Spring Security Session Timeout Redirect

Recently when developing the Tatami application for the Twitter-like contest, I faced an annoying issue: how to detect an user session timeout when an Ajax request is triggered from the browser? If you’re not familiar yet with Spring Security, you can check my previous articles on this framework. Sharepod activation code. In this article we’ll see a solution based on Spring Security filter. JSF 2, Spring Security 3.x and Richfaces 4 redirect to login page on session time out for ajax requests. Since you use Spring Security 3.0.x, you can use custom sessionManagementFilter as described here. The class com.icesoft.spring.security.JsfRedirectStrategy is available here. If you are using Spring Security 3.1.x make these changes.

Spring security session timeout redirect to login page
Spring security session timeout auto redirectposted 9 years ago

Spring Security Ajax Session Timeout Redirect

Spring Security Session Timeout RedirectSpring Security Session Timeout Redirect

Spring Security Session Time Out Redirect Login

I am pretty new to spring, have set session timeout of 1 minute in the web.xml.
I need to display the login page once session is timed out and user clicks any link in the application.
there is my configuration:


My filter :

Is there any framework or configuration in spring that allows for this funtionality?