Step 1: Identify and terminate files detected as HKTLWEBCRACK.40.Note: For Windows 98 and ME users, Windows Task Manager may not display all running processes. In this case, please use a third-party process viewer, preferably Process Explorer, to terminate the malware/grayware/spyware file.


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  1. This is a video tutorial for using WepCrackGUI, a front-end ('point-and-click' using the mouse) application for the aircrack-ng suite of applications.
  2. Webcrack使用说明: 优质步:打开IE浏览器访问路由器的管理地址,出现管理帐户及密码登录界面。 第二步:打开我们下载的路由器密码破解(WebCrack) 中文免费版,运行该程序,这时会弹出软件主界.
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