Willow A Better Companion Experience

  1. One of the more popular companions, with good reason. You can get him just outside of Goodspings before you leave the starter area it just requires a Repair of 20, then he basically recruits himself. He's a good shot, a chatty fellow, has some commentary, and has good humor. He is overall well made.
  2. Willow, a 12-year-old golden. Willow is a companion offering emotional support. Even though she didn’t have experience as a therapy animal before she became certified.

I REALLY like niner, that dude is better written than most characters I've seen in anything let alone Fallout, really feel like niner is my homie. So I also downloaded Willow because everybody endorsed it to hell. And honestly, this is the corniest crap I've ever played. Willow first appeared as Al's companion during a mod review showcasing her. Al started to get annoyed by Willow over time because she talks so much. In later parts of the review Willow gives Al some Teddy Bear Bombs. Al throws one not knowing it's power and accidentally kills Rex. Two of them make up the foundation of the experience of having Willow as a companion. The others are accessory quests which go along with traveling with Willow. Call of duty modern warfare 5. You may or may not ever do them. One is quite simple and small and there purely for the fun of it and the others are there for structure and flavor.

Willow - A Better Companion Experience

Willow is a girl companion added to the NV gameworld. She has over 600 lines of voiced dialogue, written and acted specifically for the mod by me. There are other characters involved in the quests in the mod, and they are fully voiced as well, although primarily by game assets. There are five quests in the mod. Two of them make up the foundation of the experience of having Willow as a companion. The others are accessory quests which go along with traveling with Willow. You may or may not ever do them. One is quite simple and small and there purely for the fun of it and the others are there for structure and flavor.
Willow can be found on the road South of Primm between the Nevada Highway Patrol Station and the Nipton Road Restop. She has a backstory and a history that will be revealed to you through conversation and her Idle pvssyr.
Her tagged skills are Speech, Barter and Survival. Her weapon skill is Small Guns. You will receive a perk automatically when you hire her, the Siver Tongue Perk, which will raise your Speech skill by 30 and your Charisma by 1. There are other perks to be earned in the mod as well.
Willow is faction neutral and can wear faction armor. She has no interest in politics and does not care which faction you align yourself with. She also does not care about your behavior from a karma perspective. Her primary concern about your behavior is how you treat her.
FEATURES: These are the highlights of what she can do:
Her features become available at different points in her quests. Some things do not become available to you until you have discussed them with her in dialogue even if they should be available per the quest. Talking to her is very important. What she says gives you clues about how to proceed in her main quest as do quest updates and the notes you receive in your Pipboy. I recommend that you check your Pipboy whenever the quest updates if you are feeling lost about what to do next about her.
When you first meet her and she goes with you (Willow is not 'hired' at this point):
- She has an antivenom script so if she is poisoned, and you have put Antivenom into her inventory, she will use it. She will use one no more than every 30 seconds if she is being re-poisoned.
- Willow has a script that keeps her following you throughout the Mojave. This makes sure that when you travel through doors, etc that she stays with you when she is following you. If, for some reason,you have gone quite a long distance and she still has not shown up, you can use her radio(once you have received it) to get her back to you.
Once 'hired' (when her rifle is returned to her):
- Her dialogue is handled through the companion wheel. Although the vast majority of her dialouge occurs outside of the wheel.
- She will set up a campfire for you to use. She can also cook a few recipes when it is set up.Willow
- She will sit down when you do.
- You have a 'radio' to use to:
-go to her position
-call her back to your location from wherever she is
- Her weapons are automatically confiscated at the casinos and at The Fort.
- She 'scavenges' for stuff. She finds caps and various items which are added to her inventory.
- She keeps a container for you that she cannot touch. You may keep anything in it that you wish. For example, she can carry armor and helmets in it that she will not equip.
- You can ask her to guard an area on 'alert' (with her weapon drawn).
- If the player takes the Ferocious Loyalty Perk, Willow is affected along with the vanilla companions.
- There are consequences to 'firing' her.
- Her idle pvssyr begins. This feature cannot be turned off, but she only comments once every 5 minutes and will also comment in a few locations in the Mojave. You may turn off her singing (or compliment her on it).
- She will sleep on her bedroll if you ask her to.
- You can give her a house marker to send her to to wait.
- You can give her gifts.
Best Friends Forever
- You will be able to give her commands during combat. These include the ability to tell her to:
-follow you without attacking
-flee the area
-wait without attacking
- She will sleep in a bed if you ask her to.
- She will sandbox if you ask her to.
- She will cook for you. Using her Survival skill of 100, she asks you to bring the ingredients and then you get to choose anything on the menu and she 'makes' it for you.
- You can suggest to Willow that she grab a bite to eat. This will get her to sit down (or stand if there is no place to sit) and she will eat for a couple of minutes.
- You can ask her to unholster/holster her weapon when you do so.
- She will unlock her clothes.
Romance (If you choose to pursue this option)
- She will provide you the opportunity to have a fade to black 'six' scene with her. It is repeatable.
Extended Friendship
- You can see her collection through dialogue.
Unarmed Training (if you choose to do the quest/meet the objective)
- She will fight with Unarmed or Melee weapons.
- She will loan her beloved rifle to you.
Release and Version Details:
Willow has been out at Nexus for a week. I collected bug reports during the week and yesterday released an update. I initially released a version that was not 1.3 compatible and yesterday's update was for that. Today I released the 1.3 version.
Also, Willow is an advlt file, but her file pictures are NOT NSFW. Her file is quite tasteful.

Willow Fallout New Vegas