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EBook, Trading, Walles Wilder, DELTA, Delta Society, Phenomenon. Delta Society, Walles Wilder - The Delta Phenomenon includes laid-in advertising piece for this title, laid-in invitation to join the Delta Society, and includes the accompanying VHS Video Tape, First Edition, published 1991, color plates throughout, Book Condition, Fine, as is the VHS tape (the VHS tape is in perfect cosmetic. I used to have his original book: 'The Delta Phenomenon' but found it very subjective and inaccurate. The story is also very lame. He met a fellow who spotted cycles of '4' in everything and tried to use it to forecast the markets. Reviewed: Jun 2010. Delta Phenomenon was written by Welles Wilder, developer of the widely-used RSI (relative strength indicator). It teaches how there are market cycles ('delta cycles') that are based on astrological relationships like full moons. I totally agree, however the issue is not really the $175.00 but the weeks if not months one may have to spend just to get comfortable with it. This by the end of the process may be just a waist of time as the delta phenomenuim could be really nothing but a recurring coincidence that no one can actually use with a good accuracy rate.


The Delta Phenomenon Review Policy

Walles Wilder – The Delta Phenomenon Or The Hidden Order In All Markets

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The Delta Phenomenon Pdf

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