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Skillet Awake 2009 INFO BY WikiPedia Awake is the eighth album by Christian rock band Skillet. It is the follow-up to their Grammy-nominated album Comatose. The album was released on August 25, 2009 and debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200. After 20 weeks of release the Album has sold over 300,000 units. The duration of song is 03:52. This song is sung by Skillet. Related Tags - The Resistance, The Resistance Song, The Resistance MP3 Song, The Resistance MP3, Download The Resistance Song, Skillet The Resistance Song, Unleashed The Resistance Song, The Resistance Song By Skillet, The Resistance Song Download, Download The Resistance MP3 Song.


Comment by elbrins

ilove skillet music

Comment by elbrins

Skillet rise album free mp3 download

ilove this music

Comment by Aubrey Casados

this isn't country but me likes it 👌

Comment by xÆnon

@user-945867642 dude wrong band 😂

Comment by Hugues Desir

@aaron-hansell especially with all the stuff that's happening like Bill Gates pushing for vaccines and his history revealing eugenics

Comment by music Maniac

this song is basically defining the world's situation with the covid-19 virus

Comment by Eviod


Comment by XXNOVAXX

yeah Skrillex rocks

Comment by AdamTaurus

я вишу асколки

Comment by Lynda Connolly

@manny-sanchez-171637260 *people

Comment by Lynda Connolly

@curt-tyolo-cury Nice

Comment by Joel Green

@manny-sanchez-171637260 y

Comment by AdamTaurus

я девка

Comment by AdamTaurus

rise я руская песня крутая

Comment by Sillypanda09

Skillet Rise Free Mp3 Downloader

Good ting!


Mp3 Download

Love this song 💖

Comment by dead man wonderland

hell yeah skillet rocks

Comment by robby


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haha losers you suck all of you

Comment by Manny Sanchez

see all poepl In hell

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@imani-rashid-311256900: Unite, and fight!

Comment by Quinn America

@angel-ramirez-hernandez-358109: ..

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@youngyiff definitely

Comment by Annoyness

My favourite skillet song other than hero,I just love the power

Comment by cool_cidt

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Comment by cool_cidt

I love this song. I went to one of these concerts at Liberty University!