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Noun(1) small space in a tissue or body part such as the area between veins on a leaf or an insect's wing(2) small circular area such as that around the human nipple or an inflamed area around a pimple or insect bite

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(1) Cambarus spp. in the Northeast have no lateral spines on their rostra and the Procambarus spp. in the area have a narrow or obliterated areola .(2) The areola contains softer and darker skin tissue which surrounds the nipple and which also contains smooth muscle fibers.(3) They are encircled by a pigmented ring called the areola , and surrounded by nerve endings and blood vessels.(4) Microscopically, variably sized cystic spaces were observed near the nipple, just adjacent to the mammary duct expanding beneath the areola .(5) As reported in The Journal of Family Practice, a patient complained of itching that had lasted for about six months in and near an areola , but a clinical examination turned up no skin changes or other reason for the itching.(6) Most of the breast tissue in a man is concentrated in the area immediately behind the nipple and areola .(7) The ventral paratenon consists of fatty mesenteric-like areolar tissue that is rich in blood vessels that nourish the tendon.(8) It is covered by a sheath of areolar connective tissue from which thin fibrous septa extend into the gland and subdivide it into many distinct lobules.(9) Loss of indusium, dimorphism, areolate venation, and reduced blade dissection have occurred repeatedly along many evolutionary lines in Dryopteridaceae.(10) The areolae on the valve are usually too small to be distinguishable with the light microscope.(11) This area in June of 1988 was not noted to contain any obvious areolate plants but did contain them in 1989.(12) On the valve surface the areolae are grouped together in fascicles bordered by distinct radial lines.(13) The surface of the cell is coarsely areolate , with a pore in each areole.(14) They may be located within the thorax embedded in thymic tissue, in the posterior mediastinum, and in the areolar tissue associated with the pericardium.(15) Loose areolar tissue is the least solid, with gelatinous material among its fibres.(16) The cell surface is ornamented with pores or areolae with poroid centers, sometimes in species-specific patterns.
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Meaning and definitions of areola, translation in Yoruba language for areola with similar and opposite words. Also find spokenpronunciation of areola in Yoruba and in Englishlanguage. Epson artisan 810 printer.

What areola means in Yoruba, areola meaningin Yoruba, areola definition, examples and pronunciationof areola in Yoruba language.

- mica

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Noun(1) any of various minerals consisting of hydrous silicates of aluminum or potassium etc. that crystallize in forms that allow perfect cleavage into very thin leaves; used as dielectrics because of their resistance to electricity

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(1) The next most common minerals are silicates, such as mica , feldspar, pyroxene, and the olivines, which break down to clay, the soluble elements they contain being mostly carried away in solution.(2) The mineral assemblage comprises quartz, K-feldspar, albitic plagioclase, white mica , apatite, tourmaline and garnet.(3) The foliation is marked by chloritc, white mica and minute quartz grains.(4) This partial drying could remove some of the water layer between mica and the bilayer, increasing the electrostatic repulsion between the substrate and lipid.(5) After the death of these organisms, radioactive carbon in the soft tissues of the organisms was converted into a film of mica and silicates, creating a stain in the rock layer.(6) These crystals were abundant in a very micaceous pegmatitic rock composed of muscovite, albite, and quartz with accessory schorl crystals.(7) Some of the material contained micaceous masses of specular hematite associated with quartz, epidote, and numerous veinlets of calcite.(8) It is dominated at the exposure by angular quartzite clasts up to 40 cm long with subordinate, subroundcd sandy dolomite, angular micaceous siltstone and limestone clasts.(9) I have always regarded specular hematite as a micaceous or platy form that would be very difficult to fashion into beads.(10) Impressive blades and masses of lustrous micaceous hematite occur in localized quartz veins, and reniform goethite is found in the walls.
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lt's encrusted with igneousbiotite in a MICA schist.

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English to Yoruba Dictionary: mica
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Meaning and definitions of mica, translation in Yoruba language for mica with similar and opposite words. Also find spokenpronunciation of mica in Yoruba and in Englishlanguage.

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What mica means in Yoruba, mica meaningin Yoruba, mica definition, examples and pronunciationof mica in Yoruba language.