Traveller 5 Core Rulebook Pdf

Free Traveller Rules

  • Cepheus Engine(pay what you want)

There are free pdf-files all over the Zhodani Base that you can download. They may be difficult to find. This is a page to collect them all so that you can download them for free.


A dragon's horde of all the tabletop RPGs you need from Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, World of Darkness, to Shadowrun - all available for free to download. I like Megatraveller for a couple of reasons: a unified task system, logical tactical combat and design sequences that let me build vehicles as well as ships, and use them in combat, as part of the core rules. It was complete. Traveller 5 does that and more with (so far) far fewer errata issues than Megatraveller. Mongoose, and I say that as a multi-decade fan. Still 90(95?)% compatible with Classic Traveller and far better oriented to current RPG audiences. Quality of the Mongoose supplementary material varies widely, though, so research before you buy anything beyond the core rules. Dystopian Wars Rulebook 2.5 PDF, 22.7MB MODEL STATISTICS. Dystopian Wars Version 2.5 Compliant Statistics. The following 7 PDFs contain the Version 2.5 compliant Dystopian Wars Core Nation ‘Living’ statistics. These files have been uploaded for free so that our gaming community can download them and use with their new 2.5 Core.

  • Chanjitl Light Fighter (10 tons) by: Bleddyn Wilson
  • Aanz Class System Shuttle (50 tons) by: Bleddyn Wilson
  • Kroie Class Tug (100 tons) by: Bleddyn Wilson
  • Diefr Class Belter (150 tons) by: Bleddyn Wilson
  • Vozjien Independant Trader (200 tons) by: Bleddyn Wilson
  • Vargr Corsair Aeogz Class (400 tons) by: Bleddyn Wilson
  • Chonzde Frontier Merchant (400 tons) by: Bleddyn Wilson
  • Shivva II Class Patrol Corvette (600 tons) by: Bleddyn Wilson
  • Dranzhrin Class Consular Corvette (650 tons) by: Bleddyn Wilson
  • Dienjzhiae Fleet Intelligence Corvette (700 tons) by: Bleddyn Wilson
  • Bra’la Class Corvette Transport (750 tons) by: Bleddyn Wilson
  • Banya Class Light Fleet Corvette (800 tons) by: Bleddyn Wilson
  • Berka Class Heavy Fleet Corvette (800 tons) by: Bleddyn Wilson
  • Ipltsiedle Class Light Fleet Frigate (1200 tons) by: Bleddyn Wilson
  • Vlezdre’ Class Light Cruiser (8000 tons) by: Bleddyn Wilson


  • Sacnoth Small Arms Cooperative by: Bleddyn Wilson
  • MKS 87 Grav AFV by: Bleddyn Wilson


  • Eire Subsector (Supplement PO4) by: BeRKA, Randy, Friz and Facebook fans
Gloomhaven rulebook pdf


  • Mnemosyne Sourcebook by: Dylan Lee
  • Gvurrdon Sector Campaignbook by: Roger Malmstein


  • Zhodani Commandos Revisited by: Bleddyn Wilson. (updated 23-Nov-05)
  • Prize Money and Privateering in the Traveller Universe by: Walter Whimpenny.
  • Traffic Control and Navigation by: Neil Lucock


  • The Derelict by: Ben Overmyer


TAS Forms 6, 7— Subsector Map Grid And World Data

  • Coreward by: Paul J. Drye


Mnemosyne Sourcebookby: Dylan Lee
  • Jewell (Spinward Marches 1106): by Roger Malmstein

RPG rules

Kroie Class Tug (100 Tons) By: Bleddyn Wilson

  • Freefall webcomic RPG: by Matt Frisbee

Free forms at SignalGK

  • TAS Form 2 — personal data and history.
  • TAS Form 3 — ship’s papers (commercial)
  • TAS Form 5 — sector description
  • TAS Forms 6, 7 — subsector map grid and world data
  • TAS Form 14 — cargo manifest
  • TAS Forms 65, 66 — deckplan grids, small and large
  • Imperial Navy Form 3 — ship’s data
  • Imperial Navy Form 10 — ship design worksheet
  • Imperial Navy Form 11 — small craft design worksheet
  • Imperial Scout Service Forms 6, 7 — xboat message forms
  • Imperial Scout Service Form 7 — star system data
  • Imperial Scout Service Form 8, 9 — world map grid

At other sites you can also find some useful pdfs. Akbarnama in bengali pdf. I’ll try to list the most useful ones here. Please help me with this list!

Free pdfs @ Other Sites

    • Facebook Traveller RPG Group (Only for Members)
    • Cepheus Journal (fanzine)
    • Colonial Times (fanzine)
    • Freelance Traveller (fanzine)
    • Imperium Staple (fanzine)
    • Into The Deep (fanzine)
    • Signal-GK (fanzine)
    • Stellar Reaches (fanzine)
    • Third Imperium (fanzine)
    • Tiffany Star (fanzine)
    • Darkest Stars (fanzine)
    • Far Future Enterprises (Traveller errata)
    • Universal Game Mechanic by: Kenneth Beardon
    • The Galaxiad Intro (from Traveller5)
    • Argonaut Adventure by: Nick Jenkins
    • Intercept (Space Combat rules)
    • Paul Elliott’s freebies
      • Mercator (Trading Adventures in the Ancient World)
    • Starship Geomorphs (for deckplans)
    • Baen Free Library
      • Fire with Fire (Charles E. Gannon)
      • On Basilisk Station (David Weber)