-10 minutes that includes the instructions on how to login to your streaming account or access your download so you can start training right away!

This system is actually a “perpetual learning system” Which means that every time you cycle through the program, every part of your voice grows exponentially. So the short answer is.. it depends on your gift, your experience, your practice habits, desire, passion and consistency. Yes, every time you practice you will get better. Typically, students start to hear and FEEL a change within 1-2 weeks of consistent practice.
At the risk of sounding way to simplistic, the best way is one lesson a day from the beginning and then continue to cycle through the program again and again. As mentioned in the previous FAQ “How long does it take for the SS360 to work, each lesson aides every other lesson. Now, The first lesson is Intro to technique. If you know virtually nothing about singing, you should really do this lesson so you understand the objectives behind the vocal exercises. If you’ve had a session my me or and of my certified coaches, then you can move straight into technique.
No! If you find a certain lesson is more difficult than others, do not keep going over it and over it. Do the lesson once and then move on to the next lesson the following day. When you circle back around and do SS360 again, you will notice things that you once struggled to achieve are no longer a struggle. But, staying on one lesson for days on end can lead to strain if you are pushing to FORCE your voice to achieve something it is not physically ready for yet.
Warm water will increase your circulation and cold water will reduce inflammation so it depends on current need.
This depends on how aggressive you are preparing to sing and how much time you have to get ready. If you’re preparing to sing with power, you’ll want to focus on the Power lessons, if you’re singing mostly in a light voice, focus on light voice exercises. Eventually, each singer using our programs will discover the vocal exercises that work the best for their individual voice and which exercises are best for THEM prior to a show.
When you have a solid foundation with our flagship SS360 program, and you realize your need for better vibrato, harmony, or specializing in mix. One of our certified vocal coaches can guide you into strengthening your most necessary niche.
It depends on how far you want to take your singing and what genre you are leaning toward. Our immense vocal library makes it possible for you to go to extreme levels of singing.

If you have additional questions, please e-mail [email protected]!

Is Brett Manning’s Program Worth the Money?


  • $199.95 One Time Payment or
  • 2 Monthly Payments of $99 (+ $4 monthly fee) or
  • 4 Monthly Payments of $49.75 (+ $4 fee)

Course Length:

  • At Your Own Pace
  • 12 CDs w/ 17 Lessons
  • + Studio Training DVD + 16 pg. Workbook

Course Skill Level: For Beginner, Intermediate and even Expert Singers.


  1. Learn Directly from Taylor Swift + Keith Urban’s Own Vocal Coach
  2. Lessons help you constantly improve (you won’t plateau)
  3. Affordable Payment Plan Available
  4. Option of Physical Course (CDs, etc.) or Instant Download
  5. Free 15 Minute Phone Consultation (AWESOME BONUS!)
  6. 6 MONTH “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee (ZERO Risk in Trying It Out)


  1. Very Expensive! (But Payment Plan Available)
  2. Lots of Material to Get Through (Not a Bad Thing)
  3. Longer Timeframe of Study than Other Courses
  4. Requires Patience, Dedication and Practice
  5. Some Stuff Not by Brett Manning Himself (But Other Coaches Are Just as Good)
  6. (August 2014 Update): Some of the techniques taught may not be the best for you (read more below)

Buy This Course If…

  • You want to learn from the best of the best (Grammy Winners work with this guy)
  • You can’t sing at all and want to learn how
  • You CAN sing, but want to master your voice and always improve yourself
  • You need help with Pitch, Control, Power, Range, Tone or any other aspect of singing

Your Exclusive FREE Bonus

If you purchase this program through the links at you’ll get a FREE e-book written by PBE Music about how to start a successful career as a professional singer.

The book is called How To Become a Singer or Rapper: The Ultimate Starters Guide and gives you real-world information on writing and recording songs, promoting your music, touring, making money and the truth about major label record deals.

Singing success zip download

This is bombshell information that you CANNOT live without if you’re an aspiring singer.

And all you have to do is follow the instructions below:

  1. MOST IMPORTANT STEP: Clear your web browser cookies and cache (if you don’t do this step your purchase may not get registered with our site) – learn how to do this here.

  2. Purchase by clicking heremake sure to save your receipt and invoice/order number.

  3. Send an email to us at contact [at] thesingerscorner [dot] com with your order/invoice number, name and email address

  4. We’ll send you the free bonus within 24-48 hours!

That’s all you have to do and you’ll get some of the most valuable information available about succeeding as a professional singer.

Now onto the rest of the review. 🙂

***August 2014 Update***

So I got a comment on the blog from one of our readers that opened up my eyes to something very important for anyone considering to buy this program. You can read the comment on this page.

Apparently, Haley Williams may have ended up with nodules (a growth under the skin) and she thought she wouldn’t be able to sing again.

And the cause – “improper techniques and bad habits she learned in the past.”

And yes, Haley Williams did have Brett Manning as a vocal coach. You can read about it on Paramore’s blog – there’s also a video.

Now, it doesn’t specifically say it was this program or Brett Manning’s training that caused this.

Oneida one stop packerland

So it’s impossible to say this course doesn’t work or shouldn’t be followed or that the techniques gave Haley Williams nodules.

I personally liked the course, but I’ve tried others before it.

So if you’re interested in trying the course, try it out and judge for your self.

My Personal Story With “Singing Success”

If you’ve read some of the other online singing lesson reviews on this site, you’ll know I’ve tried some of the other major courses out there. I really like a couple of them but I have to say this was the most professional one out there – and it better be for that price tag.

Higher Price = No Problem

I know many people might be turned off from the high price of the product ($199.95) – but I wasn’t. That’s because it comes with a 6 month guarantee. If you don’t improve enough that you think the course is worth it, they’ll give you all your money back, no questions asked. (Luckily I didn’t have to…)

But that in itself made buying the program a no-brainer. So I picked it up, and didn’t expect too much. But hey, I didn’t mind, I could always return it if it didn’t work out too well.

I already knew how to sing when I first got my hands on the video lessons, so I wasn’t expecting anything crazy when I first dug into the program…


Boy Was I Wrong…

I went through the first couple lessons, practiced a bit – it felt a bit different, but didn’t notice much else. It was pretty much what I expected – a course designed to help you become a better singer.


I already went through another course, so I knew how to sing.

An Unexpected Twist

But then… as I kept on going through the course (I wasn’t about to stop now, I paid good money for it!) and practicing the different techniques Brett and the team teach, I started to notice improvements in my ability to control and transition my voice.

Even though I thought I had pretty decent control, this course seemed like it was taking me to another level. I was excited…

So I kept it up, kept on practicing and learning the different lessons.

Massive Shift In The Way I Sang

Download Singing Success Brett Manning

By the end of the course I was honestly floored at the improvements I had made in my voice by following this program.

It was because the course is taught in a way that pretty much MAKES you take control of your voice and all the organs in your body that help you sing.

If you stick with the practicing, you’ll definitely improve with the course.

The Best Part

I actually forgot about the best part of the course for a while – the 15 minute phone consultation. 15 minutes may not seem like a lot, but trust me it’s MORE than enough to make a difference.

My 15 Minute Phone Call:

When I finally did make the call, I asked about a problem I was specifically having with my vocals.

It wasn’t a problem really – just an area I knew I needed improvement on (transitioning between my head and chest voices).

And no lie – within the 15 minutes the vocal coach (not Brett Manning, unfortunately) was able to help me with it a lot! I don’t have trouble with that stuff anymore.

Why Its The Best Part:

This was worth the price of the course in itself – the vocal coaches charge THOUSANDS of dollars for their time (obviously. they work with Grammy winners…).

Singing Success online, free download

So getting this as part of a home-study vocal lesson was great.

Final Recommendation

You’d should at least try this vocal program out. It was made by one of the best in the business. Brett Manning coaches award winning superstars using this exact same method. Why wouldn’t you want to learn from him?

Whether you know how to sing really well or are a complete beginner – this course will take your voice (and your control of it) to another level altogether.

It may be high priced, but the bonuses and the 6 MONTH (yes. you read right… 6 MONTH) money-back guarantee make it an easy decision. If you don’t like it, don’t improve or just don’t want to spend the money, you can return it no questions asked.

My thoughts? Get the program – you won’t be disappointed.

What To Expect – In Depth

Singing Success is a course by Brett Manning. Manning is a widely acclaimed vocal coach and has worked with many different artists that you might’ve heard of. He’s worked with people like Keith Urban, Taylor Swift and many others.

The program itself was created about 15 years ago but that doesn’t really matter because it’s still one of the number one online vocal lessons available on the market. It’s composed of 12 different audio CDs and a 16 page workbook.

The Bonuses

It also has a studio training DVD and a free 15 minute phone consultation for everyone who purchases.

That in itself is well worth the price of the products. The 15 minute phone consultation was enough for me to seriously consider this program. This is because you actually get to talk to a live vocal coach who will guide you through the specific problems that you’re having. It’s a great part of the product and well worth the price itself.

Practicing With Brett Manning

The recommended practice time is 3 to 6 days per week. The more you practice the faster you’ll learn, but you don’t want to push yourself too hard because you’ll end up ruining your voice. So be sure to keep track of how your voice is doing throughout the 12 audio CDs.

I basically recommend going through one of the audio CDs, then referring to the workbook when you need to. Next, practice what you learned on that audio CD for about one week before moving onto the next one. This is going to make it a longer online vocal course than something like the superior singing method, but it’ll help you really master everything that comes in the course.

A Thorough Vocal Course

This is a very, very thorough course that will take you through all the different areas you need to learn to really make a difference with your voice. Here are some of the different topics covered in this course:

  • range extension,
  • breathing techniques,
  • mixing your vocal registers,
  • less effort but more power,
  • whistle register,
  • vibrato,
  • trills, licks and runs
  • A lot more.

There are 17 total lessons throughout the 12 audio disks that you get. And there are dozens of different exercises that Brett Manning gets you to do. The system that Brett uses in his training is one of the most effective vocal coaching techniques used in the world today.

If you really want to increase the power, range and pitch of your voice you should really look at getting this system. Once you’ve gone through some of the lessons and experience the kinds of things Brett teaches you, it’s easy to know why he works with some of the biggest artists in the world.

For Beginners, Pros, Men and Women Alike

The course goes into some very basic techniques but it also teaches you how to become a truly professional singer. There’s some advanced techniques that you’re going to learn in this course that won’t be in any other singing courses.

However, having said that there are some techniques in those courses (reviewed here) that you’re not going to find in this particular course. But honestly, it is fact-based and is taught by some of the best in the business. This course is amazing.

And if you’re crazy like me you’re going to buy everything and go through it all.

The great thing about this course is that Brett provides you with different audio examples based on whether you’re a man or woman. Guys and girls both get different audio examples tailor-made for them.

Easy to Follow Videos

The course is very easy to follow and there’s a ton of different exercises that you get to do. There are audio CDs included in this which makes it kind of a pain if you ever want to download it to your MP3 player. (I don’t even know if I CAN play CDs anywhere. other than my computer).

Personally, I prefer to stream or download MP3s but I do like the style of the superior singing method because it’s also video-based. But audio courses are just as effective as video ones. I just like watching videos rather then listening to audio. Having said that that it doesn’t take anything away from the course if you don’t mind just listening.

Final Thoughts

Singing Success 360 Download

All in all Singing Success is a really great course that you should get if you’re interested at all in improving your voice. I like a lot of different music courses. And I’m all about learning everything I can. If you can only choose one it’s really up to you what you prefer.

Both this and the other courses we review on this site are great courses. The various courses have differences in the way they are taught. So what you’re going to want to do is figure out how you like to learn and choose that product.

I’d recommend this one just because it has a super-long refund time limit, and is taught by the best in the biz. If I had to do it over again, I’d probably get this vocal course first and see where I was at before getting the other ones.

However, the other courses I’ve tried have also given me huge improvements in my singing voice.

The Verdict

Singing success with Brett Manning is one of the best courses I’ve seen online.

Singing Success Download

I’ve seen a lot of different ones and have read a lot of different books. I also watch a lot of different videos and I only review the ones that I believe really help people sing better on my site.

Singing Success Download

Brett Manning’s Singing Success is one of those courses that I really, really like.

I’d recommend this to anybody who really wants to improve their vocals. Whether you’re a novice or somebody who already sings all the time, there’s something that you’ll find in this course that’s going to make you a better singer.

Here’s a quick video that will show you the quality and caliber or training you’ll get.