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SprutCAM is a CAM system for NC program generation for machining using multi-axis milling, turning, turn/mill, Wire EDM numerically controlled machines and machining centers. The system enables the creation of NC programs for machines with a wide variety of kinematics and can be adjusted to NC equipment of virtually any kind. Sprut Technology — CAD/CAM developer. NC programming solutions for CNC machines and industrial robots. 30 years of experience. Dealers in 54 countries.

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SprutCAM is CAM software from Russia. CAM is short for Computer-Aided Manufacturing. SprutCAM is the software g-code generation automation. SprutCAM is used for multi-axis milling, turning, turning-milling, EDM machines and machining centers.
SprutCAM is used for mold and die, and parts production: prototypes,models, original and serial products, body parts, spare parts, wood products, plastic and stone, patterns, as well as engraving inscriptions and images.
SprutCAM is used in aerospace, automotive, military, shipbuilding, power, electronics industries, heavy machinery, medicine and tool-making facilities.Sprutcam 10 Keygen
The most important features of the system can be distinguished in the following way:

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Ease of Use – The system is very easy to use and is logically well organized into four main modes of working which can easily be selected from the main window by clicking on the relevant tab: 3Dmodel (import and preparation of geometric model); 2D Geometry (for 2D drawing); Machining (to generate machining processes); and Simulation (a photo realistic view of all machining, including tool and stock).

Sprutcam 10 Keygen

Import of Many Formats – Advanced ability to import and transform 2D and 3D geometric models prepared in any CAD system, and then transferred into SprutCAM via IGES, DXF, STL, VRML, PostScript, STEP, 3DM, or SGM file format. Within SprutCAM the model can be transformed in many ways (scaled, rotated, transposed etc.), and any or all parts constituting it can be machined in any desired sequence, while gaps and overlaps between these parts are properly processed.
Keygen2D Drafting – The built-in 2D parametric drafting tools allows the creation of objects in any plane, and these can be referenced to the coordinates of the 3D model. In addition, the 3D model can be projected onto a plane. Patterns and text for engraving or pocketing can also be created within the system. All these objects can be used to define the part, fixtures, workpiece or job assignment of a cycle.
Very Sophisticated Machining cycles – The machining process can be set up easily and is made up of a sequence of available operations which are chosen by the user from a long list; i.e. roughing, finishing, rest milling, hole drilling, engraving etc. Within each operation the user chooses the parameters that should be applied; i.e. waterline, plunge or drive cutting modes, depth of cut, step-over distance, scallop height, cutting tool type and dimensions, cutting speeds, conventional or climb cutting etc. Any of these parameters can be revisited and modified without upsetting the whole operation, and if so desired the system can set these parameters by default. The resulting machine process is very accurate and efficient with minimum loss of time, as all unnecessary tool movements can be eliminated. It is suitable for both traditional as well as high speed cutting of any material.

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Actual workpiece state considering – The first machining cycle uses the start workpiece,to generate the toolpath. After that the workpiece form is updated. So the next cycle uses the updated workpiece to generate its own toolpath.
Photo-realistic simulation with collision detection – The user can see exactly how the part is going to be machined either in a step by step mode or variable speed continuous mode as if a video tape is being played back. He can choose the color of the various tools used, the stock material and the intended final shape, for better understanding of the operation. Should it be desirable to change any part or parameter of the cycle it is easy to go back to the machining operation and modify it, and then return to the simulation. Toolpaths followed by each tool can also be seen in different colors.
Postprocessor – Once the machining cycle is accepted the program can automatically generate an NC program to suit the user's machine or CNC system. Besides the long list of available Posts and willingness of Sprut Technology to develop Posts to the user's requirements and requests, it is also possible for the user to generate new posts or modify existing ones by using the inbuilt < Postprocessors generator > .

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