Where Is Scarlet Monastery

The subject of this article was removed from World of Warcraft in patch 5.0.4.
  • This includes items and quests that can no longer be obtained or are now deprecated.
  • The in-game information in this article is kept purely for historical purposes.

Showing that all wings of Scarley monastary can be used for herb farming and you can enter all wings within the same instance save/resett.Timestamps for herb. . If you enjoyed the video please subscribe and join the discord (below) to be notified of future videos! Thank you for watching!.Twitch - https://twitc. In the northern recesses of Tirisfal Glades, the Scarlet Monastery is one of the last bastions of the once-great Scarlet Crusade. Previously, players wishing to obtain a Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade of their own and join the ranks of the crusade need only head into the Scarlet Monastery and farm the mobs spawned by the final boss, High.

This is a page listing loot to be found in Scarlet Monastery. For information about the instance itself,

see Scarlet Monastery.

  • 1Loot



BossWeapons and ShieldsClothLeatherMailPlateBackOther
Interrogator Vishas

[Torturing Poker]
[Bloody Brass Knuckles]

Bloodmage Thalnos

[Bloodmage Mantle]

[Orb of the Forgotten Seer]

Fallen Champion(Rare)

[Morbid Dawn]

[Embalmed Shroud]

[Ebon Vise]

Azshir the Sleepless(Rare)

[Necrotic Wand]

[Blighted Leggings]

[Ghostshard Talisman]


[Ironspine's Fist]

[Ironspine's Ribcage]

[Ironspine's Eye]

(During Scourge Invasion)

[Scorn's Focal Dagger]

[The Frozen Clutch]

[Scorn's Icy Choker]

Headless Horseman
(During Hallow's End)

[Hallowed Helm]

[Ring of Ghoulish Delight]
[Swift Flying Broom]
[Swift Magic Broom]
[The Horseman's Helm]
[The Horseman's Signet Ring]
[Witches Band]
[Flying Broom]
[Magic Broom]
[Sinister Squashling]
[Tome of Thomas Thomson](Quest)
[Weighted Jack-o'-Lantern]

The Library

BossWeapons and ShieldsClothLeatherMailPlateBackOther
Houndmaster Loksey

[Loksey's Training Stick]

[Dog Training Gloves]

[Dog Whistle]

Arcanist Doan

[Hypnotic Blade]
[Illusionary Rod]

[Mantle of Doan]
[Robe of Doan]

[Deadman's Hand]

The Armory

BossWeapons and ShieldsClothLeatherMailPlateBackOther


[Herod's Shoulder]
[Raging Berserker's Helm]
[Scarlet Leggings]

The Cathedral

BossWeapons and ShieldsClothLeatherMailPlateBackOther
High Inquisitor Fairbanks

[Inquisitor's Shawl]

[Branded Leather Bracers]

[Dusty Mail Boots]

Scarlet Commander Mograine

[Aegis of the Scarlet Commander]
[Mograine's Might]

[Gauntlets of Divinity]
[Scarlet Leggings]

High Inquisitor Whitemane

[Hand of Righteousness]

[Whitemane's Chapeau]

[Triune Amulet]

Trash Mobs (BoE Loot)

BossWeapons and ShieldsClothLeatherMailPlateBackOther
Trash Mobs

[Cobalt Crusher]
[Fight Club]
[The Butcher]

[Beguiler Robes]

[Harbinger Boots]
[Watchman Pauldrons]

[Scarlet Boots]
[Scarlet Chestpiece]
[Scarlet Belt]
[Scarlet Gauntlets]
[Scarlet Wristguards]

[Mark of Kern]

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The Corrupted Ashbringer/Scarlet Monastery Event is initiated by entering the cathedral wing of the Scarlet Monastery with [Corrupted Ashbringer] equipped. Scarlet Crusade NPC's will be friendly to the player, and they will face and kneel the player when in close proximity. The spirit of Highlord Alexandros Mograine kills his son, Renault, the Scarlet Commander, for his betrayal. Highlord Mograine purifies his former peer, High Inquisitor Fairbanks, by freeing his spirit from his undead form, and disappears. Fairbanks informs the player of the events surrounding the history of the Ashbringer, as well as where to find Mograine's other son, who has the ability to forge the blade anew.

In the Ashbringer comic, Darion Mograine serves in place of the player, though Fairbanks is not restored.

  • 1Event Script

Event Script

<Player enters the Scarlet Monastery>

Scarlet Commander Mograine yells: Bow down! Kneel before the Ashbringer! A new dawn approaches, brothers and sisters! Our message will be delivered to the filth of this world through the chosen one!

<Player approaches Scarlet Commander Mograine>

Scarlet Commander Mograine says: You hold my father's blade, <name>. My soldiers are yours to control, my <Lord/Lady>. Take them.. Lead them.. The impure must be purged. They must be cleansed of their taint.

Highlord Mograine says: Renault..

Where Is Scarlet Monastery Armory

Scarlet Commander Mograine says: Father.. But.. How?

Highlord Mograine says: Did you think that your betrayal would be forgotten? Lost in the carefully planned cover up of my death? Blood of my blood, the blade felt your cruelty long after my heart had stopped beating. And in death, I knew what you had done. But now, the chains of Kel'Thuzad hold me no more. I come to serve justice. I AM ASHBRINGER.

Scarlet Commander Mograine says: Forgive me, father! Please..

<Highlord Mograine smites his son who falls to the ground, dead>

Highlord Mograine says: You are forgiven..

<Highlord Mograine despawns>

<Player enters High Inquisitor Fairbanks' secret room>

<High Inquisitor Fairbanks's spirit is freed from his undead form>

Dialogue with Fairbanks

After Mograine despawns, High Inquisitor Fairbanks has more information for the wielder of the Corrupted Ashbringer:

At last, the curse is lifted. Thank you, hero.

Curse? What's going on here, Fairbanks?

You mean, you don't know? The sword that you carry on your back - it is known as Ashbringer; named after its original owner.


Scarlet Monastery Graveyard

Aye, the Highlord Mograine: A founder of the original order of the Scarlet Crusade. A knight of unwavering faith and purity; Mograine would be betrayed by his own son and slain by Kel'Thuzad's forces inside Stratholme. It is how I ended up here..

What do you mean?

It was High General Abbendis, High Inquisitor Isillien, and Highlord Mograine that formed the Crusade. In its infancy, the Crusade was a noble order. The madness and insane zealotry that you see now did not exist. It was not until the one known as Grand Crusader appeared that the wheels of corruption were set in motion.

I still do not fully understand.

The Highlord was the lynchpin of the Crusade. Aye, Mograine was called the Ashbringer because of his exploits versus the armies of the Lich King. With only blade and faith, Mograine would walk into whole battalions of undead and emerge unscathed - the ashes of his foes being the only indication that he had been there at all. Do you not understand? The very face of death feared him! It trembled in his presence!

Incredible story. So how did he die?

The only way a hero can die, <race>: Through tragedy. The Grand Crusader struck a deal with Kel'Thuzad himself! An ambush would be staged that would result in the death of Mograine. The type of betrayal that could only be a result of the actions of one's most trusted and loved companions.

You mean..

<High Inquisitor Fairbanks nods.>
Aye, the lesser Mograine, the one known as the Scarlet Commander, through - what I suspect - the dealings of the Grand Crusader. He led his father to the ambush like a lamb to the slaughter.

How do you know all of this?

<High Inquisitor Fairbanks lifts up his tabard revealing several gruesome scars.>
Because I was there.. I was the Highlord's most trusted advisor. I should have known.. I felt that something was amiss yet I allowed it to happen. Would you believe that there were a thousand or more Scourge?

A thousand? For one man?

This was the Ashbringer, fool! As the Scourge began to materialize around us, Mograine's blade began to glow.. to hum.. the younger Mograine would take that as a sign to make his escape. They descended upon us with a hunger the likes of which I had never seen. Yet..

Yet? Yet what??

It was not enough.
<Fairbanks smirks briefly, lost in a memory.>
A thousand came and a thousand died. By the Light! By the might of Mograine! He would smite them down as fast as they could come. Through the chaos, I noticed that the lesser Mograine was still there, off in the distance. I called him, 'Help us, Renault! Help your father, boy!'

And did he?

<High Inquisitor Fairbanks shakes his head.>
No.. He stood in the background, watching as the legion of undead descended upon us. Soon after, my powers were exhausted. I was the first to fall.. Surely they would tear me limb from limb as I lay there unconscious; but they ignored me completely, focusing all of their attention on the Highlord.

Continue please, Fairbanks.

It was all I could do to feign death as the corpses of the Scourge piled upon me. There was darkness and only the muffled sounds of the battle above me. The clashing of iron, the gnashing and grinding.. gruesome, terrible sounds. And then there was silence. He called to me! 'Fairbanks! Fairbanks, where are you? Talk to me, Fairbanks!' And then came the sound of incredulousness. The bite of betrayal, <race>..

You mean..

The boy had picked up Ashbringer and driven it through his father's heart as his back was turned. His last words will haunt me forever: 'What have you done, Renault? Why would you do this?'

You were right, Fairbanks. That is tragic.

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The blade and Mograine were a singular entity. Do you understand? This act corrupted the blade and lead to Mograine's own corruption as a death knight of Kel'Thuzad. I swore that if I lived, I would expose the perpetrators of this heinous crime. For two days I remained under the rot and contagion of Scourge - gathering as much strength as possible to escape the razed city.

And you did..

Aye, I did. Much to the dismay of the lesser Mograine, I made my way back to the Scarlet Monastery. I shouted and screamed. I told the tale to any that would listen. And I would be murdered in cold blood for my actions, dragged to this chamber - the dark secret of the order. But some did listen.. some heard my words. Thus was born the Argent Dawn..

You tell an incredible tale, Fairbanks. What of the blade? Is it beyond redemption?

I'm afraid that the blade which you hold in your hands is beyond saving. The hatred runs too deep. But do not lose hope, <class>. Where one chapter has ended, a new one begins.
Find his son - a more devout and pious man you may never meet. It is rumored that he is able to build the Ashbringer anew, without requiring the old, tainted blade.
Where is scarlet monastery wow

But his son is dead.

<High Inquisitor Fairbanks shakes his head.>
No, <race>; only one of his sons is dead. The other lives..
<High Inquisitor Fairbanks points to the sky.>
The Outland.. Find him there..


  • During the days of The Burning Crusade it was a common speculation that David Wayne would eventually end up being revealed as the second son of Alexandros Mograine. David's relative youth for a member of the Sons of Lothar, his isolation, his blacksmithing skills and dialogs all led people to think he was the one Fairbanks was speaking about, but Wrath of the Lich King eventually revealed that the other son was actually Darion Mograine (who was not in Outland). The Ashbringer sword was thus purified by the Light of Dawn instead of being recreated.
  • In the official story presented in the Ashbringer graphic novel, Darion Mograine was the one to bring the sword to Scarlet Monastery.



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