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Originally written and performed by Dolly Parton in 1974, this version is the second best hit and the best selling single by a woman of all time! I Will Always Love You was the lead single of The Bodyguard: The Original Soundtrack. Considered one of the most beautiful love songs of all time, it peaked at number #1 in several countries (included United States Of America, United Kingdom. I Will Always Love You - karaoke text. H Whitney Houston. If I Should stay I would only be in your way So I'll go But I know I'll think of you every step.

Whenever I’m driving down the road listening to music, and the song I Will Always Love You, sung by Whitney Houston comes on, I immediately crank up the volume, and showoff the range I wish I had. Dolly Pardon originally sang and composed this song in D Major in 1973. It was redone by Whitney Houston in the same key with a bigger range. Whitney Houston’s version made it’s debate in the film TheBody Guard in 1992, and rose to the top charts shortly after that. Pardon stated in a CMT interview of the song that it is the biggest song in her career, made her the most money, and was recorded by more people than any of her other songs. I listened to Dolly Pardon, and Whitney’s version of the two songs and it is pretty amazing to see how different music can be sung , and how much one song can vary from the other.

'I Will Always Love You' was originally written in 1973 by country superstar Dolly Parton. In 1992 Whitney Houston decided to rearrange it as a soul ballad for the soundtrack to 'The Bodyguard', her film debut. I will always love you - Whitney Houston - Karaoke male version lower (-6) lyrics instrumental Base 6 semitoni sotto l'originale versione maschile bassa Othe.

Youtube Whitney Houston I'll Always Love You


Whitney Houston’s version starts off as a monophonic piece, using only her voice unaccompanied in the first verse. Durning her time singing unaccompanied, and throughout the piece you can hear the vibrato in her voice, which highlights her smooth and connected articulation. The first pieces of musical melody are introduced at the beginning of the chorus. Throughout the chorus, the piano and violin are added along with a beautiful upward leap with her voice, which shows off a small piece of the range she will use throughout the song.

A small bridge is added at the end of the 1st chorus giving a smooth transition to verse two. At the beginning of the second verse the percussion is brought in to add more musical accompaniment, helping us find the beat in the music. Dynamic’s during the second verse, and chorus build which help to lead into a musical solo played by the saxophone. Verse three’s dynamics start off medium, but begin to build again. The end of the third verse gives a four count pause, followed by a loud chorus. This chorus repeats itself a few times changing from higher octaves back down to lower ones showing off the movement and range in her voice.

Whitney ends the song with a beautiful outro with very little musical melody. During this time she uses her voice to add scales as she raises her pitch a total two octaves, holding the last note in each octave so we can hear the distinction. Rolling Stones Magazine stated that the song was at the top of the chart for 14 weeks, which set a record of the longest song to be number one in the billboards. (Rolling Stones)

There is no doubt that Whitney had a beautiful voice, and this song is only a small example of the kind of voice she had. Over all I think the change in dynamics and articulation used between notes are really what made this song rise to the top, and I believe it will be a very popular song amongst all generations for years to come.

Love sad song hd video downloader. This title is a cover of I Will Always Love You as made famous by The Bodyguard

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Whitney Houston Will Always Love You Instrumental

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Release date: 1992
Genres:Love Songs, Soul, Pop, TV and Movies, In English
Original songwriter: Dolly Parton
Adapter: Serge Koolenn

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Lyrics I Will Always Love You

I would only be in your way
But I know
And I will always love you
You, my darling you
Bittersweet memories that is all
So goodbye please don't cry
I'm not what you, you need
I will always love you
And I hope you have all you've dreamed of
But above all this
And I will always love you
I will always love you

Whitney Houston I Will Always Love You Karaoke Instrumental

I will always love you
Ooh I'll always

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Whitney Houston I Will Always Love You Instrumental Piano

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