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Panchavarna Kili
Directed byK. Shankar
Produced bySaravana Films
StarringR. Muthuraman
Major Sundarrajan
CinematographyC.V. Ramakrishnan (Thambu)
Edited byK Narayanan
Release date

Panchavarna Kili (transl.Macaw) is a 1965 Indian Tamil-language film directed by K. Shankar and produced by Saravana Films. It stars R. Muthuraman, Jaishankar, K. R. Vijaya, Nagesh, Major Sundarrajan, Manorama. The film's soundtrack was composed by the duo Viswanathan-Ramamoorthy. The film released on 21 May 1965,[1] and became a commercial success.[2]


This song by Bharathidasan typically explains the beauty of Thamizh not just with its essence but also by the examples chosen to describe the beauty of it. The examples are typical of Thamizh and South India. Each stanza of the song describes each sense. First stanza - Sweet / Taste buds, Second stanza - Sound. Keetru - collection of Bharathidasan's poems. மக்களின் இயல்பு நினைவுபடுத்தித் தூண்டிக்.

Megala (Sekar niece) wants to marry Sekar - an army officer, Sokkalingam first son. To her dismay, he is married to Chitra in Delhi and they have a child. Meanwhile, Sokkalingam is looking for Marriage alliance to second son Kannan thro Marriage Broker Kalyanam. Kalyanam comes to know that Sekar brother is already has Radio singer Vani in mind. Broker fixes marriage with Vani to Kannan. In a twist, Sekar look alike Balu - Vani niece morphs a photo with him & Vani. Morphed photo is sent to Sekar house to stop the marriage. Ashamed of the bad name, Vani mother dies & Vani absconds to Delhi. Vani picks her sister kid & comes back to Sekar house to handover the kid. In some twist, Vani is mistaken as Sekar wife & kept in house. Later Balu enters Sokkalingam house as Sekar using look alike appearance.Also, by lying & bribing to broker, he sets up Kannan to marry another women as Vani by proxying thro a setup. Vani comes to know about her niece malpractice. In a scramble, she suffers injury and lies in bed. In another twist, Sekar appears before his parents as he escapted Chinese captivity during war and did not die. With Sekar look alike, creating confusion, police arrive with broker to Sekar house. Broker reveals about the bribing incident. In this, Kannan clears the confusion by claiming that Sekar kid is dead. Look alike not panicking in that situation, is found to be the culprit. Police arrest him. Vani marries Sekar brother, Megala is married to Sekar. Plot ends there.


  • Jaishankar as Sekar / Balu
  • Muthuraman as Kannan
  • K. R. Vijaya as Vani
  • Revathi as Megala
  • Major Sundarrajan as Chokkalingam (Kannan , Sekar Father)
  • S. N. Lakshmi as Meenakshi (Kannan, Sekar Mother)
  • L. Vijayalakshmi as Dancer
  • Nagesh as Kalyanam
  • Manorama as Meena
  • Karikol Raju as Vadivelu
  • A. Veerappan as Nagappan
  • Shoba


Thamizhukkum Amudhendru Per Song Free Downloads

Root note 5 n920p. Panchavarna Kili was inspired from the film No Man of Her Own, and shot at AVM Studios.[3]


The soundtrack was composed by the duo Viswanathan-Ramamoorthy, while the lyrics were written by Bharathidasan and Vaali. The song 'Azhagan Muruganidam' is set in Tilang raga.[4]

1.'Tamizhukku Amethendru Per'BharathidaasanP. Susheela
2.'Azhagan Muruganidam Asai Vaithen'VaaliP. Suseela
3.'Kannan Varuvaan Kadhai Solluvaan'VaaliP. Suseela
4.'Avallukum Thamizh'VaaliT. M. Soundararajan
5.'Poo Manakkum Kanniyaaga'VaaliP. Suseela


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